Baral, Chief of Compliance

Baral, Chief of Compliance

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

Whenever a spell or ability you control counters a spell, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Frontier Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal

Baral, Chief of Compliance Discussion

Paeldroth on Rashmi's BOGO Limited Time Offer

3 days ago

Ah, then def start there. Iron out your wincon and it'll help shape your deck. You've got some instant/sorcery manipulation going on with Metallurgic Summonings and Baral, Chief of Compliance so you might benefit from leaning into that! Alternatively you could lean into an EtB situation and use Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and other blink effects. I might have to play around with Rashmi now... (ugh that sounds wrong)

Hoobynobber7395 on Sevinne, the Underrated

1 week ago

Ral, Storm Conduit, Thousand-Year Storm, Aetherflux Reservoir, and Sentinel Tower maximize the usage of his ability to copy spells and push the flashback/copy theme over the top.

You also want to run creatures that reduce cost or give you combat advantage, like Baral, Chief of Compliance, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Kykar, Wind's Fury, and Taigam, Ojutai Master are just a few examples.

If you want to check out my decklist and look at the combo pieces here it is Sevinne, blast from the past

rjife on Did You Say...Counterspell?

2 weeks ago

why am I getting anti Baral, Chief of Compliance vibes.......

SynergyBuild on Why does remand even exist?

2 weeks ago

It's also able to do a variety of tricks, first off in a Baral, Chief of Compliance deck it a 1 blue Chart a Course that bounces a spell or resets storm/replicate/on-cast triggers, and it triggers things like Lullmage Mentor while losing 0 cards in hand.

KayneMarco on Bachelor's Degree in Wizardry

2 weeks ago

First off, I’ld cut Baral, Chief of Compliance, mostly because you aren’t running a counterspell deck. You may have a few in here but not enough to justify a slot in the 99. These other ones are a start to the ones I’ld remove:

One card I would most definitely add to the deck though is Venser, Shaper Savant. With the etb doubler your commander has built in you could use Venser to return an opponents spell to their hand then with his doubled etb return himself to your hand to cast again when that opponent tries to cast the same spell again. And with all the cost reducers you have in here you’ll be able to cast him numerous times before your next turn.

Massacar on Kalamax Almost Precon

3 weeks ago

I second multimedia, this deck would benefit from fewer creatures and more instants (since that's what your commander's ability is based around).

That said, some creatures I would suggest for a spellslinger theme (other than those already suggested) Goblin Electromancer, Baral, Chief of Compliance, Electrostatic Field, Spellseeker, Curious Homunculus  Flip, Guttersnipe, Sprite Dragon, or even Wavebreak Hippocamp.

There are so many good/cheap instants you can consider to fuel this thing too.

TheBrandon on Baral Chief of Compliance (Cedh tuned)

4 weeks ago

Cmcoheed, I think this is one of the best Baral, Chief of Compliance lists on TappedOut! Compared to other Baral, Chief of Compliance lists, I like how focused and "no-frills" this one is. Great work, my dude.

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