Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs 1 more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

poorpinkus on Don't Fear the Reaper King

2 days ago

But isn't that what Fireball does? It lets you choose any number of creatures and/or players

Mr joker on Don't Fear the Reaper King

2 days ago

Hmmm I remember there being a Fireball tipe cards that let you kick it to have multiple targets witch men's instant kill against all your opponents with infinite mana turn 4 (great in multiplayer) the problem is I can't seem to remember the name...

PheonyxXx on Izzet real life or izzet just fantasy

3 days ago

I appreciate the suggestions, like I said this is a rough draft. Anger of the Gods is definitely going to be a sideboard card. Steam Augury I can see myself making some room for.

Those two are the ones that hit me the most. As for the disliking of Mindswipe and Dissipate , I feel they are strong cards in this format. Dissipate worked highly well back in the innistrad/Ravnica standard, and that was a much faster format than what we are currently looking into right about now. And as for Mindswipe , its a Fireball and Syncopate combined into 1. Even if they pay for their spell, they'll still be taking X damage.

I really am not a fan of Chandra, as I feel with Sarkahn being able to dish 4 damage every turn will do more than Chandra. And creatures just don't really belong that much in a control build. If I were going for a agro/Midrange route, I could see the use of more creatures.

Again I thank you for your suggestions

Unlife on Mogis EDH

1 week ago

drop Grapeshot , not worth it in edh unless your are casting dozens of spells at once. Add in Blade of the Bloodchief . With the number of ways you're forcing players to sacrifice creatures, sticking it on mogis will help a lot. If you're focusing on killing your opponent quickly, consider Phyresis , Tainted Strike , Flesh-Eater Imp and Grafted Exoskeleton , infect can speed up the game immensely. Also think about switching out a few burn spells for things like Fireball , so you can amp up the damage with more mana, maybe Reverberate or Fork as well. For creatures, there are some better options, such as Moonveil Dragon , Stigma Lasher . Sepulchral Primordial and Utvara Hellkite are great for some extra sacrifice fodder. I run a tsabo edh deck, so I hope this helps

hahaha69lmao on Black lotus is legal in ...

1 week ago

1x Mountain
1x Black Lotus
1x Channel
1x Fireball
1x Force of Will
1x Force Spike
1x Lightning Bolt

Basically, the classic Lotus -> Channel -> Fireball combo. Force of Will is to block against opposing FoW or Gut Shot and Lightning Bolt is to take care of the remaining life that had to be saved for FoW.

CrovaxTheCursed on 2014-09-29 update of Oh My! ...

1 week ago

Kruphix used to be in here, but I can generate disgusting amounts of mana as it is, so he ended up not being needed. The Indy body was nice, but ultimately he didn't contribute as much as the other pieces. If I had an X damage spell like Fireball , then maybe. Chasm Skulker could be very nice in here, especially with Interpret the Signs (I consistently draw 6 to 8 cards with Interpret). Plus I have 2 so I'll give it a shot. I'm still trying to work in my other G-Hydras though as he has proven to be a fucking god in this deck. Thanks, fellas!

Lucasco on These Girls are HOT!

1 week ago

You should note that Narset, Enlightened Master will never be able to cast Keranos, God of Storms for free, regardless of whether you have sufficient devotion or not. The gods are always creature spells on the stack (i.e. Negate cannot counter them) and only stop being creatures when they hit the field.

Similarly, Mindswipe will not be an automatic counter off of her trigger, since you aren't allowed to pay the alternative X cost (that would make infinite damage Fireball s possible). Good choice on not including it I'd say.

If you'd like, check out my Jeskai tempo build for my opinions on some of your card options.

Freeze! - The New Jeskai Tempo Playtest

Standard* Lucasco


williamgp99 on So I got bored...

2 weeks ago

...on my walk home from school, and decided to come up with an infinite combo revolving around Ulasht, the Hate Seed .

The version in my head didn't work, as it relied on the existence of several non-existent cards. Looking at Gatherer, I have come up with a version that does work.

  1. Cast False Dawn .

  2. Control Eternal Witness soulbonded to Deadeye Navigator , as well as six other red/green creatures (that aren't Ulasht).

  3. Get an Ulasht, the Hate Seed out with at least seven counters.

  4. Sacrifice a creature to Ashnod's Altar , getting .

  5. Spend to make a Saproling with Ulasht, leaving .

  6. Sacrifice the Saproling, get mana, make another, and repeat until Ulasht dies.

  7. You should have seven mana floating. Use two of that to flicker Eternal Witness , returning Ulasht to your hand.

  8. Recast Ulasht for , leaving floating, and repeat steps 4-7 until you have enough mana to Fireball all your opponents.

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