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Island Discussion

Lord_Grimm on Nekustar

8 hours ago

Wow! Looks amazing! After the changes, the only cards I 'may' consider cutting (if you have a few more cards you'd like to run) would be the following: Phyresis, Coveted Jewel, and surprisingly Lightning Greaves. Now that you have made a huge change, feels time to talk about the land base... my recommendations in that group would be the following: Choked Estuary < Witch's Clinic, Spirebluff Canal < Blood Crypt, Flooded Strand < Scalding Tarn, Underground River < Bloodstained Mire, Shivan Reef < Morphic Pool, Mountain < Luxury Suite, Island < Riverglide Pathway  Flip, Island < Clearwater Pathway  Flip.

RambIe on Deck challange

3 weeks ago

1st play test on turn 6 i was able to put together Basalt Monolith & Mesmeric Orb
milled the deck flashback Memory's Journey targeting Thassa's Oracle and A Island
then flashback Deep Analysis played the island and casted oracle
kinda lame but got the job done, i'd call it good for a 1st draft built with two different minds

Asmoeus on Veyran, Voice of Cantrips

3 weeks ago

Removed Exotic Orchard for Scavenger Grounds - to deal with graveyard decks

Removed Highland Lake for Access Tunnel - Intent is to make Veyran, Voice of Duality unblockable before stacking spell triggers.

Removed 1xIsland for Halimar Depths

CrimsonWizard on Necropotence.dec [cEDH]

1 month ago

Neowurm13 the deck can theoretically win T1 with Thassa's Oracle and a bunch of fast mana. For example: Island, Mox Diamond pitching a land, Chrome Mox pitching a U or B card, cast Demonic Consultation, cast Thassa's Oracle.

KaptnK on

1 month ago

Asmoeus here are some suggestions around what I would do to improve the deck on a budget



  • Look decent. Gilded Lotus does have a high mana cost so would keep an eye on how often you cast it.


  • Remove Creative Technique (with your lower mana curve odds of you revealing something really good is low) > Add Arcane Denial as a good, cheap counter spell
  • Remove Fiery Encore (expensive and requires you to discard a high mana cost card to deal decent damage) > Add Solve the Equation (Tutor for the spell you need)


  • Remove Charmbreaker Devils (returning spell at random will not often get what you need, and does not have a way to get around blockers) > Add Runaway Steam-Kin (Will help you cast more spells and give you mana)

Other Considerations

enpc on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

1 month ago

If you do want to add Freed, I would recommend finding space for Kiora's Follower. It's a good card which kind of bridges the land/dork/rock spaces and I have had a lot of success with it in the past. With Freed from the Real on it, it combos with Simic Growth Chamber but you can also look at adding High Tide which both combos with Palinchron but also with an Island and Freed+Follower.

That and Follower is just bonkers with either Sol Ring or Mana Vault. Just make sure you get the promo art one, it looks much cooler.

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