Banishing Light

Banishing Light


When this enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until this leaves the battlefield. (That permanent returns under its owner's control.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Banishing Light Discussion

squatter-wiper on Indestructible Voice of the Blessed any% Speedrun

2 days ago

Huge thanks, zapyourtumor. I wasn't aware of Fountain of Renewal; that's a much better play.

I see what you mean about Starfield Mystic and Staff of the Sun Magus too. I added Ajani's Pridemate, as well as 2x Leonin Arbiter to replace Banishing Light which offers a good amount of control, and leaves the removal to (a now more efficient) Path to Exile. The reason I still have 2x Staff of the Sun Magus is that the lifegain can really pop off once it's on the board.

Now that there's no longer 14 enchantments, I wonder if I should swap out Idyllic Tutor too...

Necramus on Hand of Sythis

2 months ago

xram666 thanks for the suggestions!

So, hear me out here; I don't run O-ring because I don't run any flicker effects. I have some identical removal enchants in the sideboard, but haven't found myself needing more removal, atm. I don't have a particularly good reason why I've selected the other two over Oblivion Ring, except the Banishing Light is foil. Lol. Sheltered Aerie - this effect I have in spades in my Arena Historic Brawl version of this deck. It's a pretty cool effect to have, but I'd cut them all day long for a 2 cost rock that produces both/either colors. The luxury of ramping on t2 is just too nice! Sphere of Safety I actually just cut. So, there's a high density of low-cost enchants specifically so that you can churn through the deck with any one of the enchantresses in the deck. Because of this, I'd rather be able to play 3-4 enchants a turn than a couple of fat ones. When I originally built the deck I had a lot of higher cost enchants in the build like Sphere of Safety, Elspeth Conquers Death, Phyrexian Unlife / Solemnity - cards and combos that took way more investment and it just didn't feel as smooth. I had originally run Ghostly Prison, as well, but found the effect to only be handy when I was already behind. On an average board, I didn't find myself missing that Prison style effect.

I'm glad you enjoyed the deck, though! I really appreciate the input!!

KBK7101 on Need a Teacher to help …

2 months ago

I'd recommend looking into the mechanics that work well with both and then comparing them and seeing which one seems more interesting to you.

Vega synergizes really well with mechanics like Jump-Start, Aftermath, Flashback and any Future Sight effects. Vega would veer more into the control side of things, I'd imagine.

Ranar synergizes really well with any exile effects such as removal like Swords to Plowshares, Banishing Light etc, any blink effects like Conjurer's Closet or Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and any token cards like Anointed Procession. Most flying-tribal cards are also really good, like Magus of the Moat and Jubilant Skybonder etc. Ranar would be a bit more aggressive than Vega due to his token production.

I don't think Learn works with either one because the Lesson you grab gets added to your hand and not cast. "From outside the game" effects also don't really work in Commander (but we're assuming your playgroup is cool with it, so it's fine?).

sad_2980 on Zurdur

4 months ago

Love the deck! I have a few suggestions for cards that could be cut and some suggestions for what might replace them. I tried the keep the suggested cards reasonably priced. I have a few of them in my binder that I will give you next time we play.

Suggested removal - Most of these cards I figured could be easily upgraded with cards that add more value, utility, stax, or interaction:

Suggested additions:

Gidgetimer on Hurl through hell commander

5 months ago

Banishing Light is part of that et al, btw. The reason it ever worked was because going to the command zone was a replacement effect. It had nothing to do with "that card" vs. "the exiled card". Since it is now a SBA, abilities can no long track the card to the command zone when they die or are exiled.

Chaospyke on Hurl through hell commander

5 months ago

I am not sure Gidgetimer is correct because of cards like Banishing Light . Using Banishing Light on a commander, if the banishing light is removed and the player sent their commander to the command zone , it will still be returned to battlefield.

Hurl Through Hell reads the same way, as it doesn't say 'exiled' it just says 'that card'. I will also point out though, that if you cast your opponent's commander from the command zone, they may choose not to let it enter the battlefield, as it is changing zones and they can just put it back into the command zone. Practically, I think the most you can hope for is upping the commander tax, which you also have to pay.

And going to the command zone is a replacement effect, such that the exiled commander would never touch the exile zone. (an update to the rules, makes it so that effects that would trigger if goes into exile do trigger, but the game never sees the card in exile)

Argy on The Pioneer Blues

5 months ago

I can't run less than three Shadowspear as it is a game winner, and sometimes I don't even see it in hand, with only three copies.

Padeem, Consul of Innovation is my only source of draw, and is the first target for removal, so four copies of that is necessary. I very much want to see it in hand.

I've played a version of this deck in tournaments many times over the years, since Magic Origins, and Claustrophobia is far more competitive than you might expect. Don't forget that Banishing Light is run in many competitive builds, and is also 3MV.

As stated in my notes, I will swap it for Reality Shift in game 2 and 3, if I need to.

I have a different philosophy regarding Legendary cards, to a lot of other players.

They don't like seeing one in hand, if they have one on the field.

I personally don't mind. If it's a card that helps me win games I'd rather see two during a game, than none.

Thanks for the input.

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