Dungrove Elder

Dungrove Elder

Creature — Treefolk

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

Dungrove Elder's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Forests you control.

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Dungrove Elder Discussion

dannecticut on Big Stompy

2 days ago

AttackDude, Werewolf Pack Leader is definitely in. In fact, my preorder just shipped today, so I'm excited to try her out soon!

Your Treefolk deck reminded me of Dungrove Elder . Could be a good card to add too. Maybe split 2:2 with Groundbreaker .

I'm not sure about Lair of the Hydra . It's cool that it can come in untapped sometimes, but it takes 4 mana to become a worse creature than Treetop Village becomes for only 2 mana, so I don't think it's as good.

TriusMalarky on Budget Mono Green Agro for FNM

1 month ago

I definitely prefer Aspect of Hydra over the 2 Blossoming Defense , to be honest. While Defense isn't bad, Aspect is just so good, and it can easily add 5 or 6 damage for a single mana, which can give you some really quick kills.

I'm not a fan of Wrap in Vigor , I don't think you ever want to be holding up two mana to prevent a wrath when you can instead just not play any more creatures. Realistically, 5+ power on board is scary to anyone, and they're forced to either find a way to stop combat or kill your creatures.

Also, when building your sideboard, think of what you're cutting for each card. For example, you'd probably cut Champion or Avatar to pull in 2 Scooze and 2 Weather against an aggro list. With that in mind, I'd rather have Reclamation Sage as your artifact/enchantment hate because it switches for Steel Leaf perfectly, and continues your board state building while other cards won't.

Or Thrun -- you don't have any other 4 mana card maindeck. As such, he's not great to side in. Dungrove Elder , Great Sable Stag , Barkhide Troll , Bassara Tower Archer are all better options, but they depend on your meta. You'd run Dungrove on default because it grows, Stag if counterspells, merfolk decks, or black creature decks are a problem, and the other two(which slot in for stuff like Avatar instead of Champion) if you need them to come down earlier.

Those are my thoughts for now, but I gtg so I guess I'll talk more later.

TheVectornaut on Can't touch this - please help

2 months ago

Cards in the side that I think could work in the main are Dungrove Elder , Ambuscade , Rancor , Shield of the Oversoul , and maybe Ironscale Hydra . Cards that fit the general idea of the sideboard include Kogla, the Titan Ape , Mold Shambler , Reclamation Sage , and Yasharn, Implacable Earth . Other common SB options in these colors could be Stony Silence , Rest in Peace , Leyline of Sanctity , Selfless Spirit , Kor Firewalker , Rule of Law , Force of Vigor , Qasali Pridemage , and Scavenging Ooze .

At this point, this deck is far enough removed from the deathtouch lure plan that I think it could be worth swapping out those cards to go all-in on bogles or aura/hexproof instead. Cards like Slippery Bogle and Silhana Ledgewalker tend to pair well with aura buffs like Spirit Mantle and Ethereal Armor .

TheVectornaut on Death Touch Green Boi

3 months ago

It is true that the deathtouch package will be worse in multiplayer games since you have more threats to deal with. I think siding into a bigger ramp package would be a good idea. I would caution though that it's important to add in more mana dorks or ramp spells to keep pace with any new bombs you include or you'll find yourself mana screwed a lot of the time.

I went ahead and added my creature-based commander deck so I could link it for reference. It was built from a casual 60-card skeleton that's quite similar to your deck, so some of the ramp cards I've had success with over the years might do well here too.
deck: Predator's Toolkit

Prowling Serpopard or Destiny Spinner could be useful tech if counters are flying around left and right. Vigor is definitely strong against board stalls, and I like Archetype of Endurance against a lot of common removal. Somberwald Sage and Elvish Piper would probably be my first picks for dropping haymakers early without much other support. Yeva, Nature's Herald and Seedborn Muse are particularly disgusting in multiplayer since you essentially play on every turn. Some final bombs I love are Whiptongue Hydra for flyers, Polukranos, World Eater for other creatures, and Sylvan Primordial for most anything else.

For your existing ideas, I think Worldspine Wurm is good if your games go long enough to cast it while Tempt with Discovery is good if you don't have opponents who greatly benefit from the mana. I'm still iffy on Lumberknot in a deck not based around token sacrifice, and I'd probably just run Dungrove Elder if you need a midrange hexproof creature. Hydra's Growth is very good with additional +1/+1 synergy, Kazandu Tuskcaller needs more token synergy, and Strixhaven Stadium feels optimistic in multiplayer. For the bigger cards, I think Vigor , Soul of New Phyrexia , Toski, Bearer of Secrets , Verdant Sun's Avatar , and Vivien Reid are all playable. Myojin of Life's Web needs some way to refill the hand or its ability will never do anything that impactful. Impervious Greatwurm is the weakest option since it gets completely stuffed by chump blockers. I used Connive / Concoct to reanimate it in standard and still found it to be too slow. If you had a Warstorm Surge or something, maybe it'd be a different story...

Sid_the_sloth on Mono green

10 months ago

I have a "generic" shell of a mono green ramp deck. I have a few ideas which way to take the deck. I know this is subjective but just asking for opinions on whether or not to be that guy and go typical green ramp into eldrazi's or the "land based" theme. By that I mean cards that are / like Dungrove Elder and yes in BOTH versions i play cards like woodall primus Regal Force they arent land based with power/toughness but I know they are just a staple in green so why not. I asked about land based because of simplicity and some what money wise. Plus having a boat load of forest in play by turn 7 or 8 and landing a Rude Awakening entwined with a few already big creatures... to me is just nice. Again ANY thoughts I like both ideas but I want to stick to one or the other so I dont have a deck that is trying to do alot of things at once and it becomes less efficient.

Balinor5 on Mono-Green Gods

1 year ago

I'm curious as to what people's opinion on which ramp is better in mono-green:

Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl vs. Elvish Mystic + Nissa's Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage will definitely help boost the Dungrove Elder . However, since this is devotion based deck, maybe the utopia sprawl is preferred?

Dragaan on "Budget" Green Stompy (Pioneer)

1 year ago

I guess you could use both, but you're right, Castle Garenbrig will not do anything in the vast majority of games with this deck (unless you are using Ghalta or Scooze, and even then it would rarely be of use). I just stuck one in since it has very little drawback and I'm not entirely set on the rest of the deck yet.

As for Hashep Oasis , I did forget about this card since I never used it in my modern version (it's rarely used there). Like most, my (1-2) non-forest lands were always Treetop Villages. I used Dungrove Elder a good amount of the time in the past as well, so I didn't like playing non-forests. Thanks for reminding me about the card. I'll probably throw 2 in to start and see just how much they help (or hurt). A lot depends on just how fast the other aggro decks are, as I already don't like to devote sideboard slots to lifegain in this deck and if I happen to draw 1-2 as my starting lands (when I'm NOT the beatdown) it could really hurt. I imagine it's probably going to be correct to play some number of them, though.

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