Archmage's Charm

Archmage's Charm


Choose one —

  • Counter target spell.
  • Target player draws two cards.
  • Gain control of target nonland permanent with converted cost 1 or less.
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Archmage's Charm Discussion

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Ionize and other Counters in …

1 week ago

Not exactly. I am not an expert at Pioneer, but I don't think that Archmage's Charm or Counterspell is legal in the format. Those would be probably your best option. However, I would consider A combination of counterspells to cover everything, like Dovin's Veto , Counterflux , and Disallow for Absorb If any of those cards are legal. Hope that helps!

Grubbernaut on Kaiser Control Mark 3

1 week ago

Ancestral Vision is pretty slow; I'd honestly just run Archmage's Charm . Also; as long as Swiftspear decks are running rampant, I would go with Oust or even Condemn over Path. Giving them more mana just hurts so, so much.


Optimator on Frugal Faeries

1 month ago

Drop Faerie Tauntings , Ashiok, Nightmare Muse , Traumatize , Trepanation Blade , add about one or two more ramp and two more card-draw at least. I almost always run 8 pieces of ramp and the prevailing wisdom is 10. Same for card-draw: I aim for 8, many aim for 10. Extra ramp is great with Oona's ability and card-draw can draw you into lands and just generally smooth everything out.

Reconnaissance Mission would be good. Treasure Cruise is often almost an Ancestral Recall and is budget too. Even though you're running Blue , Read the Bones is a great rate, as is Night's Whisper . Divination , Concentrate , and Tidings are all great on a budget, if a bit unexciting.

I love Keep Watch , Borrowing 100,000 Arrows , Theft of Dreams , Insight , Windfall , Plea for Power , Curse of Verbosity , and Manifold Insights but they are swingy. High ceilings, low floors. The mana cost on them is what makes them so good.

Midnight Clock is budget right now but it's starting to make waves. Get yours now while they're cheap. Ramp AND draw! Great on a budget.

Secrets of the Golden City and Kumena's Awakening should usually be City's Blessing-ed. I like Kimena's a lot on a budget (along with Patient Rebuilding ). Rush of Knowledge is decent if you have Oona out. Fathom Trawl is a guaranteed three non-lands, though it might be a bit lackluster with so many faeries. Not a bad card though. Mind Spring is great with ramp.

Drawn from Dreams and Dig Through Time are probably better than Diabolic Tutor until you have a game-winning card in the deck like Coat of Arms or some combo pieces (of which all are out-of-budget). I'd say drop Diabolic Tutor . Diabolic Vision is all right on a budget, as is Pilfered Plans , Forbidden Alchemy , and Notion Rain . We can probably do better, even on a tight budget.

Soul Ransom is kind of faerie-ish. Pact of the Serpent maybe?

With all your fliers, Rogue's Gloves and Mask of Memory are fantastic card-draw cards. Mask of Riddles is cute. Curiosity and Curious Obsession are decent but dangerous. Chart a Course is decent with fliers. Whispering Madness can be good with fliers too.

I have mixed feelings about Opt , Serum Visions , Sleight of Hand , Ponder , Preordain , Portent . They certainly don't hurt but they're bad late-game. I run them in some decks. Consider them if most of your card-draw is expensive. Brainstorm is a bit of a trap unless you have ways to shuffle your library and get rig of unwanted cards. This usually requires fetch lands like Polluted Delta and is better in 60-card formats.

Rain of Revelation , Archmage's Charm , Fact or Fiction , Succumb to Temptation , Precognitive Perception , Frantic Search , Pull from Tomorrow , Gush , Village Rites are all good for being instants so you can leave counterspells up and if you don't need them you can draw. That's one of the reasons a card like Anticipate looks weak but is nice for keeping counterspells open. Fact or Fiction is particularly good and is considered a staple in many formats, including EDH.

I would swap out Dimir Locket and Dimir Cluestone for Mind Stone and Prismatic Lens . Maybe Star Compass if it is in budget. I know you need your colors but 3-mana mana rocks that don't have huge upside are sooooo slow. Arcane Signet is probably out of budget, which is too bad. Is Wayfarer's Bauble still expensive? Probably. Worn Powerstone and Hedron Archive maybe? Oona isn't cheap and you want mana for her ability if push comes to shove. Trinket Mage is ramp because it can snag Sol Ring , making it the same rate as Explosive Vegetation and Hedron Archive .

Grubbernaut on Strong U/B control shells?

1 month ago

Kinda depends; one of the struggles of modern u/b is having to decide between discard, counterspells, or both. It's also easy to drift into a kinda-sorta tempo shell. Some general cards to consider... Thoughtseize , Inquisition of Kozilek , Drown in the Loch , Mana Leak , Archmage's Charm , Remand , Delay , Fatal Push , Bloodchief's Thirst , Murderous Rider , Brazen Borrower , Spell Snare , Cryptic Command , Snapcaster Mage , Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Behold the Multiverse , Rise / Fall (pet card of mine - might be worth a splash for it, Bolt, and K-command).

Of course, sweepers would be a good idea, too - depending on your own creatures. Damnation , Consume the Meek , Ritual of Soot , Languish , Witch's Vengeance , etc

MagicMarc on Thopter deck

1 month ago

Hello, I have a couple of suggestions for your deck that may help. Your mana base could get some love. You have a lot of lands that enter tapped or bounce lands to stay in play. I think you should replace all copies of Azorius Chancery with more copies of basic lands and/or Glacial Fortress and your game play would smooth out. Bounce lands don't actually ramp your mana and you can't use them the turn you play them so you lose a bit of tempo. Irrigated Farmland or Celestial Colonnade are other good options if entering tapped does not bother you.

I also don't think Growing Ranks helps this deck and is either a dead draw or does not really advance your game state even when it comes online. I also feel the same way about Tempered Steel . This is basically a win more card. It can't win the game without creatures and it does not make them to win with. If you are already producing thopters, you don't need to boost their power and toughness. You just keeping making them until you win. I would cut both of these cards from your deck.

You also don't have much removal or card advantage. I would suggest increasing your copies of Dispatch and your other instants/counters and maybe adding copies of a sweeper to the deck. Either a wrath card or bounce everything card. Stuff like Supreme Verdict or Cyclonic Rift types of cards depending on your card pool or budget. Some other card suggestions would be Archmage's Charm , Whir of Invention , Witching Well . Any of these would serve you better than those enchantments I think you should cut.


1 month ago

THe basic shell of the deck seems fine, but the mana base needs some work. It looks like you'll have some issues generating for Archmage's Charm consistently. Maybe consider a few more blue sources or cutting those. Keep in mind you'll want to be able to cast 2 or 3 spell (counter/removal) each turn in the late game, meaning you need 4-5 blue.

Flooremoji on The Argument for a Mystic …

4 months ago

A big part of what makes sanctuary so good (imo) is that these decks

1: Get to draw so many extra cards because of planeswalker cards that the card 'disadvantage' (not really, it's more like scrying a good card to the top of your deck with upside) is negated and you get the card back immediently and still draw relevant cards (sometimes just more lands, for more mana or fetches to find more sanctuaries, but also removal and more counterspells. Basically, you already have card quantity, and adding this land gives you card quality).

2: Already had up to eight uses of Cryptic Command because of Snapcaster Mage (already a incredible ammount of CC uses if you ask me) and they also get to play 4 Archmage's Charm as another incredibly flexible counterspell. This land setting up for an additional 4 uses of CC (now up to 12, and this is not counting the cryptic lock which isn't usually worth it unless you have won) means that once control decks have "set up" they can cryptic command almost every relevant spell in your deck without having to give up card slots for the extra four counterspells. Not to mention that the extra counterspells you just added to your deck don't have to be counterspeells.

Joker4242 on Island Secrets

4 months ago

Still trying to decide what the ideal sideboard would be. One of the most difficult decks to ply against are ninja and aggressive werewolf decks actually. They are fast and can easily avoid counterspells with ninjitsu. Aggro in general make things more difficult. Snapcaster Mage is only really a placeholder as they honestly don't fit exactly into this deck. I already have Force of Negation which exiles some of my cards. Mystic Sanctuary does a better job of reusing spells (sometimes more than once). Archmage's Charm used to be in the deck but it turned out to be too slow. The three blue cot wasn't always the issue, but the hard counter for three was nothing special. Force of Negation took over rather quickly. I really like Relic Amulet as it will act as actual removal. Downside is that it may be a bit too slow and I really don't have any wizards. I'm mostly looking for cards in the sideboard that shutdown certain decks (specifically ninjas; can't counter and bouncing doesn't really help either).

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