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Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs {{1}} more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

Zer0w on

6 days ago

I like it! everything but the name... it kinda sucks.It seems a bit faster then my Infinitely Persistent P:9 U:5 S:9 $30) deck but a little less reliable. All-in-all it is very strong.Also, like my deck, it is good for a multiplayer game, 'cause most of the win cons can target any number of players... so, "kill 'em all!"you might... might... think about Dizzy Spell to tutor up Blistercoil Weird and Banefire I'd also consider swapping the Volcanic Geyser for Fireball just for the multiplayer ability of "killing 'em all!"

I wish there was a Blistercoil Weird type card that was a 2 drop so a 2 transmute would tutor everything you need to win. but there seems like only 1 drop and 3 drop but Dual Casting is a 2 drop. bummer.

Mindcrank on Captain Kurk and the Artifact Fleet

1 week ago

Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth is another infinite combo here. I'd inlcude something like Scroll Rack and toss in some X burn spells, a la Fireball to use with the infinite mana.

ignorante on Burn

1 week ago

what about a Fireball ?

Necrotesque on Modern Burn

2 weeks ago

I would suggest removing 4 lands since you have such a low curve and remplace them with Goblin Guide . Also changing your Fireball for Skullcrack would be great since you dont want a mana sink in such an aggressive deck. Shock is a little underwhelming, i like Searing Blaze or Grim Lavamancer better. Good luck.

Abubroki on Chrome Slivers Aggro

2 weeks ago

mambosong you're absolutely correct: my bad Muscle Sliver is no modern-legal...

(I am not autocarding all cards so as to automatically get my suggestions and not other discussed cards).

I agree on Sidewinder Sliver over Virulent Sliver, both abilities stack, but flanking 1+ can be effective free removal!!

Yeah, I forgot to mention Door Of Destinies and Coat Of Arms would totally screw your mana curve...

Frenzy Sliver and Spined Sliver are imho above average slivers, the problem is you got so many slivers you can't have all outside EDH... Trouble with Frenzy is as I see it you ought to know beforehand they are *oftentimes" not going to be blocked, if not, it is just a 1/1 sliver for 1B. Spined Sliver looks more promising, an synergizes Two-headed Sliver, but at RG it is harder to cast. How about including Shadow Sliver ? I know, 1/1 for 3 CMC is wildly subpar, and you have few 3 CMC spells in your deck... but it might make all your slivers unblocked everytime. It is redundant with Sidewinder Sliver though, so I guess you're right: Sidewinder Sliver and Spined Sliver (instead of Frenzy Sliver) make a good and curvewise combo. Two-Headed Sliver seems to imply too many interactions with blocking, so I would try cutting it in favor of Diffusion Sliver (which also stacks).

As for monored land hate... I think you need to get rid asap of Magus of the Moon , Blood Moon , Ensnaring Bridge , and possibly Grim Lavamancer too. So: Revoke Existence , Fade into Antiquity, Back to Nature , Vandalblast, Smelt, Shattering Spree , even Crumble! To deal with the Magus (and other pesky critters like Eidolon Of The Great Revel), you can either pack more suboptimal lightning bolts, like Flame Slash , Shock, Fireball (but you need tons of red mana to wipe), or maybe Pyroclasm if you have at least 2 pumpers out?

Hope it helps!

Demppa on Just your regular affinity

2 weeks ago

Reforge the Soul isn't good since 1) your own upkeep or draw are the absolute worst times to pay mana, and 2) it lets my opponent to draw into his/her (very good) hate cards like Shatterstorm . The only card advantage Affinity should play is Thoughtcast (as Skullclamp is banned in almost every format). I don't have the large amounts of mana to put into a Fireball because this deck's curve tops at 3 CMC. Instead, I play Whipflare in my sideboard to board in against relevant decks. Some fringe builds play Atog but I'm not impressed because of the one thing that makes most creatures unplayable in Affinity: no evasion. Arcbound Ravager gets most of the effect with its own ups and downs.

greyninja on trying to flavor up my ...

2 weeks ago

I ran a few hydra decks for a while, and I'm glad they keep making them because there just isn't enough! The commanders I ran were initially Animar, Soul of Elements , which then turned into it's own deck and I made another one with Rosheen Meanderer that included cards like Bonfire of the Damned and Fireball . Now they're all in my Xenagos, God of Revels deck. Each of these commanders were very fun in their own ways

Citanul Flute is good w hydras because cards like Apocalypse Hydra only have a CMC of 2!

KFCbucket on Just your regular affinity

2 weeks ago

Reforge the Soul or maybe a Fireball to clean the opponents field. if you don't have something that provides X mana to make use of the bloom then let the arcbound ravanger eat it. and Atog ?