Pearl Medallion

Pearl Medallion


White spells you play cost (1) less to play.

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Format Legality
2019-10-04 Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal

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Pearl Medallion Discussion

Mcat1999 on Make heaven great again.

3 days ago

In the meantime you may want to explore cost reduction spells.

Herald's Horn , Urza's Incubator , Pearl Medallion and Oketra's Monument .

jakeyuki12 on Feather, Redeemed and Rebooted

2 weeks ago

Hiya! Long time Boros player, got a lot of suggestions.

1) Two new cards, Goldspan Dragon and Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip are made for Feather. These cards synergize suuuuper well with what the deck already wants to do. I highly suggest running them.

2) Some of your ramp seems rather strange. It doesn't seem like it would be very consistent, or there are much better options. I would cut Kor Cartographer and Solemn Simulacrum for speed reasons- the deck wants to ramp earlier rather than later since Feather wants to be able to come down and get the deck going earlier rather than later. I would also cut Boreas Charger and Surveyor's Scope as they're also slow, but possibly unreliable/inconsistent. The two new cards from Kaldheim work well as ramp. I would also recommend (if possible) to pick up the medallions as they're going to save you a lot of mana ( Pearl Medallion , Ruby Medallion ). If not plausible in the near future, just find some other cheap mana rock.

3) A few cuts to suggest. First and foremost, cut Lightning Greaves right away. That card will make it so that you can't target your own creatures either, so it is a hard non-bo with your deck. I would also replace any removal in your deck that isn't an instant, that way you can fetch it all with Sunforger (as a side note, Magnetic Theft is great in a Feather deck with Sunforger ). I would personally cut the recursion cards. I understand wanting to get back some of your really good instants and sorceries if they get stuck in the graveyard, but I find Feather to be enough recursion. If you really want to run recursion, I suggest something cheaper (and more powerful) like Underworld Breach .

4) Finally, I would up the land count in the deck. Feather is a VERY mana hungry commander. Thus, you want to be super sure you make your land drop every single turn. 34 lands will make that difficult, even with all your cantrips. 38 is the sweet spot I've found for the typical Feather deck.

xathrid97 on Tymna/Ravos Hatredbears

3 weeks ago

Hey really cool deck, I'm testing a tymna/ravos hatebears deck rn and it feels pretty powerful! Two cards I'd really recommend you to try are Oketra's Monument and one of the medallions available here, Pearl Medallion and Jet Medallion (depending on the amount of each color you run). The cost reducing it's amazing with stony silence out, and the tokens of the monument are so good at triggering tymna!

RadicalOink on Sexy girls with wings

1 month ago

Mcat1999, you're absolutely right, Urza's Incubator is definitely a better card to run in this deck than Pearl Medallion. As for Restoration Angel, I don't think that it is a very useful card in this deck as it can only blink non-angel creatures. Thanks for the suggestions!

DreadKhan on Sexy girls with wings

1 month ago

Well, a few options include (but are not limited to) Marble Diamond, Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, Hedron Archive, Skyclave Relic, Replicating Ring and even Arcane Signet. Any 2 mana ramp that can produce white is worth considering, but I feel like you'll want a few 2 or even 3 mana rocks to get things out more reliably. Pearl Medallion isn't as cheap, but it is another cost reducer.

I'd considering cutting stuff like Angel of Renewal that have higher CMC and aren't a big enough body or splashy enough effect to really justify quite that high of a cost. Maybe Moonsilver Spear, maybe Daxos unless you're really attached to the card. Serra Angel feels too vanilla, but has lots of cache, being the first angel and all. The angels that prevent you from losing the game might be cuttable, the deck already has lots of life gain, so if a deck can get your life down, you're probably done, and you might have preferred to have a different card out that has more immediate impact than just 'don't lose yet'. I really struggle at cutting cards from decks, so maybe someone else has better advice!

StasisAbuser on Commander Collection White

1 month ago

Balan, Wandering Knight would be a nice choice for the legendary slot since it has only one printing ever.

Instead of Sol Ring I think a better option for the artifact slot would be the medallion cycle (Pearl Medallion for white) which need to be more accessible to players IMO.

KibaAlpha on Teysa Karlov Aristocrats

2 months ago

Corpse Knight synergizes nicely with the Thalisse you already have.

I'd remove Anointed Procession. Teysa as your commander does the same and more.

You could use more ramp and adding Talisman of Hierarchy, Jet Medallion and Pearl Medallion would help

Ashen Rider is overcosted for what it does. I suggest removing it.

You should add Cruel Celebrant, Bastion of Remembrance and Vindictive Vampire.

KibaAlpha on Athreos, God of VALUE

2 months ago

First thing I notice is you are lacking in ramp.

If you can add more basic plains then it would be worth adding Keeper of the Accord.

Additionally I'd add Jet Medallion, Pearl Medallion, Smothering Tithe, Arcane Signet Talisman of Hierarchy and possibly Dark Ritual.

Bolas's Citadel might be something to consider and if you aren't budget Mana Crypt.

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