Rootborn Defenses


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Common
Return to Ravnica Common

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Rootborn Defenses


Populate. Creatures you control are indestructible this turn.

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Rootborn Defenses Discussion

ndgipper on G/W

2 days ago

you might want to have a Grove of the Guardian or tow if you are focusing on the populate ability. Rootborn Defenses is nice, and Sundering Growth is good for those decks that are really annoying enchantments/artifacts. In my opinion, and I use a token deck as my casual deck, the auras may not be a very good idea as they can only be on one creature. maybe some Shamanic Revelation for cards and life as well. Overall, its a good deck tho. +1 for sure!

ZackBinks on Wilted Conclave

4 days ago

Though I do agree with the 2 of sideboard recommendation, I think it is ill advised to add cards like Eerie Interlude. Those cards are strongest when they are in a deck with many creatures that have enter the battlefield (ETB) effects, of which your deck has none. You have a very high creature count, so you can recover from a board wipe in a pretty timely fashion. If you are worried about that still, I would definitely run Selfless Spirit over Rootborn Defenses.

shaistyone on Wilted Conclave

4 days ago

I would definitely add some protective spells given that you are almost entirely creatures. I like Eerie Interlude / Ghostway the best as they dodge the most removal. Rootborn Defenses is also good, especially if you have any tokens around.
I am also seeing a ton of flooding given your land count and 8 mana dorks. I would def. trim some lands unless you move your mana curve up.
And I absolutely hate sideboards with 1 copy of cards. In non-blue decks that aren't drawing a ton, your odds of getting the 1 answer you need are so bad. I would do 2-ofs at minimum for any sideboard cards.

Hybrow on Budget Isperia Control

5 days ago

I noticed that 4 of the boardwipes you have are destroy. So making your creatures indestructible for the turn would be nice. Rootborn Defenses would be a really cheap way to do this, both in mana and $

Aegis Angel also works, but to a lesser extent.. Is a little high in the CMC cost, and a little less useful though.

spooniermist on Rhys makes his own friends

6 days ago

Thanks Findlesticks. Dictate of Karametra is interesting, but I feel that, due to the speed of the deck, other decks in my meta would get more value out of it then I would. Requiem Angel is pretty nice, I'll have to look into getting me one. Although I agree with the Selfless Spirit comment and leaving open mana for Rootborn Defenses, it's mana that I usually keep open to activate Rhys, so it's rarely mana wasted and the surprise Indestructable is more my style.

Although I've yet to play Devout Invocation, I see it as a way of 'transforming' some mooks into fatties, and don't see the tapping as much of a downside, because I'm still left with Angels to defend with. I want Entreat the Angels, but don't have it! I'l swap out the Decree of Justice for it, probably.

I don't like Curse of Predation too much. Making a 1/1 attacking token a 2/2 is still gonna get mushed, although I see the value in painting a target on another player.

lagotripha on Mechonize

2 weeks ago

Ok, so modern. Mechanized Production is a hilarious choice for this deck, and a fabulous win condition. Rather than basing it on 'servo' tokens, why not 'clue' or 'golem' tokens? It would provide more card draw and the spells to achieve this have a lower cost, allowing for more early game interaction. Golem Foundry/Blade Splicer, Genesis Chamber/Master's Call Hangarback Walker and the Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek combo, Ongoing Investigation/Trail of Evidence/Ulvenwald Mysteries etc.Other options are practical artifacts to copy that take the game over- Isochron Scepter is an interesting one, making low cost spells in your hand all repeatable over time, Orbs of Warding providing an ever growing pillow fort, or even just the efficient Solemn Simulacrum for extra lands, blockers and cards.

Personally, I'd reccomend fog effects and populate effects Druid's Deliverance/Rootborn Defenses, Sundering Growth Wayfaring Temple/ Growing Ranks provide options, and a larger token creature like those from Voice of Resurgence could provide a competing board presence, with Beast Within providing a dual backup tokens and hard removal. If prepared to play a longer game Darksteel Axe would dodge everything bar Anguished Unmaking although the enchantment would likely still be hit. Mirrorworks or Prototype Portal are also interesting.

Howling Mine, Temple Bell and Fog for a fogwall deck are very tempting turbofog variant, and Time Walk will abuse this heavily.

Good luck making it tick.

Mchalo3a on Bruse and Kraum's Beatdown Brawl

2 weeks ago

I'd love that! Vial Smasher is my favorite partner, and I've brewed her so much. The Erebos player is relatively light on removal and early game, so if I'm quick enough I can cripple him before he gets off the ground. If it was heavier in removal, I'd probably add in cards like Rootborn Defenses, Make a Stand, and Heroic Intervention.

NyanNijet on Trostani's Army

3 weeks ago

Love the deck so far! Here are a few cards I think would have a nice fit in here

Cryptolith Rite makes the tokens into mana dorks, sudo Citanul Hierophants.

Wayfaring Temple good body plus on hit populate.

Sundering Growth good removal plus polulate

Rootborn Defenses allows the board to avoid any destroy type board wipes. plus populate.

Giant Adephage great body, copies himself on hit

Caller of the Pack Myriad is fun with cards like Parallel Lives and Doubling Season.

Secure the Wastes instant speed army maker

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