Underworld Connections

Underworld Connections

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Land

Enchanted Land has ", Pay 1 life: Draw a card"

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Underworld Connections Discussion

griffstick on How do you create card-draw …

1 day ago

Card draw is definitely not hard to come by in black. 2 budget options Underworld Connections and Promise of Power

BiggRedd54 on Araumi: Psychic Combination

2 months ago

Interesting deck.

I am not sure your build interacts well with other decks. Putting infinite combos in a deck that runs a high curve can make short games feel bad for your group. It’s really easy to pull off and IMO should stay in the high power only section of Elder Dragon Highlander decks. If you keep it in here, you should fully commit and lighten your curve a lot. You can make it incredibly efficient in terms of card sustainability and compete in a high powered meta. If you take out Demonic Consultation , you can keep oracle in and try and win with her ability because you self milled yourself well. I also think you’d be able to roll w/ drake + Deadeye Navigator combo, it’s nowhere near as feel bad as fish combo.

I would also take out your 9 drop and commit to a better removal spell, even if it’s blue.

I also recommend adding the surveil demon guy so you can fill your grave yard quick. Doom Whisperer

If you want to make it stronger it will need to upgrade Underworld Connections for Rhystic Study .

I am actually working on one of these builds, gonna make it strong but keep combos away. I think Araumi is capable of doing great things.

NTakamura on Discarding with Windgrace

4 months ago

Grind I do like Underworld Connections since it is like Greed in the sense as I can activate it when I need it.

Grind on Discarding with Windgrace

4 months ago

Arcane encyclopedia requires a 6 mana investment before it replaces itself, and 9 mana before it nets you a card. This to me is too inefficient. I would also consider Phyrexian Arena or Underworld Connections in this slot.

X-Factor11105 on Lurid Revival

5 months ago

Hey! I'm happy to share suggestions, as I've thrown out a few ideas and tried to chat about insight so far. You may want to try and isolate cards you're willing to remove - that way you can still feel like the deck is yours, while being open to prospective ideas / outside perspective ya know?

I'll try to make suggestions with budget in mind!

Deal Broker > Azra Oddsmaker

  • Get the same effect with a higher upside and immediately get to discard a Dragon. Non-artifact so it's harder to remove. Mid and late-game card-drawing machine with an evasive Dragon.

Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion > Terramorphic Expanse

  • This Neheb is too slow and while the synergy is there, it's going to have trouble making a consistent impact. Even an ETB tapped fetch still keeps you getting the color mana you need while (statistically marginally) thinning your deck and cleaning your future draws.

Hollowhead Sliver > Evolving Wilds ,

Rummaging Goblin > Daretti, Scrap Savant ,

Mad Prophet > Chainer, Nightmare Adept

  • Overall, these edits reduce your cumulative curve, provide similar (if not more consistent) discard ability, and much higher ceilings for providing value. Evolving Wilds is your 2nd fetch, so you can keep improving the lands you're getting into play. Daretti lets you move through the deck quicker AND has artifact synergies if you choose to lean into that line of play. Chainer is a discard outlet and haste enabler the turn he comes down, so he's already got the same floor as Mad Prophet with the opportunity to be impactful if he stays on the board.

Ox of Agonas > Drownyard Temple

  • Since you've enjoyed leaning heavily into the discard aspect, Temple makes a lot of sense for you to have access to a mid or late-game land to ramp a bit. With all these expensive Dragons, I'm sure you've had a turn or two with plenty of un-used mana (I have!), so this gives you a way to maximize the discard AND set yourself up to keep having access to mana!

Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded > Myriad Landscape

  • The five-mana CMC for a less-efficient Sneak Attack just feels heavy in this build. Adding Landscape gives you another opportunity to pull lands out of your deck and keep having colors on the battlefield - I'm sure you've noticed but the double and triple-pips of the deck can be VERY challenging at times. Being able to get two Mountains (or your two Swamps) will hugely impact your ability to play relevant spells on time. As far as getting one more haste enabler, even with Chainer already in...

Dragon Tyrant > Dragonlord Kolaghan

  • Tyrant is a win-more and a payoff card. It's a fun ambition, but in a deck chock-full of power and crazy cool Dragons, we don't need this. Instead, big Kolaghan comes down much earlier AND hastes our entire squad.

Thundermaw Hellkite > Hellkite Courser

  • Courser enables shenanigans and fantastic temporary Commander fun. It's effect can be much more impactful than Thundermaw Hellkite's in the long-run, and essentially acts as another reanimation spell. Thundermaw's effect is pretty narrow, while Courser's lets us go into the graveyard for a more toolbox-like approach, depending on what we've been able to get into the graveyard so far.

Stormbreath Dragon > Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge

  • This might be a little bit of personal preference, and with how many ways this deck has to kill opponents' creatures on your turn, I think it provides a great ceiling while also acting as an early-game blocker. Mana that you can do anything with is so precious in this deck, and it happens to synergize nicely with the best addition to this deck in Kaldheim...

Lathliss, Dragon Queen > Goldspan Dragon

Zirilan of the Claw > Feldon of the Third Path

  • This is a different style of play, I'd just rather avoid exiling my Dragons or only getting a single use out of them...for a minimum of 8 mana and two turns. Feldon has more flexibility in coming down quicker and activating sooner. You're packing High Market and Phyrexian Tower here for sac outlets to get rid of the tokens (same as the Dragons from Zirilan realistically), but you're doing it much earlier in the game, or with mana to spare, with no downside of losing a Dragon for the rest of the game.

Hagra Mauling  Flip > Malakir Rebirth  Flip

  • Between all of the Dragon ETB damage and the removal suite available to Rakdos, you don't need more removal, I'm sure you've noticed this! Especially cost-inefficient removal. Having more reanimation effects, especially to act as a or flicker effect? There's WAY more flexibility here for how the Dragon reanimator wants to succeed. I agree that more removal is always good though! With that in mind...

Stolen Strategy > Kolaghan's Command

  • Play faster, and play with more flexibility. Command will give you options based on how the game's playing, and playing at instant-speed ensures you can be more interactive. Along that same line...

Tormenting Voice > Rakdos Charm

  • Flexibility in usage! More than likely this will get rid of a troublesome artifact, and wouldn't you know it that some of the best graveyard hate is on artifacts! The graveyard hosing can also be key and, again, playing at instant-speed gives you more opportunities to disrupt opponents. For a high-curve deck like this, that's really important!

Phyrexian Arena > Valakut Exploration

  • Let's help Rakdos players see that Arena isn't the powerhouse everyone thinks it is! Exploration does EVERYTHING we could need - especially in your build, which has a higher concentration of Dragons, there's a greater likelihood for you to fill your graveyard quicker! Please give this a shot and let me know what you think!

Fractured Powerstone > Exotic Orchard ,

Charcoal Diamond > Swamp ,

Fire Diamond > Swamp ,

Temple of Malice > Wayfarer's Bauble ,

Coldsteel Heart > Hedron Archive

Four of these cards ETB tapped and make you a turn slower, AND they're bad in the late-game since they have little utility. There's no snow synergy here to justify Coldsteel. Having more land ensures you'll hit your drops throughout the game. Wayfarer's lets you keep some ramp (I prefer Expedition Map, but one discussion at a time) while Archive has mana utility and lets you cash in when you have leftover mana. Smooth out your hands, get more consistent draws and turns, and have the ability to draw more cards.

Underworld Connections > Victimize

  • All of these Dragons in the yard are going to go to waste if you can't get them out onto the field! This is my favorite low-cost reanimator aside from the namesake - if you wanted to make a case for Stitch Together I wouldn't argue it. Being able to get two Dragons out, albeit tapped, ensures you can keep some board presence. It also lets you use up some of those Sneak Attack / token creations in an efficient way. I know losing some card draw feels a bit weird, and based on how the deck's built up, and from what you've described about your playstyle, it sounds like you may have an over-abundance of card-draw and not enough interaction. Hopefully this changes things!

Foreboding Ruins > Luxury Suite

Non-budget upgrade, and more likely to consistently come down untapped and provide the same color flexibility. If budget doesn't allow this edit, I'd say the non-budget move could be Path of Ancestry .

I do think you need to find room for one of the game-winning, mass-reanimators like Living Death or Patriarch's Bidding , or the new Kaldheim one, I'm blanking on the name. I'd take out Scourge of Kher Ridges for it to give yourself a win condition out of nowhere!

Hopefully these ideas help, or at least spark some further ideation for you to think about! If you want to chat about Bladewing in real-time over Discord or Reddit I'm on both sites as ThePillowman :)

Cesilius on Bladewing's Risen Horde

6 months ago


Thanks for the comment! Yes I do still play this deck and am actually in the middle of an upgrade for the deck, so perfect timing!

  1. Yeah I do tend to use a lot of mana rocks in general amoung all of my decks, I am a bit obsessed with them haha. As far as Basalt Monolith and Coalition Relic go, I am cutting Basalt Monolith as I feel it is too costly to untap and ultimately slows the deck down more than it accelerates it. Coalition Relic on the other hand is one of my favorite mana rocks. It produces colored mana of your choice and allows you to put a charge counter on it, doubling it's effectiveness the next turn, if you didn't use it the turn before.

  2. Mind's Eye is a little steep in casting cost, but the card draw potential of it in decks that don't have access to green or blue mana is unmatched. It will always draw you one card per opponent, with open mana, and in commander games your opponents will almost always be drawing multiple cards a turn towards the later parts of the game. I have not found it too hard to have mana up at the end of my turn to either cast removal or activate abilities on my opponents turn. While this card isn't as big of a power house as it used to be years ago when I first made this deck, I still like it and it has been a favorite artifact of mine for a while now.

  3. I like Underworld Connections because I LOVE Phyrexian Arena. Arena is stable and cheap additional card draw but it isn't so big of a threat that people use removal on it. Underworld Connections is the same thing but also costs you a mana theoretically as you have to tap the land it is enchanted to draw a card. The only time Phyrexian Arena is the worse choice is if losing 1 life will make or break the game for you, as you can't choose not to activate arena. This has never happened to me in all my years of playing it. If you feel like you need more card draw in your deck, Underworld Connections is not a bad choice in these colors.

X-Factor11105 on Bladewing's Risen Horde

6 months ago

Hi! I hope you're still updating and tweaking this deck! As a Bladewing player myself I have a few questions on your build:

  • You're playing a ton of 3-mana rocks and I'm curious to hear how your experience has been with Basalt Monolith and Coalition Relic specifically. How have they fared for you?!

  • Mind's Eye is super intriguing! The 5-CMC is crazy high but I've seen it in a few other decks. How has it performed for you?!

  • How have you liked Underworld Connections? I have it in my maybeboard and it's something I'd probably include before Phyrexian Arena for its flexibility.

DadHumanPraetor on Meren toolbox Deck

8 months ago

The new Demon's Disciple is better than Fleshbag Marauder I personally prefer Heart Warden or Llanowar Visionary over Birds of Paradise, since the interact with Meren more effectively and can do something the turn they are played.

I also personally think Phyrexian Arena and other slow draw cards (such as Underworld Connections or Dread Presence ) are unreliable. I consider them to be inferior to Ancient Craving Sign in Blood or Ambition's Cost, but there is a case for playing arena, so make whatever preference or meta call you like, I just think definitely getting 3 cards right away is better than hoping to net 3 cards over 3 turns.

Interesting build, some unusual Meren choices, but some clever interactions too. I like how many different Meren shells there are, she is a very versatile commander.

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