Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs 1 more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

kamarupa on Burn draw

2 days ago

adjust true AVG CMC with mana ramp? Pyretic Ritual, Seething Song, Geosurge (works great with Fireball)

Pyromancer Ascension seems cool, but I think it's too slow. I think Increasing Vengeance is better.

Perhaps 4 Chandra's is overkill since you can only have 1 out at a time?

ODDIOBLENDER on Burn baby burn

5 days ago

with all the burn here, no Magma Jet? seems a given with all the nifty deck manipulation. I would probably sideboard Searing Blood too as it is great burn against just about anyone - especially if you Dual Cast it! And no Fireball or Demonfire love?

Digging the deck though - upvote!

arowdok on The Scraps of Victory

1 week ago

You should run Grab the Reins over Act of Treason instant speed is super useful and being able to sac stuff can be helpful, best if you sac what you stole since it helps kill indestructible things. Also Comet Storm is a lot better then Fireball or really any X damage card is lot better then Fireball. These are a couple useful spell I have used in my Red Deck, Crawlspace make it harder for tokens swarms to kill you. Reverberate is a counter a Counterspell or copy an opponents mana ramp spell.

Zallas on Goblin Storm

1 week ago

I tried playing Mana Echoes and it was cut to make space for more important cards like Blood Moon and Stranglehold.

Comet Storm seems actually better than Fireball for killing multiple opponents, I had it in a previous deck but somehow completely forget about it. I only need to find some space for it... Maybe it'll replace Fireball, I'll think about it.

Obake on Win condition for infinite mana ...

1 week ago

Perhaps Whetstone or Drain Life + Initiates of the Ebon Hand ? I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else besides splashing for a Fireball effect.

xcn on Win condition for infinite mana ...

1 week ago

Splash white for Death Grasp?

Unfortunately, all the other pre-modern options seem to be red burn, blue mill, creature pump, or require colored black mana to pay for X. Fireball would get everyone though.

kicks422 on Goblin Storm

1 week ago

Mana Echoes could make you a lot of mana for that Fireball.

Also, you might want to run Comet Storm. Much easier to kill multiple opponents with that.

enpc on Super Budget Niv-Mizzet

2 weeks ago

Usually "Casual Commander" and "Niv Mizzet Combo Deck'' don't go together overly well :P I hope your play group doesn't mind combos. As for cards:

Grafted Exoskeleton is awesome. means you can kill the entire table. Elixir of Immortality / Psychic Spiral are awesome for graveyard suffle. Arcane Melee could be good for you with your instant / sorcery count as high as it is. Burnished Hart is an auto-include for any non green decks. Fabricate is solid, as is Call to Mind and Mystic Retrieval . Comet Storm is better than Fireball . Desolate Lighthouse is a good land to run. Dissolve is a good cheap counterspell. Blue Sun's Zenith is really good in most decks.

As for stuff to take out - pyromantics isn't very good, it costs too much for what it does. Energy Flux will bite you more than help. Your deck relies almost entirely on artifact ramp. Desperate Ravings is bad due to the randomness of the discard.

Hope this helps.

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