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Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs 1 more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

Scouty on Favorite Turn 2 Wins

1 week ago

Turn 1 - Play 7 Black Lotus

Turn 2 - Draw into a Fireball, Sac all the lotuses and cast it for game

Trust me, this is legal. Im a level 5 Judge.

Jotefin on Pila-Pala Mill Control

2 weeks ago

Have you considered Banefire instead of Fireball? It's a more stable spell since you get the "X>5" trigger. Also, Muddle the Mixture can't transmute into Grand Architect. If you want a counter that can transmute your Architect, look into Perplex.

Archetype_Of_Awesomeness on Favorite Turn 2 Wins

2 weeks ago

Turn 1: Play a Island, then a Black Lotus, and a Mox Sapphire. Tap the island for a Sol Ring. Tap the Sol Ring for a Pili-Pala. After that, tap the Black Lotus for three Islands. Use those island for a Grand Architect. Tap the Mox Sapphire to make Pili-Pala a blue creature. Then you get infinite mana of any color. Once you have infinite mana, the choice is yours. You can either play Banefire, or Psychic Drain for a 1 vs.1 match, or if you are playing multiplayer, you can play Fireball

Luutamo on Door to No More: Budget $33!?

2 weeks ago

No problem :)

And if you want more wincons you might want to consider Helix Pinnacle and other x mana cards (Hydras for example) or Staff of Domination. Especially the last one is great because you can fetch it too with Drift of Phantasms then giving you infinite card draw you can basically get any card you need, for example your Door to Nothingness. Although, I have to admit that most of these costs a bit too much. Cheaper options would be Exsanguinate and Fireball Color of the mana doesn't really matter because Axebane :)

mortilus on Red speed/burn

3 weeks ago

If you're going for speed, I'm not sure how Fireball works with that.

  • You won't have much mana to get a big hit, or to spread it amongst multiple targets
  • It's a sorcery, so it's slow anyway
  • It's inefficient - to do 3 damage, you'll need to spend 4 mana. Compare that with Lightning Strike, which accomplishes the same feat for half the cost and is instant to boot (Lightning Bolt just blows it away)

Magma Jet could be good. It's less efficient than the lightnings, but it's still better than Fireball (would cost 3 for a sorcery), and the scry can be a life saver for an aggro deck.

RikukiR on UWR Control

3 weeks ago

I would cut Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix for other red burn that burns for higher amounts, such as Prophetic Bolt, Fated Conflagration, Burn Away, or even any Fireball variant. Most creatures played in EDH that aren't simple utility like Fauna Shaman or Skirsdag High Priest are bigger than 3 toughness, like Avenger of Zendikar, Rune-Scarred Demon, or even Garruk's Packleader. (It is worth mentioning that since this is a casual format, you should keep them if your metagame allows so). I would also add a few more Wrath of God effects since UWR (or Jeskai, if you prefer the name) doesn't like to trade one-for-one and doesn't stabilize well after a setback. Otherwise, nice deck! +1

selesvyaloverer8 on Fun two card combos

3 weeks ago

not quite two but Deadeye Navigator + Great Whale + anything with a relevant etb like Acidic Slime or any relevant X spell like Fireball

kyleluther72 on Red speed/burn

3 weeks ago

I Stopped by a local card shop today and while I was there picked up a few Flame Slash and Kiln Fiend to add to this deck. I added 4 cards though and i have only removed 2 cards so far, a Stormblood Berserker and a Act of Treason

Not sure what else to get rid of. Maybe Chandra's Pheonix and a Fireball or Searing Spear

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