Caged Sun

Caged Sun


As Caged Sun enters the battlefield, choose a colour.

Creatures you control of the chosen colour have +1/+1.

Whenever a land's ability gains you one or more mana of the chosen colour, gain one additional mana of that colour.

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Caged Sun Discussion

RedBullMan2 on Everything Mono-Black (Competitive EDH)

2 days ago

Soldevi Adnate (this is rly good, play it turn 2 and turn 3 have 2 extra mana to cast something big or late game to make a huge Exsanguinate, love it.

Carrion (its just good and i didnt know there was such a card)

Koskun Falls (i loved koskun, it has so much power in a more cedh deck, i play casually tho so aint the best for me).

You can also bring Ashnod's Altar with Moonsilver Key or cards like Caged Sun (just mentioning it). I think you could probably replace Wayfarer's Bauble (i am aware that way its on the field but still, you have much much more options with key)

DemonDragonJ on Savage Destruction

6 days ago

I have replaced Angrath, the Flame-Chained with Immersturm Predator, which reduced the average converted mana cost of this deck from 4.13 to 4.11 and also allowed me to replace Caged Sun with The Immortal Sun.

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Angrath in …

6 days ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi, I agree that sacrifice outlets that cost no mana are the best, but some of those, such as Carrion Feeder, simply have too minor of an effect. What about sacrifice outlets that cost only 1 mana?

Also, the ability of Smothering Abomination is mandatory, not optional, so that could hurt me, if I am not careful.

TypicalTimmy, I definitely am fond of Angrath, but I am removing him so that I can switch Caged Sun with The Immortal Sun, which may seem to be an unusual choice, but I am very fond of that card and have it in nearly every EDH deck of mine. Do not worry, I am keeping Angrath in my red/black/blue EDH deck, because that deck also contains Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, who is too awesome to remove from that deck.

DemonDragonJ on Diabolical Machinations

1 week ago

I have replaced Caged Sun with Thought Vessel, which reduced the average converted mana cost of this deck from 4.61 to 4.55, which is great, because this deck still has a very high mana curve, and it also provides both an additional source of mana and an additional card that gives me no maximum hand size, both of which are very useful for a deck with such a high mana curve.

DemonDragonJ on Fires of Purgatory

1 week ago

I have replaced Angrath, the Flame-Chained with Captivating Crew, which reduced the average converted mana cost of this deck from 4.11 to 4.10, a change that I made primarily to allow me to replace Caged Sun with The Immortal Sun. While the crew cannot sacrifice a creature in the way that Angrath could, I already have two sacrifice outlets in the form of Butcher of the Horde and Immersturm Predator, so I am confident that this change shall not severely hurt this deck.

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Angrath in …

1 week ago

I have Angrath, the Flame-Chained in my red/white/black and red/green/black EDH decks, primarily for his second ability, which synergizes well with the central themes of those decks, but I am wondering if I should replace him with a creature that has a similar ability (i.e., stealing an opponent's creature and then sacrificing it), and my main reason for wishing to do that is so that I can replace Caged Sun in those decks with The Immortal Sun, which I obviously cannot put into a deck that contains planeswalkers (and there is also the fact that Caged Sun simply is not suitable for a deck with three colors).

However, Angrath is quite excellent, so I could always keep him in those decks and replace Caged Sun with another card, instead.

What does everyone else say about this? Should I keep Angrath in those two decks, and, if not, what creature is very similar to him?

TheRoflCoptr on Ormendahl Returns!

1 month ago

Deck looks super fun. A few suggestions: Dark Confidant, Skullclamp, Bolas's Citadel, Toxic Deluge, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Chainer, Dementia Master, Unfortunately, some of those can be expensive. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Caged Sun, or Gauntlet of Power could really turbocharge the mana base. Hope this helps!

multimedia on The horde

1 month ago

Hey, well done so far on a budget.

Your deck doesn't have a Commander yet. If The Scarab God is the Commander then in the deck editor add the CMDR tag after The Scarab God text.

The Scarab God *CMDR*

When you save and reload the decklist Scarab will show as Commander with an image.

The 17 cards to consider cutting to get to 100:

  • Submerged Boneyard
  • Dimir Keyrune
  • Dimir Cluestone
  • Dimir Locket
  • Wight of Precinct Six
  • Hall of Triumph
  • Price of Fame
  • Drunau Corpse Trawler
  • Brass Herald
  • Geth, Lord of the Vault
  • Ascendant Evincar
  • Paragon of Open Graves
  • Consuming Aberration
  • Possessed Skaab
  • Door of Destinies
  • Caged Sun
  • Gauntlet of Power

Several of these cuts to consider are high CMC cards, by cutting them you can reduce the mana curve which helps gameplay. The Scarab God is the high CMC creature you want to cast more than rest and you want an established battlefield of Zombies before you play Scarab. For five or six mana you want to cast Scarab or others Zombies not ramp.

Door of Destinies is an expensive price card that you don't really need. Door is too slow, you have better artifact anthem effects such as Coat of Arms. Caged Sun and Gauntlet of Power are other expensive price cards for small anthem effects and ramp that are not needed. Endless Ranks of the Dead, Gravecrawler or Grave Titan, any of these for about the same price would do a lot more for Zombies.

Some other upgrades to consider (close to price matching):

Try to reduce the amount of casting cost cards since these will be more difficult to cast with so many Swamps. Having much more black sources from lands in the manabase is better overall for Zombies.

There's a new Magic set releasing Sept 24 called Innistrad Midnight Hunt and Zombies are part of it. Cards that can create Zombie tokens is a theme in the set. All the cards in the set haven't been revealed yet, but these are some cards to keep an eye on:

Of these I think definitely Champion and Wilhelt as well as Grasp are upgrades. Poppet Stitcher  Flip and Tainted Adversary are Mythics in the set that would also be upgrades, are expensive prices right now, but watch hopefully their prices drop when the set releases. The new rare land cycle in the set is a good one for Commander. Shipwreck Marsh is the Dimir land, but it's unlikely the prices of these lands go down much more than $5 because they're going to be wanted in Standard.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt has two Commander precons that will release when the set releases. One of these precons is Undead Unleashed, it's Dimir colors, Zombies with Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver as Commander. We don't yet know the precon decklists, we will soon, but we do know the price point. These precons will cost $40 meaning there will be at least 15 new cards designed for Commander in them. There's going to be Zombie goodness in Wilhelt's precon including hopefully some good card reprints.

Good luck with your deck.

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