Robber of the Rich

Robber of the Rich

Creature — Human Archer Rogue

Reach, haste

Whenever Robber of the Rich attacks, if defending player has more cards in hand than you, exile the top card of their library. During any turn you attacked with a Rogue, you may cast that card and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour to cast that spell.

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Robber of the Rich Discussion

isaelis on Chainer Madness ($50 Budget Deck)

3 months ago

dpolatchek01 that is definitely an interesting card. I may test it out. May replace Robber of the Rich with it.

Asder on Asder

4 months ago

DragonOfTheWest that's a good point about the rogue attack thing. I wanted to include a reference to Robber of the Rich but yeah if I'm running low on space I should probably just cut it. Thanks for the help.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Rules Question

5 months ago

epicPlain you are correct, Robber of the Rich does not allow you to cast the lands. This is evident if you play MTG Arena. As for being balanced, it is pretty balanced. It is very good, but not totally broken in any way. (Kind of annoying though.)

plakjekaas on Rules Question

5 months ago

Robber of the Rich has won me so many games by just exiling three lands in a row off the top of my opponent's library, while he was missing land drops with 2 lands in play. The card's amazing.

epicPlain on Rules Question

5 months ago

Thanks for the link!

How do you dump your hand? It's not so easy imo and, furthermore, having more cards means having more options. It's not a handicap - it's an additional advantage of Robber of the Rich imo.

epicPlain on Rules Question

5 months ago

Thanks for all the comments, please forgive me for having posted this in the wrong place. I was not aware of that. I will try to find the Q&A section.

Also - I'm just wondering - cards are not balanced as such in MTG (since Arabian Nights I would say, or maybe never were)? The only balance nowadays could be between the colours or some sets of cards imo.

Here some thoughts on the development of the game imo: - When I was playing (back in the mid to late 90s), there many players dropping out already. The initial idea of Richard Garfield according to sources that I found (unfotunately, I don't remember where I read about it) was to make rare cards more specific in use and common universal. That was amazing! Also, the idea was that players should create the best combination of cards (meta play) and (once that was found - if possible - and yet very unlikely, due to the amount of possible combinations) then in the second step, try to win by playing better than the opponent. Of course, it's a card game, so the luck factor will always be very important and I still believe that it is good for the fun factor.

Nonetheless, when a card like Robber of the Rich has so benefits, then there must be a balancing downside. The only one I see is the attacking condition. Since the card is not legendary (or unique - as am more used to it), that even makes it possible to "mill" the deck by directly exiling the cards. Again, the card is stronger than any other card in any respect imaginable imo.

Because I play blue very often, I don't think that it's a problem but red aggro seems to be very popular nowadays (I'm back in MTG for about 3 days I will eventually change my oppinion on that but it seems very difficult to beat red aggro from what the STANDARD set looks like - again, imo). Hence, the colors are probably not balanced and one must play red to be competitive. Otherwise, one must add specific cards that take up slots and slows down interesting stiles or combos.

To sum up, I was used to choose any card in MTG and the strength came from the combo - so...there was no such thing as a bad card. In the current STANDARD format that seems to remain true - BUT - there are cards which are better than others, and I find that a bit problematic and not satisfying from a "veteran"-come back experience.

Please let me know what the new generation of players thinks about this. I'm wondering.

Cheers! epic

epicPlain on Rules Question

5 months ago

Hi everyone

I was playing against Robber of the Rich and I'm not sure what happens if the exiled card (due to an attack) is a land. Lands are not cast, right? So the opponent basically shreds it and can not use it?

BTW...who else believes that Robber of the Rich is over powered? Please up vote this post if you agree

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