Prismatic Strands

Prismatic Strands


Prevent all damage that sources of the colour of your choice would deal this turn.

Flashback —Tap an untapped white creature you control. (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Common
Judgment (JUD) Common

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
Pauper Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Prismatic Strands Discussion

Zackary on B/W Pauper Soul Sisters Lifegain

4 weeks ago

i would take out Lone Missionary for Veteran Armorer or Lumithread Field to protect your creatures form Electrickery . Cut a Mourning Thrull , a Soul Warden OR a Soul's Attendant and a Plains for 3x Night's Whisper , you are going to need the card draw. Replace the Castigate with Harsh Sustenance or Unmake.


Take out Shadowfeed and put in Beckon Apparition , i think it will synergies with with the soul sisters and Edge of the Divinity by giving you a white/black creature token. take out Nihil Spellbomb for Relic of Progenitus , trade out the Swamp in the sideboard for a Bojuka Bog or 2x by taking out 1x Bonesplitter . Replace the Castigate and Disenchant with 3x Standard Bearer.


Crimson Acolyte , Obsidian Acolyte , Prismatic Strands , Battle Screech , Rune of Protection: Red , Rune of Protection: Green , Epicure of Blood , Oblivion Ring

sorry about the last post with no hyperlinks to the card names. i am new

Boza on Help Me Out Here

1 year ago

Well, if you are cutting healer, the only real B card in the main is Outcast. Which, while an ally, does not grow too much. How about cutting B altogether for W. Then, you can add Hada Freeblade instead of changeling and add powerful W stuff like Prismatic Strands to the sb or even main.

vatechguy on Marisi, can't block me

1 year ago

Reforge the Soul seems random. As do Prismatic Strands and Purify the Grave . If you're worried about Graveyard shenanigans just play Relic of Progenitus or Crook of Condemnation

I'd probably play Song of the Dryads over Darksteel Mutation

Might also consider some landwalk in lieu of relying on Shadow/Hormanship so much. Trailblazer's Boots for example.

I'd also probably play with Swiftfoot Boots over Lightning Greaves , so you can still target/equip stuff to it.

Boza on Does a color of your …

1 year ago

Intervention Pact (remember to use double square brackets to link your cards for EZ viewing experience for everyone)

Damage can be dealt by permanents, spells or abilities. Intervention pact does not specify it works versus a certain color only, so it has no restriction on its prevention.

However, you are allowed to prevent only one source of damage. If you are attacked by a Grizzly Bear and the opponent aims a Lightning Bolt at you, a single pact can prevent only one of these.

Compare it to Prismatic Strands , which first has you specify a color, then prevents damage from said color.

Blue_Flame on [Competitive] Burning Trains

1 year ago

Hey man! This is Phunlife from XMage. I've been really busy as of late so I've just got to looking at this. I did have it saved though so I would remember to come back and look at it.

Overall, looks good! I do have a couple suggestions for the sideboard though, especially if you want this to compete against top tiers -

I don't understand what exactly Hallow is for or what matchup it could be good in - maybe Tron's Rolling Thunder ? But even so, it feels like a very narrow sideboard card, and I think it could be cut. Maybe Prismatic Strands would be of interest to protect against Burn, or Lone Missionary as additional life gain as well as a body on the field. But Hallow just overall seems like it could be useful in a handful of situations to me.

With both Orzhov Pestilence and Tron on the rise, I'd look into Palace Sentinels as a 2-of in the sideboard. Both of those decks can easily take you to the late game, and without a card advantage engine I think you're lost against them. It's especially good against Orzhov if you can steal the Monarch from them too :D.

killer_eye on Aztec Death Whistle (Songs of the Damned Combo)

1 year ago

VeggiesaurusRex thanks for the quick response, due to the small toughness of boros monarch's creature's i think i can play around Prismatic Strands just by not committing all my mana whenever i activate crypt rats.


me: Crypt Rats for 2 (enough to boardwipe them) with remaining mana available

opp: respond with prismatic strand

me: respond with crypt rats for 2 again using the remaining mana.

VeggiesaurusRex on Aztec Death Whistle (Songs of the Damned Combo)

1 year ago

killer_eye yes, Crypt Rats can easily wipe Boros Monarch's creatures, but Prismatic Strands completely shuts down Crypt Rats and Consume Spirit and the density of their removal and creature suites make winning with creature beats difficult as well. It's not impossible to win against Boros but it is very difficult.

As for Songs vs Burn, this matchup comes down to whether or not you can find and cast Gnaw to the Bone before turn 4 or 5. If you can, your odds of winning are pretty good. If you can't, you're probably screwed.

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