Outpost Siege

Outpost Siege


As this enters the battlefield, choose Khans or Dragons.

  • Khans — At the beginning of your upkeep, exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card.
  • Dragons — Whenever a creature you control leaves the battlefield, this deals 1 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Outpost Siege Discussion

Rhadamanthus on If creatures transform into a …

1 month ago

It's outcome #2. Nothing actually left the battlefield, so Outpost Siege doesn't trigger.

DeathBySprnkles on If creatures transform into a …

1 month ago

Say I have Outpost Siege with the Dragon choice and Myr Turbine and a few Myr tokens out on the field. If I use something along the line of Masterful Replication and choose to make all the artifacts into copies of Myr Turbine, would Outpost Siege trigger because the creatures have transformed into a non-creature type?

I can see two possible outcomes: 1. Yes, Outpost Siege triggers because the card is no longer a creature (for the time being) or 2. No, Outpost Siege doesn't trigger because the card hasn't left the field, only it's appearance has changed

WotanubisReturned on Spaghettification

1 month ago

I always appreciate your feedback. Helix was in the very first version of this list: it didn't make it to playtesting but for no real reason. I own a Hellkite and I am on the fence about finding a place for it because it was always removed before it has a chance to do work, but that's probably a testament to its power; having more dragons is also nice and it's an artifact to boot but I'd rather speed the deck up somehow. I'm glad you agree DRC can go; it can be great with gas to back it up, but on its own very disappointing to top deck. I decided reserved list stuff was a good trade-up for the Force of Negation I turned in for credit, and Temporal Aperture caught my eye as I was evaluating the list; it isn't awful since there's a little bit of synergy with Experimental Frenzy but I might be better served by something that gives mana-free card advantage like Outpost Siege or a Chandra.

DankMagicianD on Die, Snowflake!

2 months ago

Last, the cuts. Fellwar Stone was replaced by a more reliable signet. Outpost Siege was just too clunky compared to similar effects. Titan Hunter and Crimson Honor Guard proved too unreliable at triggering for their mana cost. Charging Tuskodon died because my five drops needed trimming and he's too much of a glass cannon. Cleansing Nova has been replaced by more efficient options. It's modal use rarely came up compared to its clunky mana cost. Ruin Raider has proven to be much more effective at killing me than providing card advantage. Curse of Stalked Prey was fun, but often too low value compared to a signet or equipment. A shame, as I really like the card. Finally, Rite of the Raging Storm and Xantcha, Sleeper Agent weren't used well. Giving my opponents creatures does not guarantee they will use them the way I want. Better to give their existing creatures options, to make it seem like it's more their idea.

TypicalTimmy on Weakest Mono Color

2 months ago

Well, let's break it down like this:


  • Functionally no ramp outside of Serra's Sanctum and Smothering Tithe
  • Loads of targeted exile removal
  • Cantrips draws only, lest a few Commanders like Mangara
  • Almost always puts you in one of three very rickety boats: White weenies, Angels, prisons & Stax


  • Lots of ramp. Runaway Steam-Kin, Koth of the Hammer, Dockside Extortionist, Mana Geyser and Battle Hymn, to name a few
  • Burn is basically their removal, but it's so easy to deal lethal amounts of damage that this works just fine. Plus artifact and land destruction so you can grind games to a screeching halt
  • Yes, red draw is flimsy. But it's still draw, and there's a lot more of it than white. While it may act essentially the same as a cantrips (replace card in hand with card from deck), it also allows more utility when you can pick and choose between the top two or three. As for impulse, cards such as Outpost Siege and Furious Rise may not feel like card advantage, but it's an additional card you get to cast that turn. The first time you impulse, you replaced the enchantment (e.g. cantrip), but the second time is straight value
  • Loads of ways to win, mostly through damage, but everything white can do, red can also do. Drop a Mudslide and watch the game crash to a sudden stop. It's amazing.

Red is not the best mono color, but is superior to white in every way, with the exception of maybe instant speed 1mv removal. But red is so aggressive that you take the hit and fire back full force anyway

White has it's benefits. The issue is white is best at propping other colors up. On its own, it has nothing to prop up and thus falls apart.

Profet93 on Norin Chaos

3 months ago

I like your low avg cmc, very good.

Also, are you a fan of infinite combos where each piece isn't useless on it's own? Then I would add... Mana Geyser to go with Reiterate. Dualcaster Mage to go with Heat Shimmer. Potentially even Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Zealous Conscripts.

I'm trying to understand why Myconsith Lattice is here. If it's go with vandablast/artifact removal/karn, then I'm not sure it's best used here. Without artifact removal in hand and lattice in field, lattice becomes less useful. Potentially, even anti-synergistic with blood moon/magus.

I would remove Chance Encounter and Krark's Thumb as you do not have enough coin flip synergy to make either worthwhile. In their place, I would definitely add more card draw such as...

Endless Atlas/Tome of Legends - Tome is ESPECIALLY good. Don't sleep on either

Humble Defector - Draw + Politics

Jeska's Will - Ramp and draw

Outpost Siege - Draw or removal

Skullclamp - Draw with your tokens, or clamp norin

Terror of the Peaks - Draw.....'s you hate :P Definitely a powerhouse in Norin

Profet93 on “Budget” Xenagos Ground & Pound

3 months ago

The way a Xenagos deck typically operates is that you have your ramp, your big beaters, draw and interaction.


Your options include creature ramp such as Llanowar Elves/Arbor Elf and other 1-3 CMC mana dorks as well as cards such as Cultivate. Having a lot of ramp is crucial in any deck, as it enables you to get your expensive commander out more quickly. Most people prefer artifact ramp, but given that you are running green, it's better to either use mana dorks or land ramp spells listed above. Land ramp is the most preferred because it ensures you don't miss land drops and they are less susceptible to being removed by your opponent.


Next you have your big beaters, the damage dealers. Xenagos plays one big creature at a time that gets buffed and swings for lethal. Your deck has a bunch of smaller, less impactful creatures. Even your big creatures are not that threatening. For example, a Malignus with your commander and a source that gives it trample is game over if they don't have interaction. There are many options for beaters of different budgets, cmc's and more. I prefer beaters with built in protection such as Carnage Tyrant as I can use a draw spell on it with little fear of them removing the creature in response. Others prefer beaters with built in evasion such as a flying Balefire Dragon (I run both).


Without draw, it's difficult to maintain pressure on your opponents towards the late - middle game. It doesn't seem you have any draw in your deck. With such a low CMC and low draw, I imagine you run out of cards pretty quickly. There are 2 kinds of draw, burst and steady. Examples of burst card draw include Rishkar's Expertise, Return of the Wildspeaker, and Greater Good (fyi, greater good is the BEST card in a Xenagos deck, no matter what, add it, thank me later). Examples of steady card draw include Outpost Siege, War Room/Bonders' Enclave and Elder Gargaroth. Burst is definitely much more effective, but riskier, as if an opponent removes your creature in response to your draw spell, you will be out of luck. A mix of both is usually ideal.

Interaction Some of your interaction is not bad at all, ancient grudge and fling are great! To further improve your interaction, I would include cards such as Inferno Titan, Terastodon, Kogla, the Titan Ape, Beast Within, Hull Breach and Decimate (Note, you need 4 targets for decimate).

There are many other cards to suggest, but I don't want to overwhelm you. I would definitely take a look at other Xenagos decks on the site to get a better idea of how it is traditionally played. This is my deck, while not updated as of 2020, it still has most of the core cards. There are expensive ones as well, but those can be easily replaced with more budget options. Another good resource is EDH Rec, as it gives you an idea of how the decks usually play out.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, want more suggestions for cards to add or what you feel should be removed. I have been playing Xenagos for several years and I love it. It's the deck I play when I'm too tired to think, because all you need to do is just play big dudes and swing!

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