Pearl Medallion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Pearl Medallion


White spells you play cost (1) less to play.

Pearl Medallion Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Mono-White Angels

6 days ago

So I've spent the past half hour playtesting the deck.

There are two glaring issues I've noticed. In order;

  • Lack of creatures
  • Lack of ramp

The problem is that the deck almost entirely relies on Avacyn being out. Without her, the Angels are sort of just sitting ducks with minor interaction on the board. I've had one round where I got Avacyn out on T5, which is amazing. I've had other times where I got her out on T9 because I missed a land drop which is game-ending.

You need to cut down on the enchantments and add stones to improve speed. Take a look at my Mono-Red Dragon deck. It has an even higher Average CMC than yours, and I pump Dragons out like they are baby bunnies in a rabbit brothel.

Typical Dragon Deck

Commander / EDH TypicalTimmy


In fact, this was the deck I playtested yours against.

Your deck won the first game because I got out several anthems in a row, making your Angels much bigger than my Dragons.

The second game, my Dragons won because I crushed it with sheer speed and ferocity. Having out a Coat of Arms with 10x Dragons on the field also really helps, despite all 6x of your Angels being Indestructible. At a certain point, you just run out of blockers.

The third game was drawing out into a stalemate. I was able to just attack each turn with just Avacyn and sit back on the rest. I would end up being forced into blocking with one Dragon at a time, unless I wanted to take 8, then eventually 9, damage per swing. Ultimately though Dragons pulled through because I had more creatures than yours did.

What seemed to be the common end for your deck is the sheer lack of creatures. Not including tokens, you have 19 creatures (Avacyn included). This means you have less than 1/5th of your deck dedicated to defense and offense. Now, this was a 1v1 match. I'd imagine that during a 4v4 match, this would escalate into a much bigger problem as now you have three opponents relentlessly looking for an opening, and not just one.

But adding in 10x more Angels means nothing if you don't have the appropriate means to get them out. Your ramp is weak, so you need to buff that up.

Take a look at my deck and check out what I have under Stones and under Cost Reduction. I'd highly recommend you replace enchantments with those cards, using the white versions such as Pearl Medallion , where able.

Then I'd suggest applying more creatures of the 3 - 4 CMC range so that you can build a defense early-game, so that late-game you can take off.

Kazierts on Serras Descendants

4 weeks ago

Well, small tips to begin with.

  • Divine Visitation does almost nothing and is quite mana expensive considering you have no ramp. It does help with Bishop of Wings , Ajani, Strength of the Pride and Serra the Benevolent . However, considering you have 24 other creatures that it doesn't work with and your planeswalkers won't continuously creature tokens since the'll eventually run out of loyalty, just take it out of the deck.

  • Don't get me wrong, Inkmoth Nexus is an amazing card but not in decks like these. Taking into Taking into account your deck is really heavy on mana costs, it probably won't have that many opportunities to attack. And if it attacks you have no way to pump it.

  • Just use Pearl Medallion instead of Oketra's Monument . It's cheaper and better.

Zeddicuus on Angel tokens (WIP)

2 months ago

Urza's Incubator would help decrease costs, same with Pearl Medallion .

There is a pretty wide selection of angels that are available, depending on your budget. What kind of range are you trying to stay in for costs?

kimmokissa on Mono-White Angels

4 months ago

I would start out with cutting a lot of those enchantments like, Crusade , Honor of the Pure , Divine Sacrament and Marked by Honor . Why would you want that many anthem effect on already "huge" bodies?

I dont know your meta, but at least in my playgroup i had the problem with mono w angel tribal that its just too slow, So i had to have more removal to even survive.

Cards that i suggest are (There are way more but these come to mind first): Emeria Shepherd - Just too good recursion, gets more out from your grave than Reya, Pearl Medallion - Helps with ramping, Angelic Arbiter - Makes opponents choose between casting or attacking, Guardian of the Gateless - make this guy indestructible and its a golden blocker against go wide decks, Hour of Revelation - Hits all nonland permanents, and in multiplayer game easy to cast for 3 mana, Return to Dust - One of the best spot removals, Brave the Elements - cheap way to protect your dudes from something nasty, Cleansing Nova - Mass removal that lets you choose mode, yes please, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Just way too good mana for mono colored deck,

multimedia on Avacyn's Self Destruct Plan

4 months ago

Hey, you asked for my help. You asked three specific questions and I'll answer them one at a time. I'm going to give you a lot of options. I don't expect you to add all these card suggestions, they're here for reference. At the end of this comment is a summary of what cards I think you should cut and what cards to add. This is a long comment because I like to use lists to organize my advice making it easier for you to read and understand.

More card draw?

Mono white is the worst for efficient card draw since there aren't a lot of options.

Rocks that you can sac to draw when you no longer need ramp are helpful.

Because there's not a lot of efficient draw options for mono white you want to get value in other ways. Repeatable effects are good; cards you can pay mana into getting value in return or pay no mana to get value. Other tutors are also good.

Ascension is one of my favorite powerful cards in Commander because it can get activated fast when you have three opponents. It is the kind of value you want in mono white especially since it creates Angels. Resplendent is one of best Angels for value especially with Lyra, Baneslayer Angel , Archangel of Thune and Skirmisher. Resplendent creates an Angel for no mana cost if you gain 5 life and she can do this even on your opponents turns if you gain 5 life.

Angels are good with lifelink and Dawn gives you a repeatable draw effect when you gain life or pay mana into it to make tokens. Cards such as Soul Warden and Authority of the Consuls are good to repeatedly trigger Dawn. Map can tutor for one of Nykthos, Emeria or Mistveil good support lands and having more ways to get Nykthos can help to play Avacyn faster. Mistveil is famous for it's interaction with Sunforger, but it's also good in mono white when you have shuffle or library manipulation effects. Since it's a Plains it can be tutored for with many different cards.

Making the deck cheaper?

I presume this means reducing the avg. CMC? If you mean the total deck price then that's going to be difficult when playing $30 Avacyn and all the other expensive price Angels and rocks. The avg CMC is currently 4.4 and yes that's too high. Ways to reduce it are make high CMC Angels and board wipes the priority and cut the other high CMC cards.

Some Angel exceptions are Akroma, Reya and Platinum. I don't think Akroma is worth playing especially since she's the same high CMC as Avacyn. Reya is fine, but I think you could cut her because Shepherd, Karmic and Emeria are better reanimation for less mana. Platinum has an okay ability, but I don't think you need it because this effect of you not losing and your opponents not winning is something you want earlier in the game not on a seven drop. It's the early game and mid game where you need to worry about not dying because if you get into the late game that's where Angels thrive.

13 six drops and 6 seven drops, 19 total cards are a problem. Some redundancy is good in Commander, but not with lots of high CMC cards. Out of all these consider keeping these:

  • Angel of Serenity
  • Emeria Shepherd
  • Austere Command
  • Hour of Revelation
  • Planar Cleansing
  • Akroma's Vengeance
  • Caged Sun
  • The Immortal Sun

Keeping 8 of the 19 and cutting the others will reduce the avg. CMC. One difficult aspect of your deck is how many board wipes is too much? They include a lot of high CMC card redundancy. The four and six drop board wipes are better than the five drops with one exception being Worldslayer. Better to use the five drop spots for Angels.

With these cuts your board wipe package could be Wrath, Judgment, Reckoning, Disk, Austere, Revelation, Cleansing, Vengeance and Worldslayer which is a lot. There's also Armageddon which is very nasty effect with Avacyn and all the mana rocks. If I was looking to reduce the avg. CMC even further I would cut Austere, Vengeance, Reckoning and Judgment. Wrath, Disk, Armageddon, Revelation, Cleansing and Worldslayer are overall the best board wipes options with Avacyn.

Other cards to consider cutting are:

  • Defy Death
  • Fumigate
  • Rout
  • Magus of the Disk
  • Martial Coup
  • Burnished Hart

I'm not a fan of Hart. I think there's plenty of much better lower mana cost/faster ramp to choose from in Commander.

Getting Avacyn out sooner?

More zero, two and three drops that make ramp are helpful because they give you something to play in early game to setup for the mid and late game where Angels are better. Tithe is an upgrade for Gift of Estates , but playing both would also be fine. Another option is to delay your opponents which in return gives you more time to get into the late game.

In summary, changes to consider making are cut lots of high CMC cards. Cuts to consider:

  • Akroma's Vengeance
  • Beacon of Immortality
  • Catastrophe
  • Celestial Mantle
  • Mindslaver
  • Phyrexian Rebirth
  • Staff of Nin
  • Sublime Exhalation
  • Approach of the Second Sun
  • Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
  • Akroma, Angel of Wrath
  • Reya Dawnbringer
  • Platinum Angel
  • Defy Death
  • Rout
  • Fumigate
  • Magus of the Disk
  • Martial Coup
  • Pariah
  • Burnished Hart

Cards to consider adding (in order of importance):

Good luck with your deck.

DespairFaction on adv

5 months ago

Hey its PJ from Commander Replay. I took a look at the deck. I don't usually look at things this early in development but heres some stuff you might be interested in. Id probably add in just a bit more cost reduction, cards like Pearl Medallion , or Herald's Horn . Card draw is also super important for a deck like this, i would look at some options that can draw you multiple cards. Maybe some cards Kindred Discovery , Recurring Insight or perhaps some power based card draw like Soul's Majesty , Rishkar's Expertise . Id probably cut the number of creatures to somewhere around 28-30. You will also want some removal or form of interaction Rapid Hybridization , Pongify , Reality Shift , or Cyclonic Rift , maybe even an Evacuation if you wanted to try and retrigger altar of the brood... not sure about that interaction though. Also a Fabricate or Whir of Invention might be good to find thrumming stone. Anyway theres a few suggestions to get you going. Best of luck


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Pearl Medallion occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

White: 1.06%