Heroic Intervention

Heroic Intervention


Permanents you control gain hexproof and indestructible until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2021 (M21) Rare
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Historic Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Arena Legal
Pre-release Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Heroic Intervention Discussion

elk88 on [[Primer v3.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (M21 Update!!!)

3 hours ago

@_Arra_ I think the idea here is making room for more powerful/synergistic cards and keeping the deck focused. Steely Resolve is a nice card against targeted effects but realistically that targeting is all aimed at Omnath, Locus of Rage (yeah there's exceptions but you want to build for the 80 vs. the 20 rule). Games are typically lasting...6-12 turns? How much 'targeting' in that game do we have to fade? If we use something like the Command Zone 'guideline' for deck building as a rough starting estimate, they suggest a minimum 5 of 99 cards for targeted removal in a deck and then we have x3 players. There are games where variance isn't going to be in our favor and we're facing a lot of removal but on average it's only a couple of key cards/turns we need to address (and that's excluding board wipes which we don't mind too much and also other players being threats and the removal going elsewhere).

Since the odds of drawing Steely Resolve are quite low, how are you doing in all the other games without it? Then we should look at those key cards/key plays that turned a game or won a game. How often was that actually Steely Resolve? (it's tough to evaluate since we don't know our opponents hands and how much targeting we stopped other than what you see on the board). Not to mention that Steely Resolve is a global effect and on the rare occasion can backfire when we're trying to deal with the other player's board states vs. their life totals (learned this the hard way playing against a Titania, Protector of Argoth deck).

There's definitely the argument that without Omnath, the deck doesn't function and finding ways to keep it in play is great. If that's the mind set though, then I would imagine the focus should probably shift more to include things like artifact booties and other interaction (Heroic Intervention, Deflecting Swat, Veil of Summer etc etc) to keep Omnath in play. But; if you're like me, I find I can usually just ramp more to get back on the board/ back in the game or; as I mentioned, timely tutor for Sylvan Safekeeper for that key interaction. Honestly if there was a way to tutor for Resolve, I think it's value would go way up. I just feel that the game plan (as I play it) is about speed/ramp and getting the game closed out quickly vs. staying alive for the long game. That to me says Resolve has diminishing returns with the focus of the deck. In the end though, all this rationalization comes down to power level. We're looking for cards to cut that don't hurt the overall game plan and give us a slot for something like Ancient Greenwarden or Nahiri's Lithoforming which; in comparison, are much stronger additions to the deck. Room has to be made somewhere and I believe Steely Resolve is one of those cuts.

patrickd117 on My Boy Nethroi

12 hours ago

I don't love:

Acidic Slime Even with the low power high-ish cmc synergy, I don't think this gets there.

Polukranos, Unchained this seems like it just doesn't do enough, even with the free reanimate.

I like:

Satyr Wayfinder Makes you hit your land drops & fills your yard.

Migratory Greathorn All the cheapish mutate seem great as an additional way to trigger your general.

Syr Konrad, the Grim I like this guy. He does a ton of damage.

Sawtusk Demolisher Similar to Greathorn.

Eladamri's Call I love this in most w/g creature-centric decks.

Heroic Intervention Also much cheaper now. Nice to have up after getting a mutate.

Austere Command Really just need a few wraths. This could be subbed for any number of options.

Animate Dead Some cheap reanimate spells seem good.

Profet93 on Yisan - New Verse

2 days ago

Heroic Intervention - Protection

Song of the Dryads - Removal, works well with LD effects

Also, I agree with the above user regarding hall of gemstone, without a shadow of a doubt. Probably more important than either of my 2 suggestions.

Profet93 on Xenagos - Extra Combats

2 days ago


This deck is pretty low to the ground for Xenagos, good job.

How is your land situation? Given your dorks and lower CMC, you might be fine, but I'm curious how it plays out. It seems unless you get a dork early game and lands, you will have trouble casting Xenagos consistently. How has it been playing out for your in your meta?

Yavimaya Hollow - Protection

Ancient Tomb > Temple of False

Bonders' Enclave > Sanctum of Eternity - Is the reason it's in your deck to prevent opponents from removing Xenagos during your turn prior to combat? I don't see the use of it in this deck. Perhaps I'm missing something.

Cragcrown Pathway  Flip > Mountain/Forest

Turntimber, Serpentine Wood > Forest - The additional utility it provides late game is key for when you're topdecking/out of gas

Raging Ravine - Manland that can be used as a creature to place a draw effect under late game

Dread Statuary - See above - Or not given your dorks and you want to limit colorless mana?

Myriad Landscape - Ramp - Same issue as above?

The Great Henge - Draw

Skullclamp - Not 100% sold on it, but I think it could work here given your dorks which can be used as draw for late game, or helps you draw cards when your beaters die.

Berserk - Malignus says hi! Also, works on opposing creatures too. If opponent A attacks opponent B, you can kill their creature and deal extra damage to opponent B. Although I like using it on my beaters or Selvala heart of the wilds for extra ramp.

Deflecting Swat - Counter counterspells, redirect targeted removal(biggest issue in Xenagos so you don't get 2 for 1ed), targeted draw/extra turns, abilities, etc... Too much utility and for free.

Heroic Intervention - Protection for beaters

Rishkar's Expertise - Crazy value that's worth risking the 2 for 1, also helps keep up with tempo which is great

Life's Legacy - Draw

Harmonize - Draw

Green Sun's Zenith - Tutor for the beater you need to the battlefield

I count 5 sources of draw in this deck, 2 of which are unimpactful, 1 of which is unreliable, the other 2 are good. Do you often find yourself running out of gas quickly especially given your lower CMC?

You run embercleave but no Godo, Bandit Warlord???

SirHerpaderp on Meren The Undying

3 days ago

Hey man! so far I really dig your list and it's already looking pretty good. Some suggestions I`d make are:

Adding more low CMC creatures who can sac themselves especially activated for no mana cost are good with Meren to get experience counters faster without needing a sac outlet. Especially Dawntreader Elk and Diligent Farmhand are more optimal than Yavimaya Elder or Viridian Emissary. Other options are Blood Pet or Apprentice Necromancer.

I see you're running the Mike + Trike combo, so I'd add some protection like Sylvan Safekeeper, Heroic Intervention or Veil of Summer to prevent interuption. If you're going for a more controlly attempt I'd further more add some instant speed interaction like Krosan Grip, Beast Within or Assassin's Trophy.

All in all I'd try to lower the average cmc a bit, by cutting some of the high cost cards like Butcher of Malakir to speed up overall game play.

Good luck and stay safe!

Jack-Frost on Wrath of the Revel

5 days ago

So, there are several things you have misunderstood when looking at this deck, as it's one I have played and tweaked for the better part of a decade now and am very happy with it's current state. Firstly, the danger of Xenagos really kicks in when you can actually pressure an opponent, so it's best to stick with either trample or flying creatures exclusively, with the few exceptions of those that will really buff and support you such as Birds of Paradise and Oracle of Mul Daya. I chose to go with flyers, the best of which are largely dragons, because people generally do not have many fliers and are not prepared to deal with the power and pressure of many massive fliers suddenly appearing and swinging at them. As for the rest of the suggestions you have, and the part you misunderstood with him, is that you're focused on making more of a midgame and a recovery so you don't falter due to lack of cards. However, Xenagos doesn't really care of need that. Xenagos needs to get to 5 mana and get a single dragon out. One dragon. Then you are immediately swinging for at least 10 if not more, and every dragon has abilities and triggers that further pressures your opponent(s).

Greater Good is a fantastic card, but there are very few times that you want to be sacrificing your creatures since you will always be a massive target since Xenagos is always a threat. The same goes for Life's Legacy and Momentous Fall.

The problem with cards such as Return of the Wildspeaker, Harmonize, and Bonders' Enclave is that they take up most of your turn to draw cards. I have found that as a true gruul deck you don't want to let off the pressure on your opponents. You very rarely need more than a few dragons over the course of the game as Xenagos puts so much pressure on through doubling them and haste that losing an entire turn to draw more cards is a waste. I make an exception for Rishkar's Expertise because it does still allow us to drop a card and keep the momentum going.

Elder Gargaroth is indeed a good card, but it runs into the problem that it's effects aren't good enough for the deck. He is focused on the additional utility abilities, being lifegain, token generation, and drawing a card, which in any other deck are fantastic abilities. But here he doesn't put pressure onto your opponents the way cards such as Terror of the Peaks does. Everything about Xenagos is speed and pressure. You also run into the issue of him dying. With most opponents fielding very few flying and reach creatures when compared with the number of them in this deck, you rarely need to worry about your dragons dying. Every turn your board keeps building and the dragons have such destructive abilities (see Balefire Dragon for an example of such) that they have trouble keeping a strong board presence and fighting back. But all they need is one small deathtoucher, or any pump spell on one of their ground creatures and they stop your momentum. However, they will rarely have enough fliers to do that. That's a big part of the reason why we run so many dragons. Direct damage to your oppoenent, destructive effects to their boardstate (ex. Tyrant's Familiar), and constant psychological pressure and panic setting in. This is the way of the gruul.

Lifeblood Hydra is too slow. You need at least 8 mana to make him even a little viable, which is too much and too slow. My 8 drops are either extremely powerful, Utvara Hellkite for example, or i'm dropping a 6 drop and holding up a Heroic Intervention or something of that sort.

The Great Henge is also a great card, but again it's too slow.

Berserk is okay, but I prefer my creatures staying alive and pressuring on further turns.

Kessig Wolf Run Honestly just not good enough. The trample is largely unnecessary, and it eats up a minimum of 3 mana to have any effect, mana that can better be spent elsewhere.

Rancor Not good enough

Deflecting Swat Amazing card, but very rarely are cards single targeted any more, at least in my meta. Board wipes are more common.

Ilharg, the Raze-Boar Rather than this, I can just have another dragon which would do much more for my deck.

Sensei's Divining Top Another amazing card, but it just doesn't do enough in this deck.

Now, regarding the high CMC of the deck, of course it's going to be high. We're rushing out to 6 mana and then aggroing out from there. This deck doesn't look to play tempo with a whole bunch of smaller cards being played and set up. That takes too long and allows midrange and late game decks to set up too much. This deck is trying to ramp out and attack.

Finally, I have no idea which creatures you are viewing as subpar. The creatures in this deck are exclusively either flying to attack and pressure my opponents, or ramp/dorks to accelerate the deck, or protection in the form of Archetype of Endurance. If you would be willing to expound on that statement i'm curious to hear your opinion on which creatures could be better utilized.

I will say this, all of those suggestions are great and i'm always really happy to hear and see other people's thoughts on improving things. Other than Berserk and Ilharg, the Raze-Boar I have actually run every single one of those cards in this deck at one point or another. However, though many years and a lot of experience with him, this build is what I have found to be the most powerful and reliable one.

Prodigalpyro on Yasharn's Bitchboys

6 days ago

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit works well for persist combos. Selfless Spirit can be an early play that protects your team later and Heroic Intervention is another good protection card.

defamagraphy1 on

1 week ago

Thank you man. Honestly, I'm leaning into a heavy Heroic Intervention Shatter the Sky combo. As it's cheaper to pull off to one side the board. At six mana it's very doable. Radha, Heart of Keld is another option. As it takes lands off the top or "spells" for that matter. It's pretty easy to cut cards for this to have singelton DFC's and possibly another copy of Nylea's. Valakut Exploration would send this over the top also. As you can use the Mystic Sanctuary with Dryad and that, stacking the triggers Valakut then Sanctuary, Sanctuary returns a spell to top, Valakut Exiles it to play, then put it back in the graveyard if you don't play it, just 3 colors. Ugh. It's going to take some very precise math. I know Dryad allows to tap for red, I just don't want to have dead cards in hand if I don't have it.

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