Mass Calcify

Mass Calcify


Destroy all nonwhite creatures.

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Mass Calcify Discussion

LunchBox1211 on My Shield is my sword

1 month ago

Hour of Reckoning might not be a bad addition, and if you want another token maker Entreat the Angels does exist. It's not the best card, but I think Miracle is a fun mechanic. Angel of Sanctions Also makes a token of itself that can exile a thing, and Song of the Worldsoul just makes more tokens for (almost) free. That, and I think Parhelion II is a fun card. Maybe run Mass Calcify for a one-sided wrath?

discipleofgary73 on Mono-White Keyword Banding

3 months ago

Banding is always funny.
For ramp, one of my favorite monowhite cards is Oath of Lieges. Sure, it can help opponents, but group hugs are what banding is all about, right??? There are some of the classic artifacts people have mentioned, but I want to put Burnished Hart, Sword of the Animist, Wayfarer's Bauble, Monologue Tax and Terrain Generator on your radar. Oh, and Expedition Map to grab the Cathedral. Generally, I think 7-9 pieces of dedicated ramp in an EDH deck is about right, depending on the speed, colors, and avg cmc.
Outside of ramp, War Elephant would be good just to have a trample ability out on a creature. Nemesis Mask can make sure Abu Ja'far can really do some damage. You could also try out the totem armor enchantments to make it easier to reuse Abu in this way. Trapjaw Tyrant would also be funny in a band. Other than that, the only things that come to mind are Felidar Retreat, Kismet, Mass Calcify/Tragic Arrogance, and Blinding Light .

libraryjoy on Who dat boi - please help

7 months ago

So the way I see it, you have 3 options for a deck that will wipe others' creatures while keeping your own field.

  1. Sniping. You can use direct damage from something like Viridian Longbow attached to a deathtouch creature. Something like Poisoned Tip, or How to Make Your Friends Hate You or Swift but Deadly - Ultrabudget $20 Archer Tribal.

  2. Fight! You can use fight spells or abilities to have your larger creatures destroy smaller creatures. Something like this Ultra-budget: Bramblewood Fight Club

  3. One sided board wipes - So you are going to use a board wipe to destroy all creatures. But you need to make sure your creatures survive. There are a few ways this can happen: Your creatures can be indestructible. Your creatures can all be regenerated. Your board wipe has a condition that allows your creatures to survive like Mass Calcify and all your creatures are white.

So are any of those what you're looking for?

multimedia on

1 year ago

Hey, nice start, mono white can be tricky to build and play in Commander. You have Avacyn, Angel of Hope, make her the Commander? This is Angel tribal, but using Elesh Norn as Commander is strange...

No matter the Commander with Angel tribal Angels take up most, if not all, the high CMC spots in the deck because the best Angels have high CMCs. My advice is cut the majority of the other nonAngel high CMC (5 CMC or higher) cards. Ramp and Angels should be priority.

Cards to consider cutting right away because they're not as good as other cards or are redundancy you don't need:

This is 20 cards that doing a quick look over are subpar compared to the rest. The next 10 cards are cut to streamline by choosing the most important cards at different CMCs and cutting the others. Cards to consider cutting:

The last four cards is where it gets difficult to make cuts, but continue to streamline:

Hopefully this info helps and I offer more advice especially if you change to Avacyn, Angel of Hope as Commander since there's several good interactions to take advantage of.

Good luck with your deck.

Joe_Ken_ on mono w soldiers

1 year ago

You'll also want some removal for your deck. Cards that would be good for this are Swords to Plowshares , Valorous Stance , Condemn , and Settle the Wreckage to keep the big creatures away from you.

There is also artifact/enchantment removal you should have like Crush Contraband , Aura of Silence which can also slow your opponents down, and Forsake the Worldly which can also be cycled away for 1 card.

Some board wipes can also be very good like Cleansing Nova , Fumigate , Mass Calcify this one costs a lot of mana so I wouldn't recommend it too much , Rout which has the advantage of being able to be used at instant speed. There is also Martial Coup which if you put enough mana into it then you'll have some soldiers on board after everything is over.

Azeworai on Avacyn Reigns Supreme

1 year ago

So, Divine Sacrament doesn't quite do much for the deck, as the lack of creatures and ways to fill the graveyard cause it to add a little power to the board. I would just add Rest in Peace for disrupting the opponents.

Forenamed was the lack of creatures. Answered Prayers won't actually gain you that much life over the course of a match, thence I would cut it for Morose Machine.

Emerge Unscathed, Gods Willing, and Brave the Elements are fine spells. They are a solid one-for-one, but they act best in decks that can draw lots of cards. Mono-White cannot do that, so things that trade with the opponents don't cut it. Lightning Greaves continuously protects, Fractured Powerstone accelerates your game plan, and Enlightened Tutor is fantastic utility.

Loxodon Lifechanter probably isn't going to do that much in terms of gaining life, and six mana is a lot to get chump-blocked. Kill it for Kor Cartographer.

So, this deck is one that wishes to constantly hit land drops. You virtually have 35 lands accounting for Maze of Ith. I'd remove Mass Calcify due to its lack of utility for Seraph Sanctuary.

Anent being bereft of many lands, Temple of the False God is oft a dead card. It is only active if you are serendipitous enough to hit five lands without having much card draw. Scavenger Grounds hits the graveyards as a bonus to just being a lovely land.

Lastly, a Plains could be a Kor Haven, for it defends and produces mana.

That shall be all from me. May fortune betide!

cubejack on Avacyn Retribution

1 year ago

Azeworai, Crackdown actually looks fantastic. Such a great mention. I haven't seen that card before.

Abolish also looks interesting. I've added that to my scratchpad and it's up for consideration.

I had considered Mass Calcify, but figured I'd go with Wrath of God instead. It's really there to help me against early board pressure. I'm still undecided though. It would definitely be to my advantage to play Mass Calcify to preserve my own board, but it is kind of costly. I've actually been thinking about Catastrophe, but not sure if I want another land removal card.

The artifacts you mention are nice, but I can't find room for them :(.

I've made a few changes since you last looked at the list and included Crackdown :)

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