Bottled Cloister

Bottled Cloister


At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, exile your hand face down.

At the beginning of your upkeep, return all cards exiled with Bottled Cloister to your hand, then draw a card.

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Bottled Cloister Discussion

Gidgetimer on If I have bottled Cloister …

2 months ago

Assuming you don't somehow draw cards after exiling to Bottled Cloister, it prevents any creature with power 1 or greater from attacking on your opponents' turns. Creatures power 0 or less can still attack and be buffed after attacking to deal damage.

1empyrean on I came up with a …

2 months ago

There are more ways. Bottled Cloister is one.

Massacar on Lasers are in the Eye of the Beholder

3 months ago

Forced attack can be a fun political theme. I don't know if it's too off flavor for your deck, but you could include Bottled Cloister and Ensnaring Bridge to make it impossible for your opponents to attack you at all.

plakjekaas on Win cons: locks

5 months ago

Ensnaring Bridge + Bottled Cloister to lock out all your opponents from attacking with any creatures that have more than 0 power. Only works if your deck plays mostly at sorcery speed of course.

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar with Zur's Weirding and a lot of life. Tomorrow will replace your draw with an Anticipate -like effect, meaning you don't draw the card anymore. Meaning your opponents can't make you mill the cards you would draw, and you don't reveal them. (Both effects replace your draw, and as the effected player you may choose in which order they apply. When Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar 's effect has replaced your draw, the Zur's Weirding can't replace your draw anymore, because the card you would draw, has already been replaced.)

MrSilk on POST OPAL/SSG BAN - Lantern Control

5 months ago


Bottled Cloister is nice, but its more of a sideboard card. With the amount of hand control this deck has, it's easy to pick out troubling cards that could mess with out own strategy. Blood Moon doesn't really ruin our plans too much as our entire core strategy revolves around artifacts that can take any color mana.

ellisgriffin13 on POST OPAL/SSG BAN - Lantern Control

5 months ago

What about Bottled Cloister ? I'm coming into modern from Candian Highlander and in that format basically every lantern control list runs it. Also, doesn't this deck just fold hard to Blood Moon ?

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