Not of this World

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Rules Q&A

Not of this World

Tribal Instant — Eldrazi

Counter target spell or ability that targets a permanent you control.

Not of This World costs less to cast if it targets a spell or ability that targets a creature you control with power 7 or greater.

Rhyno52 on Manaless Affinity

3 months ago

jdogz32 Lotus Bloom is too slow it needs 3 round to enter the battlefield and doesnt count towards affinity until then. Also Not of this World is protecting only oe of my creatures and i think i want to cut it anyways.

So sadly both dont do much.

jdogz32 on Manaless Affinity

3 months ago

Lotus Bloom might be a nice add along with Not of this World not to sure about this one though as it can't protect much.

Murrow on Anew Polymorph Deck

3 months ago

jdogz32 that is a ton of helpful information thank you!!! I haven’t gotten to play test it yet so I wasn’t sure how having the 4 threats would do in real gameplay. Sounds like you have the experience though so I’ll certainly take your advice there. And Hard Evidence is a solid suggestion. Enables both nice and easy. And yeah See Beyond was the best I could find at the moment. Do you think I should take out all 4 copies if I refine down to just 2 copies of my heavy hitters?

And I literally was just looking at Not of this World but wasn’t sure. You’ve had good mileage with it then? How many copies do you suggest?

Thanks again for all the info it’s very helpful :)

jdogz32 on Anew Polymorph Deck

3 months ago

You should add Hard Evidence as it's a hit for both Polymorph and Shape Anew I'd also take out some of your heavy hitters, there's no need for 4 of them. You should only really need one of them to win the game. They are also dead draws in your hand. I'd pick one of them and stick with 2 copies of the deck in case you do draw your only copy. See Beyond helps but isn't a guarantee. I'd also consider adding some more protection spells as Path to Exile is a very common threat to this deck. Inkwell Leviathan is unaffected but with 4 different finishers your not guaranteed one. I run 2 Blightsteel Colossus in my main board and 2 Inkwell Leviathan in my side board. My last card suggestion is to Sideboard Not of this World Hope this helps.

Rocketman988 on Defile Me Daddy Rakdos

4 months ago

Hey 77hi77! I love the angle you are going for with the deck, the "playing like a demon" role. I really like the token subtheme, and it feels like you could lean into that even more to give you more breathing room to swing with Rakdos. With more emphasis on a token subtheme, you wouldn't set your board back as much when you swing with Rakdos for "revenge" when your besties turn on you. Instead of resource denial, he'd play as incentive for others to leave you alone OR ELSE. Flavor wise, the legion of tokens would represent your minions that are sacrificed to get what you want.

Burn Down the House, Dance with Devils, and Devils' Playground would fill out the devil token subtheme you have going on, and Asmodeus the Archfiend, Fiendish Duo, Mayhem Devil, and Sin Prodder add even more devil synergy that aligns with the deck goals.

Army of the Damned, Carrion, Curse of Opulence, Dreadfeast Demon, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Wand of Orcus, and Infernal Genesis are all great token cards that fit the infernal theme. Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer plus pump effects means permanent goaded enemy creatures and treasures for you to ramp with or sac to Rakdos as long as he's on the field. Speaking of pump, Arterial Alchemy can increase the power of your creatures, makes 4 permanents to sacrifice, and gives the deck even more draw power. Bloodthirsty Blade is a great demonic artifact to gift to problematic creatures. Black Market Connections gives you ramp, card draw, or tokens depending on what you need at the moment. Bite of the Black Rose is a super fun "choose your doom' flavor card. Head Games is a terrific demonic deal- while searching their library, see what deals they're willing to give you in order to get what they want. If they don't make a deal with you, they pay the price.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Rakdos's abilities are not targeted abilities, so Wyll's Reversal cannot copy Rakdos's sacrifice triggers. Likewise, you can copy Rakdos's on attack ability, but it will just make YOU sacrifice half your permanents again. Since Rakdos's ability does not target, so new targets cannot be selected for it; copying his abilities just does it again to the same person it would already affect. Additionally, Rakdos's abilities have separate triggers- one that triggers on your attack and one that triggers on dealing damage to an opponent. So you do have to deal damage to an opponent to copy the opponent sacrifice ability with Strionic Resonator or Lithoform Engine. That being said, Maze of Ith is an ability that goes on the stack when activated, so it can be responded to with cards like Bolt Bend, Not of this World, Deflecting Swat, etc. Maze of Ith and instant speed interaction usually targets too, so Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots help a lot with that too.

Grimgrinner on Kruphix, God of the Beatdown

4 months ago

also i recommend cutting Not of This World for An Offer You Can't Refuse, and Gilded Lotus for Thran Dynamo due to speed.

jethstriker on Help me Build the ultimate …

6 months ago

Additional: Not of This World is a good consideration for protection when you are already online with Marit Lage.

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