Force of Virtue

Force of Virtue


If it's not your turn, you may exile a white card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.


Creatures you control get +1/+1.

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Force of Virtue Discussion

Grugthol on Kaheera Cats and Chariots :3

5 days ago

Hey i want to give you my two cents. At first, every cat friend is a friend of mine. I played cat tribal since mh1 when king of the pride came out (as the only cat lord besides caracal) and played it on many fnms and even a 600 people tournament where i came out with a 3-3. My deck is slightly different, i highly prefer coco, since the 3 Lords are all at 3 mana. Together with coco, brimaz is a real bomb, when he attacks at turn 4 with a coco as a combat trick,you can easily attack for 8. Coco also fits in pretty well because of its new Ajani artwork :) i sadly didnt make any good experiences with ambusher and sacred cat. But i didn't play modern the last year and i see that it would be a counter to Ragavan, maybe i give it another try. I would cut madcap, Rancor is straight up better.

I also play 4 Path to Exile, 2 Regal Caracal and Force of Virtue. If i couldnt use path or draw the caracal to early, i can discard them for force. Mana Tithe is also possible in this constellation. But this is my personal preference, rancor and bolts should work here.

20 lands are not enough in my opinion. Your mana curve ends with 4 drops, i would say 22-23 lands will give you a much better curve.

Quasali Ambusher could find a place in the sideboard. There will be matchups where you dont even get attacked.

All of the above is just from my personal experience. I dont want to push you in a direction you dont like. Keep having fun playing cats!

The_Fallen_Duke on Serra the Benevolent//Spectral Procession

2 months ago

To make the most out of the many small flyers you have, I'd suggest to use some anthem effect in addition to Hall of Triumph and Heraldic Banner (Honor of the Pure, Glorious Anthem, maybe Force of Virtue that has flash if you want a combat trick).

I'm not sure whether you are following a lifelink strategy, since you have Soul Warden and Impassionate Orator that are not flyers, but I do not see other synergies in this direction. A minor observation, but for a multiplayer game especially I'd suggest a Disenchant over Revoke Existence for the same cost: I believe that instant speed is more valuable than exiling instead of destroying.

TheVectornaut on GW Tokens

7 months ago

Everything you've said about Trostani is definitely true but applies equally to Advent of the Wurm , except wurms also get hit by Abrupt Decay , non-revolt Fatal Push , and any Unsummon or O-Ring effects. The reality is that at 4 mana, neither of these cards is viable in a competitive modern environment. If your meta is cutthroat enough to see that much single-target removal flying around, I'd recommend going into black to run spirit tokens ( Spectral Procession , Lingering Souls , Kaya's Guile , etc.) which are generally better than populate staples like Call of the Conclave , Selesnya Charm , and Wake the Reflections , especially if you lean into anthems like Intangible Virtue , Leyline of the Meek , Force of Virtue , and so on. You're already pretty far in that direction anyway by running Legion's Landing  Flip and Gather the Townsfolk . Those were more the cards I was thinking of cutting for a singleton Trostani or Ranks. Definitely don't cut March, as it's pretty great as a finisher. (I had a lot of fun messing around with it and Harmonious Archon in standard pre-lockdown. XD) Also, regardless of which colors you prefer, Timely Reinforcements is a classic sideboard option against burn that also loves playing with Virtue.

ellie-is on "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro)

11 months ago

HalbrechtHalbrecht: Heh, you're welcome!

Now lets see...

Honor of the Pure is the best option overall due to its low mana cost, but it doesn't affect Pride Sovereign. Since you only have two Sovereigns and they get pretty big on their own, that might not be an issue. I do recommend having it as your primary anthem, as the lower mana helps ensure you'll be able to cast multiple of them if you've drawn them, which can be the difference between winning or losing with a great card in hand.

Radiant Destiny is my favorite of the 3-mana anthems. Always Watching gives vigilance without the City's Blessing condition, but your tokens would miss out (that said, you don't make that many tokens so it might not be an issue).

Spear of Heliod is nice, but it does have two easy to remove types, compared to the rest that only have one. Icon of Ancestry might win you some tight games you'd otherwise have lost, but overall it feels too slow for modern, especially if the card you're drawing is 1- not going to be cast on that turn because you're out of mana after activating it 2- not going to win you the game when you play it via haste or another effect. So I'd pick another card over it.

Force of Virtue is a nice trick to have, but I wouldn't run it as your primary anthem. Up to two copies if you already have at least 4x of other anthems can be nice to have and adds combat tricks to an otherwise very predictable deck, and could score you some wins.

If you're trying to figure out what you could take out for more anthems (and I do think it's a good idea having at least 8 of them, but King of the Pride counts and so you have 8 already), Whitemane Lion would be my pick—removing two of them would be a very safe bet.

HalbrechtHalbrecht on "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro)

11 months ago

Hey ellie-is, thanks for the upvote and suggestions! I didn't even think of anthem effects, but you're right, that's the best substitute for lords like Feline Sovereign.

RE: Radiant Destiny — I like how you think. ;) Yeah, most anthems tend to feature angels and/or soldiers. None of them feature cats or anything close. But I do like the art of Radiant Destiny.

I went through all the anthem effects, and narrowed it down to this list: Honor of the Pure and Radiant Destiny, as you mentioned, as well as Icon of Ancestry, Spear of Heliod, and Force of Virtue. Artwork aside, what do you think of those?

  • Honor of the Pure — cheapest face value, simple buff
  • Radiant Destiny — thinking it'll be pretty easy to achieve city's blessing (I'll have to playtest that), so this is 1 more mana for vigilance
  • Icon of Ancestry — trades vigilance for possible card draw
  • Spear of Heliod — trades vigilance / card draw for conditional removal
  • Force of Virtue — potentially cheaper than Honor (but can we handle the card disadvantage?), can be a combat trick

Let me know which you think is best. I'll replace Heroic Intervention in the mainboard and playtest against a few matches.

ezio2907 on

11 months ago

You want to be left alone until you can cast your angels. Cards like Thalia, Heretic Cathar & Kambal, Consul of Allocation can help while the other players are going to hate you more. Making it a little harder in the mid/late game. I would defiantly skip Thalia, Heretic Cathar for that reason. Kambal, Consul of Allocation can at least deal damage and gain your life.

Lives are a resource for sure. Just watch out with Vona, Butcher of Magan that he will not suck you dry. That is a woman's job XD.

Killing Wave you want to cast for x is high. Do really want to pay that much life for all your creatures? I would skip this and play a real board wipe.

I think that you will not use Obzedat's Aid very well. You can get back an artifact (mostly ramp in your case) == bad. You can get back a planeswalker (if they got it away once, they can it again if you spent your turn on returning it) == (in my opinion) bad. You can get an enchantment back == good (in some cases). Most of the enchantment won't reach the graveyard. But it can good. You can get back a creature == good for less mana. There are a lot of better regeneration spells. They can be used more or for less.

That is why I would suggest not to play Obzedat's Aid. It is not mana efficient enough versus versatility.

From Reign of the Pit & Syphon Flesh you get a creature(s). But would it not better to choose for them? Just killing everything?

Your creatures will not always be the biggest on the table. But why do you use Ethereal Absolution instead of the cheaper options? Glorious Anthem, Always Watching, Commander's Insignia, Force of Virtue or Spear of Heliod. Graveyard hate is a benefit. But I think you can spend your mana better than that.

True Conviction is good but watch that one. Ask yourself "Do I want to play it? Or do I prefer something else? When is this good and when is it bad?". I think that it is bad in most cases and too late when you need it.

I understand that you want the lifegain and ping from Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord. But know that the -x you can use it on 9 creatures (for now) on the turn it enters the game. Also, remember that the lifegain is only for during your turn. Is it worth it?

I don't think that Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath can give you a lot of value. It can be me but I don't like this card.

Why Elspeth, Sun's Champion? You get tokens for 6 mana or destroy all your creatures and some of the opponent creatures. Is that worth it? Or do you play it because you have it lying around?

For Aetherflux Reservoir you probably will never be high enough with this on the board. You don't cast a lot of spells in a turn so you must be happy if you gain 3 lives in a round from it. This is not the deck for it.

Moonlight Bargain is 5 mana + 10 lives for draw 5. Promise of Power is the better version of it. It is on sorcery speed, but cost 5 lives less and you can also get a big beater from it if you pay extra.

For now I think that you are not using enough instant speed tricks that require you to hold up mana. That makes that when you hold up mana for Batwing Brume there is a big chance that you don't need it now and want to cast it later instead. Making you not spend some mana in the round. I would skip this card.

If I look at the curve then I would think about playing 36/37/38 lands. You need a lot of mana for your creatures and you miss green to ramp well. You can use cards like Hagra Mauling  Flip & Ondu Inversion  Flip to make it a little easier.

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