Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs 1 more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

williamgp99 on So I got bored...

4 hours ago

...on my walk home from school, and decided to come up with an infinite combo revolving around Ulasht, the Hate Seed .

The version in my head didn't work, as it relied on the existence of several non-existent cards. Looking at Gatherer, I have come up with a version that does work.

  1. Cast False Dawn .

  2. Control Eternal Witness soulbonded to Deadeye Navigator , as well as six other red/green creatures (that aren't Ulasht).

  3. Get an Ulasht, the Hate Seed out with at least seven counters.

  4. Sacrifice a creature to Ashnod's Altar , getting .

  5. Spend to make a Saproling with Ulasht, leaving .

  6. Sacrifice the Saproling, get mana, make another, and repeat until Ulasht dies.

  7. You should have seven mana floating. Use two of that to flicker Eternal Witness , returning Ulasht to your hand.

  8. Recast Ulasht for , leaving floating, and repeat steps 4-7 until you have enough mana to Fireball all your opponents.

carpecanum on Heartless 1 turn death

3 days ago

Fortune Thief would also keep you from killing yourself, even if you had an even life total.

Fireball would let you do one damage to yourself and/or multiple opponents at the same time so you could adjust everybody at the table accordingly. Same with Comet Storm .

wereotter on New Rare Creatures?

5 days ago

True, but flying is more a blue mechanic than is reach, plus flying is impacted by things like Bower Passage in a way that reach isn't, but reach may be a good one for the green one instead of hexproof if that's too powerful. I admit the flash is a little odd compared to the rest, but I do think that as a red player, being able to cast something like Fireball or Burn at the Stake on someone else's turn would be really handy.

I'm open to suggestions on mechanics to improve them, mostly trying to think of what would be in the color profile of each one. I had also considered for the blue one that creatures defended by them don't untap during their controller's next untap phase, or that they're returned to their owners' hands at the end of combat, but that seemed a bit overpowered when compared to the others.

UrbanAnathema on 2014-09-10 update of Defending your ...

1 week ago

You may also want to consider green infinite mana wincons like Omnath, Locus of Mana and Helix Pinnacle both of which would be easier to get off than Fireball or Banefire if you don't want to run lands that can get you the .

CrovaxTheCursed on Eldrazi/Artifact Deck

1 week ago

I had another thought too. I used to run a deck with the same theme but mine was RG. Adding Red made getting the 4 tokens out really quick and got the Annihilator going on turn 4. I used Spawning Breath or Nest Invader on turn 2 and Brood Birthing on turn 3 to get a Hand of Emrakul out. If the game drags on or if you don't draw your Hands early, it's good to have Awakening Zone so you can build up a ton of mana or an army for the Broodwarden . And then I used a closer with X in it's cost just in case I build up like 10 tokens and have 7 lands or so. I personally used Fireball but there's also Banefire . You might also like Kessig Wolf Run and/or Signal the Clans as well.

MindAblaze! on Deflecting Palm

1 week ago

Screw you Channel +Fireball !

mr_spooner on The Attack of the Defenders...Wait What?

1 week ago

Try playtesting first :) 8 is not scant when all of the other cards serve their purpose in helping out to win. It really doesn't take long to draw Devil's Play or Colossus of Akros . There's also 4 Lead the Stampede to help dig through your cards to get Colossus - either within those 5 cards, or being just that much closer. Only my mana dorks tap...the rest of my defenders just stay untapped....always, since they are defenders and can't attack lol. So I'm def not short on any defense (especially when you ramp into spamming all of your defenders out on to the field).

I weighed out both Fireball and Mizzium Mortars and Mizzium Mortars does a better job, as for 2cmc, it hits 4, while Fireball is And if I were to hit all the creatures, it's only 6cmc, while Fireball will never cover that much range. Also is the reason why I put 2x, as it's not essential to have a lot of, and why I have 4x of Devil's Play .

kamarupa on The Attack of the Defenders...Wait What?

1 week ago

I think 2 win-cons with a total of 8 cards is scarily scant. I think looking at adding win-cons without disrupting the Defender/Attack theme is worth sacrificing say, 4 of your 28 creatures and even your two Mizzium Mortars - remember - Defenders are meant to block - with Quest for Renewal , you'll easily have untapped Defenders to block their creatures. And that makes room for another win-con card, even if it's just Fireball doubling your burn to Player power.

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