Surrak, the Hunt Caller


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Surrak, the Hunt Caller

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

Formidable — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if creatures you control have total power 8 or greater, target creature you control gains haste until end of turn.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller Discussion

jerleg on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

5 hours ago

jonmaior I will do my best to address all of your points, if I miss anything or want more clarification just ask.

First up Thrashing Brontodon might be a decent sideboard card (my sideboard is quite locked in so I dont think I'd use it) but I don't think it's great in the main. My biggest reason is we want our 3 drop to have triple green for devotions sake. I dislike playing anything more than a playset of a 3 drop as we want our curve to be as tight and low as possible.

Birds of Paradise is very cute tech against Ensnaring Bridge but I prefer my Deglamer as it's also useful against Wurmcoil Engine and other such artifacts you dont want to "destroy" but still need gone. Also the Deglamer can hit enchantments which doesn't come up often but can matter. As for running Birds itself, I would suggest changing over to Noble Hierarch (assuming budget isnt and issue) as you would get the same Bridge workaround with use in situations where their are no bridges.

Third: When it comes to 4 drops I try to avoid them. I used to play Surrak, the Hunt Caller but I found him to be dead in hand too often. Even when he did hit the board he was low impact and was chump blocked pretty easy.

Finally I'm not a huge fan of effects like Lead the Stampede as we are not looking for any creature in particular, just value in undercosted generic beaters. I'm not even a huge fan of Once Upon a Time for that same reason, but it allows us to trim on lands which is awesome so I'm tolerating it.

I do like your idea of trimming on a Once Upon a Time as I'm trying to find space to test out Syr Faren, the Hengehammer . So that might be one of my cuts.

So many new toys to play with!!

If I missed anything let me know!


P.S: my combo comment still stands. The reason we are any good is consistency so yes we can pressure stumbles from combo decks that do so. But combo decks are built to mitigate stumbling and if they go off we ain't stopping much.

jonmaior on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

1 day ago

Groundbreaker , I main 4 Thrashing Brontodon because it fits in the 3 cmc spot pretty well and is very useful against ensnaring bridge (I really hate ensnaring bridge.) I also run x2 Birds of Paradise to get past ensnaring bridge with 2 in the side as well. how do you sideboard? I find that I almost never want to sideboard anything. I really only go out 2 Surrak, the Hunt Caller for 2 Collected Company against bridge/prison decks to find brontodon more. Im not even sure if lifegain is good against burn because we are just as fast and our base list pretty much always destroys burn. also my list is obviously different but yeah. I think less combat tricks is usually a good thing. My deck is actually fine with going into the late game sometimes because my creatures are so big and there is such a steady stream of them. I think Lead the Stampede also has a lot of potential although it is slow so idk in what matchups we would want it. it does seem super good overall though especially if you have a lot of 1 drops and your opponent doesn't have many wraths. Also I disagree, I think our combo matchup is very much in our favor. this deck will win on t4 very consistently, something that glass cannon type, all in combo decks can't really say. overall if we lose t2 we lose t2 but we make sure that our opponent can't mess up at all or we win. nice deck!

KindredDiscovery on Mayael EDH Primer

1 week ago

@thewyzman I think you could easily argue that Atla Palani, Nest Tender is the stronger of the two in the command zone. She doesn't have the same deck-building constraints as Mayael (throwing in some sac outlets for those egg tokens is waaaaay less demanding than 25+ big creatures) and is pretty much guaranteed never to whiff. I've even seen some really cool combo builds with only a few creatures in the deck, so saccing an egg token is effectively like tutoring for your win-con. If you're looking to be more competitive, I'd recommend retooling your deck to run Atla as the general.

As a second in command, she's perfectly serviceable. Don't expect to be maximizing her value though. There are not enough utility slots in this deck to include the really good sac outlets for those eggs ( Skullclamp , Ashnod's Altar , etc.) so you'll usually have to wait for them to die on their own.

@Ataraxey Vedalken Orrery was working well, but I think Birthing Pod outclasses it. Both options allow us to be more responsive to our opponents' plays, but Pod is both faster and works better with our substantial creature toolbox. I haven't been playing with it for very long, but it's gotten me out of quite a few jams already. Saccing an obsolete Wayward Swordtooth to grab Surrak, the Hunt Caller , then dropping a hasted Balefire Dragon feels incredible.

@bankrupt_on_selling I really do like Highcliff Felidar . I'll be testing it for sure, probably in place of Thorn Mammoth . Felidar is likely to kill more things, but Mammoth gives you the option to snipe pesky utility creatures that Felidar can't hit.

Chhris on Ghalta Dredge

2 months ago

I have just discovered this deck and love it.

Have you considered Surrak, the Hunt Caller as another haste enabler? Or Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma as "ramp"?

Also, how do you deal with threats on the table?

Senomar on [PRIMER] Competitive Kumena Duel Cmdr

2 months ago

Hey theages ! Thanks a lot !

The goal of this deck is more like aggro/snowball. I need to kill my opponent fast because if something bad is on the ennemy board I have no good removals in simic for it :

Buuuut ! I have strong evasive abilities : islandwalk, flyers, unblockable, tappers... I'm pretty sure there is several ways to build a strong Kumena deck in duel commander. I have tried a ton of lists : more or less ramp, more or less counterspells, more or less removals. What I've observed is that because we have no good removals, the best way to compete with aggro decks in simic is to be faster than them. And because I don't like creatures ALL IN strategies like mono green ( Surrak, the Hunt Caller , Titania, Protector of Argoth ...) since they got destroyed by control decks ; I use a counterspell package. I got 9 counterspells plus 5 hexproof/hard to target effects ( Shapers' Sanctuary ) plus a Vapor Snag (that I often use on my own creature versus control) plus a Yavimaya Hollow . After many games that seems to be the perfect amount to have enough creatures flooding. The best games are games where I use at maximum one or two counterspells and I kill the opponent before turn 7, 8 or 9. I don't want to draw or start the game with 3 counterspells in hand because I won't have enough pressure to close the game fast. Furthermore, I want the cheapiest (most are "free") counterspells that allow me to keep mana to build my board. that's why I don't use Tale's End . And even if Tale's End is strong if I would like to put 2 CCM counterspells in the deck I would probably chose Remand , Counterspell , Unified Will , Memory Lapse , Mana Leak or even Essence Capture first. Stifle is huge because of the surprise effect and because it can wins games turn 1 versus 3+ colors decks missing a fetch. Just like Savage Summoning or Misdirection I think that you can find better cards to replace those 3 but the surprise effect of those "non-meta" cards are so tasty I'd like to keep them :)

To finish, I know I have quiet a lot of 3 CCM creatures but first there is no more good enough turn 1 or 2 merfolks and I think I'm close to the right number (eventually check my maybeboard section in the primer) and half of the wraths in this format are coming on turn 4 so playing 3 drops on turn 4 to have your 1 mana counterspell or hexproof effect is huge. Plus 3 CCM creatures allows me to bait counterspells in order to play Kumena next turn.

I hope I answer your questions :) As I said I'm pretty sure there is several ways to build a Kumena deck. Show me yours ! Bye !

hungry000 on Regi-Soaring Through Modern

3 months ago

I wouldn't use card slots for enchantment specific/transmute tutors, as most of them cost 3 mana which isn't worth it. A couple Commune with the Gods is your best bet if you really have trouble finding Summoning; I'd cut a Mass Hysteria and an Ammit Eternal , Shivan Wumpus , or a land to make space.

Wayward Swordtooth probably has more upside than Ammit Eternal . Maybe also try playing Timbermare or Surrak, the Hunt Caller in place of Shivan Wumpus , not necessarily because they're better but because they might give the deck more angles to attack from.

Osbert on So Many Heads

3 months ago

Interesting that you omitted Unbound Flourishing as it's basically the tribal hydra card.

Rishkar's Expertise would also fit very well in here.

Ulvenwald Tracker is one of the few repeatable creature removal cards in green.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller is a great haste enabler.

Karametra's Acolyte is the most busted mana dork in mono green, right alongside Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx .

Giving your creatures flash is a great way to avoid board wipes and get the upper hand so I suggest including Vivien, Champion of the Wilds , Vedalken Orrery , and Yeva, Nature's Herald . Alongside flash if you populate your deck with more instants than sorceries you can take advantage of a card like Veilstone Amulet which allows you deny your opponent spot removal and can still trigger Gargos.

Because your creatures are extremely valuable I suggest running some more ways to protect them like Heroic Intervention and Asceticism .

Mono green has some of the most powerful, one sided ramp effects so I'm just going to list a ton. Some of these are upgrades to existing cards you have in the deck already and some you probably haven't considered yet. These are usually the cards I include first in every mono green deck.

Gaea's Touch , Llanowar Druid , Nature's Lore , Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Nissa, Worldwaker , Nissa's Pilgrimage , Nissa's Triumph , Utopia Sprawl , Vernal Bloom , Early Harvest .

Vlasiax on The Ur-Dragon

5 months ago

Yeah, I use exactly the same lines of play to win. Might be my misunderstaning of sheer power of Mystical Tutor as a second copy of Cyclonic Rift , Patriarch's Bidding , Toxic Deluge or Stubborn Denial all of which when used correctly are basically win-cons.

With Sensei's Divining Top I'm not sure where I'd put it since you're right - this deck drains mana every turn and more often than not I'd use that 1 mana for tutor/removal than topdeck manipulation. That was just loose suggestion for better consistency with Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire and in case someone blows Sylvan Library .

I might be a little more convinced after playing a few "1 vs 2 NPC" games that we actually don't need Dragonlord Kolaghan that much just to up the Dragon creature count. However, Glorybringer is very useful as he takes out most of other commanders like Atraxa, Praetors' Voice or Surrak, the Hunt Caller . Other option I can think of might be Fire Covenant , which can shot down many targets at once and at instant speed.

Also for these 3CMC planeswalkers I think about finding a slot for Abrupt Decay as a more conditional Assassin's Trophy that has the upside of not being countered. I wonder why you got rid of Anguished Unmaking - 3 CMC is too much?

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Surrak, the Hunt Caller occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Green: 0.24%