Winds of Abandon

Winds of Abandon


Exile target creature you don't control. For each creature exiled this way, its controller searches their library for a basic land card. Those players put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle their libraries.

Overload (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each".)

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Winds of Abandon Discussion

Housegheist on Remember to use Protection

2 weeks ago

Is the low count of temival by intention? I noticed no Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares? No Wrath of God, Winds of Abandon or Ondu Inversion  Flip?

amicdeep on Angels ♡ That need some help

2 weeks ago

Personally I'd go for two extra secound subthemes, Legendary and devotion. Both of these together give you tutors and the mana needed to use them effectively. The angles and life gain are pretty solid at stalling stuff themselves.

I'd go for a core of 4 bishop, youthful and speaker. I'd also add 3 Weathered Wayfarer. 4 Search for Glory, Valkyrie, 3 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. All basics become snow. 3 on thin ice. 1 Winds of Abandon, 2 paths. One each of the legendary angles (as you already have) 2-3 frija retribution. 4 w/g boarder posts (gives you a way to activate shalie)

I'd also take a very good look at Resplendent Angel as it's probably an important include.

Emeria's Call is also probably worth running.

Also 4 Giver of Runes. (Devotion, a cleric and is much needed protection for your angels)

I'd also add in 1 sigada and Linvala in the sb

zapyourtumor on wg mill

1 month ago

Doomskar Shatter the Sky are bad, Wrath of God is better

One-sided boardwipes like Winds of Abandon and Settle the Wreckage are just bad if you don't have creatures, since they are worse than normal boardwipes

Chalice of the Void is bad if you have 17 1-mana spells

You need a wincon besides Stirring Wildwood

McToters on #6 Vega & Winnfield

2 months ago

Hey there! Finally getting around to this. Sorry it took me an extra day.

So I’m mostly a red player at heart but I should have some ideas for you and it’s entirely possible you’ve thought of them before.

I always like to suggest Settle the Wreckage in creature-focused white decks for two reasons: 1) at a minimum it’s a board wipe that exiles opponent’s attackers and 2) at its max it can be a gnarly tool for ramp on yourself (not as ideal on non-token creatures but it’s still a novel idea). The other recent white wipe I rather like is Winds of Abandon . Yes, it ramps you opponents up but more than likely would be used late game. Also, if used you can think about adding in white ramp spells like Kor Cartographer and Cartographer's Hawk that need opponents to have more lands than you to hit those ramps. Seems conditional but that’s how ramp works in white. Again, even excluding those latter cards both wipes are very good to include IMO.

Another creature-focused card that could work here is Sneak Attack . Cost effective and still triggers Bruce’s ETB. Reconnaissance provides your creatures protection and untaps them if you’re in a tight spot.

Combat focused cards like Combat Celebrant , Seize the Day , Savage Beating , Relentless Assault seem more than ideal here since you want to keep attacking to trigger Bruce.

Cards like Chance for Glory and Final Fortune are personal favorites of mine (because I’m a reckless RED player, haha) that give you a quick second upkeep for Ravos, Soultender to trigger again (also one last chance to attack with Bruce).

I think Berserkers' Onslaught could come out for Avatar of Slaughter only because it gives you another creature. Bedlam or Goblin War Drums seem like great adds to a high-octane offensive deck like this too!

I hope these suggestions don’t discourage you. This deck looks awesome, and I’m not saying it would play better with these cards but that it would be the direction I’d personally take it. Overall, the deck looks incredibly balanced with your quantities of sorceries/instants/artifacts/planeswalkers/etc. My only other suggestion at the moment would be to maybe go down 1-2 lands, as it opens another two slots for you. I typically run 34 in most of my decks and everything runs great.

Great brew!

Omniscience_is_life on One Card is Enough (Losheel) **Primer**

3 months ago

Heliogabale--first off, thanks for the logistics call. I'm still VERY new to spicing up my decks with code, so we'll see if I can figure out how to make that switch ;)

As to your actual card suggestions:

Meletis effectively draws us 3 cards here--a land, an 0/4, and a random card with Losheel. Plus 2 life. All that means that it's a pretty effective piece of value, given the... how shall I say it nicely... restrictive nature of its color.

Dragon Throne of Tarkir sure is slow, but with our cost reducers ( Jhoira's Familiar et al.) it becomes a little more fathomable. Sticking the Throne onto a Bronze Guardian or Shambling Suit is a great feeling, too.

This Ellie is only in the deck due to the insanely low number of respectable pump effects in white. Anthems only do so much--I find myself needing 4+ extra power to close games how I'd like to.

I like Reconnaissance , I honestly hadn't considered the possibility of an opponent removing Losheel in combat. Makes ya wonder how I've made it this far in this game... anyhow Recon should be finding a spot here soon. Good call.

I tested ATG for a while, but found it underwhelming. It either goes onto a creature without evasion and gets chumped out, or makes a threat and gets its host removed, two-for-one'ing me.

Vedalken Orrery is an insanely powerful card (may we please have a reprint, good people of WotC?), I might find it worth the +ahem+ considerable financial cost it implies.

I hadn't thought about Winds of Abandon as an evasion effect, that's pretty spicy! I don't like ramping my opponents, but I suppose it doesn't matter if they are no longer in the game.

All in all, thanks for the comment! I feel lucky to have you next in line on that thread, last time the advice given was far less applicable.


Heliogabale on One Card is Enough (Losheel) **Primer**

3 months ago

I like a restrictive, casual theme, and how it pushes the boundaries of deckbuilding abilities. I did have a hard time reading the blue text on orange background, you may want to adjust the font color for legibility.

First, what I would cut:

  • The Birth of Meletis is quite underwhelming.
  • Dragon Throne of Tarkir is so slow, you are out 9 mana for the first activation.
  • Elspeth, Undaunted Hero; I don't understand its purpose in here. Any of the other Elspeth would be far superior in here, I would go with Elspeth, Knight-Errant .

My suggestions:

I would use Reconnaissance , which will allow you to attack without worrying about blockers in case your commander gets in trouble. You can also trigger it after combat damage is dealt, before the end of the combat phase, effectively giving all your creatures vigilance.

All That Glitters is an inconspicuous card that would be sick in this deck.

You are correct that flash IS busted with this deck. I know you said to mind the budget, but a Vedalken Orrery would greatly increase the output of your commander's draw ability, if you can afford this one splurge.

Winds of Abandon is a nice asymmetric board wipe that can turn into a wincon.

Hope you find this inspiring!

muzecl on Sram: Advantage is King

3 months ago

Haven't revisited this deck in a while, going to try some of the new toys out :D


Nettlecyst replacing Sword of War and Peace . Provides us with another body (potentially flash with sigarda's aid) and an extremely relevant ability.

Shadowspear replacing Basilisk Collar . Significant upside with trample instead of deathtouch + having an additional way of dealing with hexproof.

Colossus Hammer replacing Giver of Runes . Honestly? This just seems really fun at instant speed :P

Winds of Abandon replacing Swords to Plowshares . Our enchantment removal seems to do really well, we lack is mass removal- check. Extra lands should be irrelevant at this point.

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