Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs 1 more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

enpc on Super Budget Niv-Mizzet

4 hours ago

Usually "Casual Commander" and "Niv Mizzet Combo Deck'' don't go together overly well :P I hope your play group doesn't mind combos. As for cards:

Grafted Exoskeleton is awesome. means you can kill the entire table. Elixir of Immortality / Psychic Spiral are awesome for graveyard suffle. Arcane Melee could be good for you with your instant / sorcery count as high as it is. Burnished Hart is an auto-include for any non green decks. Fabricate is solid, as is Call to Mind and Mystic Retrieval . Comet Storm is better than Fireball . Desolate Lighthouse is a good land to run. Dissolve is a good cheap counterspell. Blue Sun's Zenith is really good in most decks.

As for stuff to take out - pyromantics isn't very good, it costs too much for what it does. Energy Flux will bite you more than help. Your deck relies almost entirely on artifact ramp. Desperate Ravings is bad due to the randomness of the discard.

Hope this helps.

capriom85 on Favorite Card/Combo

6 days ago

Depends...infinite turns my favorite combos are Enter the Infinite and Beacon of Tomorrows or Time Warp , Crystal Shard , and Eternal Witness .

Infinite damage= Pili-Pala , Grand Architect , and Fireball

Infinite draw = Azami, Lady of Scrolls and Mind Over Matter

Instant mill = Vendilion Clique and Tunnel Vision

These are of course all EDH applicable only. I don't combo outside of EDH.

miracleHat on New Format: Leyline of Glory

6 days ago

This sounds really fun! I have played a version like this before, but with cards that aren't enchantments (though there are enchantments as well). If you want to add to the randomization, have the enchantments come out at random times. You will need another person to do this for you, or just a randomized phone app. I found that very entertaining when out of the middle of nowhere a Fireball came out and saved me. Stuff like that, to turn the game from the middle of nowhere adds so much to this type of format!

enpc on Jeskai EDH that isnt Narset

1 week ago

Looks fun. A few observations:

  • How well does Counterbalance run in the deck? You only have 2 instant speed librabry manipulation cards, Sensei's Divining Top and Mystical Tutor . And with the varied CMC of spells in EDH, it seems like the interaction would be quite hard to actually make work well.

  • You've got Academy Rector (presumably for Omniscience 's sake) but no way to actually kill her short of a few wraths or sinking a Fireball into her (which seems a bit of a waste).

  • Speaking of, Would you be better off running Comet Storm over Fireball as it's basically just an upgrade?

  • This one is more of a personal thing but - I'm not a huge fan of Dissipation Field . If your opponent ramps into an Acidic Slime for example then swings, you probably would'nt block. This means that they can then recast him to blow up a land or something, repeating the process every turn. You would be better of using something like Norn's Annex to pillow fort up even more (again, personal thought on it).

  • How much value do you get from Venser's Journal ? It seems decent but I feel like looking at your deck there are better life gain effects and if I had to take a guess I would say that the deck sits on an average of 3-4 cards in hand per turn, but I could be way off on this.

  • The other thing is the curve of the deck is a bit higher (especially for some of your removal/counters) but you don't run a huge amount of low end ramp, or just ramp in general. would it be worth running Azorius Signet , Boros Signet and Izzet Signet ? Either tha or at leat something like Jeskai Banner since it can late game card draw?

but yeah, overall the deck looks really cool.

fluffybunnypants on Devotion to Crater's Claws?

1 week ago

Normally Green Devotion will splash red for Crater's Claws and Xenagos, the Reveler ... because why not Fireball someone for 20 to the face?

Heads up for that Deflecting Palm though.

capriom85 on To which God do you ...

2 weeks ago

Honestly, no max hand size is cool, but what do you do with all that colorless mana in EDH in those colors? It's not like you have a Fireball available. I'm wondering what you do for 3000 cmc

lanimilbuS on

3 weeks ago

Braid of Fire + Fireball doesn't work!

Braid of Fire gives you mana on your upkeep, mana that empties from your mana pool as you go into your main phase (the only time you can cast Fireball )

Either add Quicken to the combo or replace Fireball with something you can cast at instant speed like Comet Storm or Volcanic Geyser

Nefferean on

3 weeks ago

I would drop the Fireball s for four more lands. With such little lands, fireball won't be worth it. 16 lands is also way to little to be consistent with Contagion Engine

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