Fire Diamond

Fire Diamond


This enters the battlefield tapped.

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Fire Diamond Discussion

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Command Kaza Pezzent! (25/30 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Hi Saccox. Glad to see you are playing commander! I think you might want a little more ramp. You could add Sky Diamond, Fire Diamond, Izzet Signet, Izzet Cluestone, and Izzet Keyrune. I think those are pretty cheap.

Focus_Jim on My First Deck

3 months ago

First off, I wanted to say welcome to magic! As a new player, I know budget may be a concern so I’ll keep any suggestions under $3 (even lower if able) a card. Before I add some suggestions, I want to say I like the unique commander choice. Now onto the suggestions.

The first general thing I would say is you may want to accelerate the speed of your deck. In general, cards that produce mana are crucial to allow the player to cast spells. I see that you added a few of these cards such Fire Diamond. I would suggest adding some more of these cards so you have around 10 in the deck. A few suggestions are the following: Sol Ring, Talisman of Creativity, Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone, Commander's Sphere. Cards like these allow you to play your big splashy spells more often ;).

My last suggestion would be to ask yourself, what do you want your deck to do? I noticed there are two sub themes of the deck of drawing effects and take opponents stuff effects. While not a bad thing, focusing on one theme may help.

That was a lot so I’m not going to ramble more but if you need help with taking specific cards out for the mana producers or want me to clarify more, please let me know! Enjoy the game and welcome!

Deltrixs on All of Pauper's Mana Rocks

5 months ago

Letter of Acceptance is a new pauper mana rock as well! Pentad Prism is good for mana fixing. Marble Diamond , Sky Diamond , Charcoal Diamond , Fire Diamond , and Moss Diamond are one of every color. Spectral Searchlight was recently reprinted as a common in Commander Legends.

ABaggins on Adrenaline Rush!!!!!

5 months ago

Have you thought of adding Fire Diamond , Prismatic Lens , Fire Diamond , Star Compass , Ruination , and By Force ? You could remove the Traitorous Greed , Enthusiastic Discovery, Goblin Rally , Underworld Breach , Birgi, and Dwarven Mine .

Sephyrias on Angels don't wear panties, pink tanga edition

7 months ago

I'm spotting 7 permanent mana rocks and 3 that only generate mana once. A total of 10 ramp cards is pretty low for a deck that wants to cast cmc 5+ cards as soon as possible, even by casual EDH standards. If you want some decent budget options, just throw in Fire Diamond, Marble Diamond, Prismatic Lens and that Mind Stone. Needs Magus of the Moon. Maybe also Sun Titan to bring back destroyed stax pieces or that Aura of Silence/Seal of Cleansing. I'd definitely add Idyllic Tutor to find Blood Moon, Rest in Peace or Rule of Law, since you'll want one of the 3 pretty much every game. Those would be the important changes.

Rebuff the Wicked is better than Emerge Unscathed or God's Willing. Even Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots are better imo. Don't think the Sword of Fire and Ice is good in this deck. Feast and Famine makes sense to get around Winter Orb though. By Force might come in handy to wipe away mana artifacts, similar to Vandalblast.

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