Linden, the Steadfast Queen

Linden, the Steadfast Queen

Legendary Creature — Human Noble


Whenever a white creature you control attacks, you gain 1 life.

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Linden, the Steadfast Queen Discussion

Spyrechild on Coven of the Heron's Grace

2 months ago

I am looking to build a deck very similar in the near future so I thought I'd share some of my picks for it with you.

Descendants' Path


Pyre of Heroes

Aura Shards

Cathars' Crusade

Visions of Glory

I may or may not be looking at running a small lifegain sub theme as such I also plan to include.

Soul Warden

Soul's Attendant

Linden, the Steadfast Queen

Combine these with Heliod, Sun-Crowned and you have +1/+1 counters for days.

Love what you have done so far though. Which of the three are you thinking of settling on for the top spot?

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

3 months ago

FisterMantastic I don't know your build (I'll be happy to check it out if you want to share it), but this works quite well for me overall as long as I have good sideboarding plan. Is not like I am winning everything but overall I win more than I lose and I rarely get "completely destroyed".

I don't really know what to tell you about vial either, It makes God's work for me as long as I play it T1 or T2. Like in every deck, makes wonders against control, ensures I stay on curve, ramps, allows instant speed blocks etc. but also allowing some shenanigans like activating Resplendent Angel on opponents turns, explosive instant speed blocks and attacks with Righteous Valkyrie or Archangel of Thune, using Shalai, Voice of Plenty as some kind of counter spell... So there is not a chance in the world I am cutting that in my build, but if you don't feel like it works for you, cut it out.

Once again, I don't know your list and your local meta so I might be wrong, but assuming both are similar to mine, I've tried Soul Warden in the past and it adds very little value overall. I feel like both Giver of Runes and in a lesser extent Speaker of the Heavens add much more. We don't really go very wide to activate her multiple times per turn, and there aren't many meta decks that really go wide other than maybe affinity (which is not really strong anyway) ATM so you are not getting that much value from the opponents either. As a creature is too weak, she can't even block 1/1s. Having a T1 play to support your T5 play is not the best idea either if she's so weak, because she's rarely going to survive to that point, and adds barely nothing while in play meanwhile. She for sure will net activate Thune from time to time, but it is going to be rare and not as explosive as you might think. The most positive thing about her is not Thune activation but that she gives another extra play that leads to T3 Resplendent Angel activation (Soul Warden into Bishop of Wings into resplendent) and that she makes it quicker to reach 27 life for righteous. This decks makes really good use of Thunes ability but it's not build around maximizing it. If you want something to push in a big way Thune's ability you might want to check Linden, the Steadfast Queen but at that point you'll rather be playing souls sisters with thune as a wincon than Angel tribal.

I've never tried Windbrisk Heights because I never felt like it was really good enough here. First and most important, it might be a me thing, but tapped lands are a huge no no in modern IMO, don't ever let them get near me, xD. Also with my build I don't really attack with 3 creatures that often, many times I don't do it in the whole game (and not because I had a bad game, I might have easily won) so I feel that it will be very inconsistent. I think it's like Emeria's Call  Flip seems pretty good enough effect to take a small price to play the land, but in the end you get to use the "not land part" so rarely and of those times is so few of them decisive that any price on the land regardless of how small it is ends up not being worth it. Once again, it might not be true in your build, or even in mine because I haven't tried it and might be wrong, so if you try it let us know how it went!.

Good luck in the next FNM!

RicketyEng on Episode 3: Extracurriculars

7 months ago

I went and checked the Wildered Quest to make sure I get the details right here. We saw Will and Rowan's birth mother (or what was left of her) at the end of the Eldraine story. We learned that Algenus Kenrith had fallen under a witch's spell for a while during his high quest to become High King and it was during that time that he and the witch had the twins. Linden, the Steadfast Queen was also on her own high quest at the same time and she and Kenrith, the Returned King had each been given a special sword which could revive its wielder once. When Linden found Algenus her kiss broke the spell he was under, but the twins were already dead (the witch wanted their blood for a life elixir). Algenus was enraged and used his blade to kill the witch; Linden used her blade to revive the twins. Then Algenus threw the witch's body along with his blade stuck in her skull down a well and then he took Linden's blade and went off to complete his quest. Linden took the revived twins, Rowan and Will, home with her and never gained the fifth knighthood she needed to complete her quest. Upon learning these truths Rowan threw a fit and she and Will sparked and took their first planeswalk to Kylem.

So no, we will not be seeing the twins' birth mother again. At some point they will probably return to Eldrain to see their parents and younger sister and brother (Hazel and Erec). Both their mother and father will have their apologies ready and they'll just be glad to see the twins home safely. Garruk did not explain planeswalking to the king and queen, instead just offering to track them and ensure their safety, so I don't believe Linden and Algenus yet know that Will and Rowan are planeswalkers. That might be an interesting conversation to look forward to seeing.

Murphy77 on Mono White Devotion

1 year ago

A simple change that should give your creatures more attack power would be to drop 1 each of Giant Killer, Linden, the Steadfast Queen and Selfless Savior to bring in Felidar Retreat and have your creatures gaining +1/+1 counters with every landfall.

I would at least build a side-board around Basri's Acolyte, Basri's Solidarity, Griffin Aerie and Speaker of the Heavens with life-gain instants like Light of Hope and Revitalize. Yes, I know that you have run out of card slots and you might have to drop 2 creatures to enable the major change that can get you generating a range of useful token creatures.

Abower007 on All Hail West Theros

1 year ago

I love your list. I've been running Kytheon hatebears in dual commander (french edh) for a long time, but the local scene seems to have died so i thought id switch it up to multiplayer. You run a lot of similar cards with some obvious choices for combo protection/tutor. As I was swapping around my list I thought I would ask you about some notable omissions that i figured youd have reasons for. imposing soverign is like a mini Blind Obedience on a stick that I found useful in 1v1, but don't know if it has the same power level when you're not trying to beat someones face in. Selfless Spirit seems like good wrath protection for the team, and Linden, the Steadfast Queen has some synergy with heliod, but im not sure if you're ever really attacking. thanks!

Gecko83 on Mono White Devotion

1 year ago

Played about 4 games now and some changes were made let me know what you think...
The following were added: Heliod, Sun-Crowned, Soul Warden, Aetherflux Reservoir, Sun Titan, Linden, the Steadfast Queen, Ajani's Pridemate, Daxos, Blessed by the Sun, Smothering Tithe, Soul's Attendant, Suture Priest, Flawless Maneuver, Altar of the Pantheon.

In replacement of the following; Skybind, Gerrard's Battle Cry, Daybreak Coronet, Consecrate Land, Celestial Dawn, Order of Leitbur, Glittering Lion, Clergy of the Holy Nimbus, Order of the White Shield, Brightling, Herald of Anafenza, and Knight of the Holy Nimbus

Celestial Dawn was hard to remove, but i was unsure how it worked with Blood Moon or Emeria, The Sky Ruin. So let me know your thoughts. I went more life gain, but it keeps me around a bit longer. With most of the creatures being low powered unless pumped up by other creatures, something was needed Sun Titan gets things back the mana cost for most critters is 3 or under. and if titan doesnt work or is removed Emeria, the sky ruin gets him back. Sun Titan and Kami of False Hope is so fun.

Shagoth Let me know what you think, its early in the process. i am interested in y

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