Explorer's Scope


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi (DDP) Common
Conspiracy (CNS) Common
Zendikar (ZEN) Common

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Explorer's Scope

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever equipped creature attacks, look at the top card of your library. If it's a land card, you may put it onto the battlefield tapped.

Equip (: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

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Explorer's Scope Discussion

Clawsun73 on Kemba Kha artifact deck

5 days ago

Masterwork of Ingenuity for Herald of the Host. Masterwork of Ingenuity is any equipment on the battlefield for 1 mana. Herald is a cool card, but doesn't really fit the deck.

Explorer's Scope for Worn Powerstone. Worn powerstone is pretty bad...

Strata Scythe for Slagwurm Armor. This card seems insane since you are playing mono white.

Spear of Heliod for Infiltration Lens. Makes people not want to attack you if you have 3 mana open. You are trying to make sure your commander is not blocked, that makes this useless.

Stoneforge Masterwork for Accorder's Shield. You summon a lot of cats, this makes Kemba thicc.

Inventors' Fair for Plains. It's just good and there is no reason to have a plains rather than this. (I can trade you one)

Dispatch for Bandage. Don't see bandage being too useful. Dispatch is extremely cheap removal in this deck. (I can trade you this too)

Trailblazer's Boots for Kitesail. Basically unblockable, better than flying.

Golem-Skin Gauntlets for Ring of Thune. This gives more attack than Thune and costs basically the same. (2 play, 1 equip vs. 1 play, 2 equip)

Oblivion Ring for Hold the Gates.

Sandblast for Second Thoughts.

Swords to Plowshares for Aura Blast. Don't need Aura Blast and Erase.

Open the Vaults for Cobbled Wings. If someone casts Vandalblast, you don't automatically lose.

Skullclamp for Staff of Nin. Staff is too expensive mana wise for 1 extra card and 1 damage per turn. Skullclamp is much better draw.

Selfless Spirit for Gorgon's Head. Deathtouch isn't good on a voltron, seems not worth it.

Rogue's Passage for Plains if you don't already have it since you don't have lands listed.

Flagellum on Looking for pirate themed cards

5 days ago

All of the following suggestions are purely pirate-themed, not actual usefulness.

Gamble Favorite pastime I hear

Reassembling Skeleton Pirates always have a few skeletons around

Expedition Map need to know where we're going

Jar of Eyeballs in case we lose one

Rapid Fire:

War Barge

Powder Keg

Fodder Cannon

Mystic Compass

Star Compass

Explorer's Scope

Saprazzan Cove

Rishadan Port

Booby Trap

Stolen Goods




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Lutachris23 on This is What Glory Looks Like: a Savage Beating

1 week ago

Yeah, I realize you must have put a lot of thought into the deck too. Also, could you explain your reasoning behind Explorer's Scope over something like Expedition Map, that way you could tutor for your Nykthos or Valakut?

GardenGnome on Sram, Trash Heap of Victory

3 weeks ago

Finally decided to break down and update the list to reflect all the changes that have been made in the actual deck since it's inception and the new commander decks seemed like just the perfect time. As they say out with the old and in with the new.

What's in: Memory Jar, Alhammarret's Archive, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Helm of Awakening, Stone Calendar, Bloodforged Battle-Axe, Ash Barrens, Buried Ruin

What's out: Sensei's Divining Top, Rogue's Gloves, Explorer's Scope, Sigarda's Aid, Cursed Totem, Gorgon's Head, PlainsX2

For the most part these changes are fairly self explanatory. Seeing as we are a deck that is completely committed to an "all in" strategy there's no point in denying ourselves any extra card draw or cost reduction. The deck is by far much less likely to run out of steam. The only ones that are a little more in the grey area would be the Ash Barrens over another plains and the Bloodforged Battle-Axe which you could sorta argue is a sidegrade to the Gorgon's Head.

What's out on the other hand I'm still on the fence about as a whole. After give or take a month or two of testing these bad boys were the biggest do nothings of the deck either being just some of the more lack luster of the equipments and Cursed Totem always feeling a turn too late to prevent them still getting some value out of their dorks. Sensei's Divining Top is the only one that I ever had any dilemma over and you could just swap out the Ash Barrens for it if you wanna be a cool kid.

Decks still a work in progress but it's coming together. Gonna test out Hammer of Nazahn at some point once I figure out how to make room for it.

EventuallyClassy on Dark Alley w/ Mr. Rakdos and His Eldrazi

1 month ago

Thanks kdmurphy001, as alwys, solid suggestions.

(Shhhhh, I may have accidentally typed Explorer's Scope, instead of Expedition Map......it had nothing to do with all those breaks to the kitchen)

I love Wheel of Fortune, I'll find a place for it.

I like the idea of those red counter-spells / removal. Spell protection is becoming more and more valuable, in the meta. Plus, you always gotta love any middle finger to the mono-blue player you can get....(cough) Teferi (cough). I'll work on it.

kdmurphy001 on Dark Alley w/ Mr. Rakdos and His Eldrazi

1 month ago

Not a fan of Explorer's Scope - you rarely "attack" with your guys unless it's a mountain of Eldrazi meat then who gives a shit about one land at point (the scope is to help you get to that point). Maybe Wheel of Fortune - quick way to refill hand if you drop a few Eldrazi and your hand is empty/mostly empty. If you go off quick might be of limited use to opponents as well. I put in the red counter spells in Harry - Pyroblast and it's ugly brother Red Elemental Blast and have found them very useful.

AlmightyTentacle on Fire From Olympus: Purphoros EDH

1 month ago


To be honest recently I dont have quite much time to play. Work and familly eat all my free time.

But still I manage to play a bit and I was quite happy how deck is playing :-)


Flamekin Village - Totally agree with you I too had thought about replacing this card.

Hanweir Battlements - I will keep it for now (it doesnt enter tapped) but maybe throw it out in the future.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All - I will consider about adding it in.

Cavern of Souls - lets say its quite expensive card to give my commander chance not to be contered.

Command Beacon - was in maybeboard, but I dont want to overload my deck with coloress, nonbasic lands.

Strip Mine - Shivan Harvest is only LD card I need for now.

Faithless Looting & Cathartic Reunion - Lets say I dont like to discard ;-P

Druidic Satchel - is too slow imho.

Coercive Portal - in 1 vs 1 games maybe.

So for now I dont quite see any nice replacement for Howling Mine. I supose we just have to wait for the MTG gods give us something more appropriate in the foreseeable future, or just cut it for something completely different.

I would like to hear your opinion about Sword of the Animist & Explorer's Scope? Is it worth to adding in?

Sure I will be happy to play mate :-) just need to finde time. Btw what time difference we have now?

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