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Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

Fururikkeru on X=17,582

22 hours ago

Might want to upgrade Fireball to Banefire because it's strictly better.

booman27 on HandOverflowException

1 day ago

Curiosity seems relly good in this deck. Also Damnable Pact has a lot of versitility it can be card draw or with Nekusar out a double Fireball! Super cool deck

Belpeor on Eldrauper

4 days ago

Rolling Thunder! Yes! MTGO has Fireball (which I had originally wanted to use) as an uncommon so thank you for that. Thanks both of you for the other tips as well, I've tweaked the deck based on them, I'll play test and see where I end up.

(and yes Bequeathal is great fun to say; that's at least 30% of why I have it in there)

pippy64598 on Gruul Aggro/Ramp Post Theros

5 days ago

Volcanic Geyser and Lightning Strike are both terrible.Replace Geyser with Fireball and Strike with Lightning Bolt.Also, if you add in Fireball, you can maybe buy a couple copies of Channel to add in for a great combo.

MightyRauros on You Can't Touch This

6 days ago

I see your points there. Blustersquall, Downsize, Intervene, Fireball and (sometimes) Muddle the Mixture serve as the player interaction for this deck. Dangerous Wager is my card draw (Muddle the Mixture will be sometimes). I am going to switch out Fireball for Red Sun's Zenith to have a little hate towards Return to the Ranks

license2chill on Nuclear Nights 2

1 week ago

I would cut 2 Whip of Erebos for 2 Palace Siege Furthermore I appreciate the Death Touch 1 Mana creatures but I actually believe they are much better cards for the deck. If you feel you must have cheap deathtouch I'd suggest Ruthless Ripper and Baleful Eidolon only because later in the game drawing one of those cards gives you better options. As a person who played MBD when it was in it's prime I can tell you your early game should be focused on playing spells like Thoughtseize and Bile Blight. Since there is no Pack Rat we can only really start developing Devotion on turn 3. Agent of the Fates and Squelching Leeches Are great fits for this deck that you could consider. Erebos, God of the Dead is definitely missed here and with the abundance of life gain the current standard meta is experiencing the God should really find a home in the 60. With the new set available this coming Friday there are a couple cards you could consider adding. Namely Sidisi, Undead Vizier and Damnable Pact both these cards are key card advantage and the Pact serving as an alternate win condition to essentially Fireball you opponent. Finally 23 Land seems a little shy of where you want to be, I'd look to try and add 2 Swamp

Techies on Counterflux ruling

1 week ago

I LOVE Overload Counterflux! It's integral to my EDH Burn/Copyspell deck. Situation : I cast Fireball with 20 paid into X (I can send you a deck link if you are interested by this...) then it gets countered because who wouldn't? Except I ignore that and target Fireball with Reverberate to put another Fireball on top of the stack, which gets countered, then Twincast Fireball and that gets countered... Then I drop overloaded Counterflux and all of the sudden... I get all 3 20 damage fireballs back and I'm looking at that control deck guy...

Maringam on In loving memory of the prettiest flower in MTG

2 weeks ago

Dear Black Lotus:

We all wish you a jolly old time under the Mosswort Bridge. We will always remember the synergies, the lovely faces on our opponent's faces when the realise that yes, you did just Channel + Fireball them to death on turn one.

RIP, Black Lotus, and good luck.

P.S: I think Blacker Lotus Cheated on the race.

P.P.S: He was definitely using some sort of Dark Favor... Whatever. You're the real winner, you shiny little Lotus Blossom of awesomeness.

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