Outpost Siege

Outpost Siege


As Outpost Siege enters the battlefield, choose Khans or Dragons.

  • Khans — At the beginning of your upkeep, exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card.
  • Dragons — Whenever a creature you control leaves the battlefield, Outpost Siege deals 1 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.
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Set Rarity
Commander 2020 (C20) Rare
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Fate Reforged (FRF) Rare

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Custom Legal
Pioneer Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Outpost Siege Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Tajic Legion's Edge

2 weeks ago

Here are some cards you might consider that seem interesting:

Pyrostatic Pillar as a second Flame Zealot

Loyal Unicorn, The Wanderer as redundancy for Tajic's damage prevention.

Hour of Devastation, Blasphemous Act as one-sided wipes.

Stormwild Capridor, Truefire Captain, Boros Reckoner, Brash Taunter to play of the idea of damaging your own creatures.

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell for more damage Outputs.

Outpost Siege, maybe Valakut Exploration, Syr Carah, the Bold as card draw.

Optimator on Giant's Deck

2 weeks ago

So what I would recommend putting in are Outpost Siege - Staff of Nin - Tectonic Giant - Protector of the Crown - Tome of Legends - Mask of Memory - Infiltration Lens - Farsight Mask - Magus of the Wheel -

Two card-advantage cards are Giants, so that will "save" you two slots!

The cards that you don't own that might be worth buying are Bonders' Enclave for sure, and perhaps Well of Lost Dreams and Reforge the Soul. I love those. Stolen Strategy might be worth it too, for both Brion reasons and card-advantage reasons. It's extra good in a heavy ramp deck.

EDIT: I forgot a decent one: Vanquisher's Banner. I don't love it in decks with expensive creatures, but there it is

Optimator on Giant's Deck

2 weeks ago

Next step is card-draw and card-advantage. Unfortunately, the Boros colors are the worst at drawing cards. Graveyard recursion is a type of card advantage, so Colfenor's Urn can count. I've never seen that card before! Nice find and good instincts!

Here are some options for you.

First up, the cards I own that I'm willing to part with:

Seer's Sundial - Staff of Nin - Farsight Mask - Key to the City - Infiltration Lens - Mask of Memory - Tome of Legends - Outpost Siege - Khorvath's Fury - Humble Defector - Chandra, Flamecaller - Magus of the Wheel

Cards I don't have that you should consider:

Tectonic Giant is mandatory! He's so good! Protector of the Crown is on-theme too--highly recommend.

Bonders' Enclave would be worth picking up, I think.

Browbeat - Loreseeker's Stone - Arcane Encyclopedia - Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip - Ignite the Future - Reforge the Soul - Wheel of Fate - Mind's Eye (used to be the gold-standard! Very mana-inefficient though) - Icon of Ancestry (interesting choice since it has the anthem) - Rogue's Gloves - Well of Lost Dreams (great choice with your commander!) - Coveted Jewel (ramp and draw! Unreliable and mana-expensive, but chaotic and fun!) - Mangara, the Diplomat - Runehorn Hellkite - Dragon Mage - Knollspine Dragon - Herald's Horn - Endless Atlas (a bit suspect in two-color decks unless your colors are very skewed or you have lots of Renegade Map-type cards) - Bag of Holding - Arch of Orazca - Geier Reach Sanitarium - Mazemind Tome

Underworld Breach, Sunbird's Invocation, and Stolen Strategy might count as card-advantage, should you feel jaunty. Stolen Strategy is definitely a fun card and get you fodder for Brion's throwing.

Howling Mine + Inspiring Statuary is kinda funny. Probably not worth it though.

Coward_Token on Commander Legends Spoilers

3 weeks ago

Hellkite Courser: meh, paying 6 mana to just temporarily get out your commander and then being left with a french vanilla creature is pretty underwhelming for a mythic

Dawnglade Regent: similarly, too expensive for the benefit

Akroma, Vision of Ixidor: kinda meh for the cost and the rarity, especially with Sakashima fresh in mind. Still, get out Odric, Lunarch Marshal and team of keyworders for +13/+13 all round (and and extra +1/+1 for Akroma and her partner)

Akroma's Will: imo too expensive to reliably work as a wrath answer, although attacking with an unblockable doublestriking team with vigilance can probably let you safely take out one player

Miarna, Thorn of the Glade: whew, how is this uncommon more exciting? for 1 card is a fine rate. Anyway, as alluded to in the video you're all but forced to go for your partner; Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix is pretty cute while Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa gives you a bit more tribal range, although he's anti-synergetic with anthems

"Kwain, Curious Itinerant": Well that's kind of disappointing. It has no mechanical relationship with Archelos, Lagoon Mystic and a Howling Mine in the command zone doesn't excite me. Maybe I'm missing something?

Bell Borca, Spectral Sergeant: Meh yet again. Outpost Siege in the command zone isn't thrilling, even if it does make a bit more reliable

Court of Ire: I don't really see why this one has to be more expensive than the rest. Yes, it helps you retain the monarch and thus enables its own upkeep activation, but with three opponents, removing one creature isn't doing that much, and burning a single person for 17,5% of their life doesn't really compare cheating out a big creature with Court of Bounty.

Jared Carthalion, True Heir: Man this art is 80s as hell. Anyway, quite interesting design space and pushed cost without at all being overpowered.

griffstick on What is "Playing a land?"

3 weeks ago

The action word "Play"

this includes playing lands and casting spells. This word can be found on Outpost Siege.

This means that you can cast spells from outpost siege and play lands from outpost siege

The action word "put" can be found on Ugin, the Spirit Dragon's ultimate.

"Put" refers to any permanent based off of what the card says.

The action word "cast" can be found on Omniscience.

Omniscience says "cast" not "play". So you cant use omniscience to "play" lands. And additionally you are never casting lands

calboye on Nothing Gold Can Stay (Infinite Prossh EDH Deck)

4 weeks ago

hey, nice deck, but... the prossh + food chain + blood artist doesn't work because it exiles rather than sacrificing. it works with etb's like Purphoros, God of the Forge, Impact Tremors or leave the battlefields like Outpost Siege

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