Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Fireball costs more to cast for each target beyond the first.

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Fireball Discussion

dowai on

1 day ago

i think you can get an x converted costed direct damage like as Fireball

CaptSillva on Hydra EDH (need help)

3 days ago

I noticed you have all the bringers in your deck so allow me to suggest Grozoth and Myojin of Life's Web. Your deck is fairly high end including your commander so you could also consider Fist of Suns. You could speed up your creatures and protect them with Lightning Greaves. A nice removal spell for this deck if you include Grozoth but still good without him is Blasphemous Act.

I would also suggest you run more mana fixing artifacts. The best being Chromatic Lantern. Prismatic Omen also seems good here.

As far as possible cuts go I would say Pristine Talisman, Laboratory Maniac, Debt to the Deathless, Fireball, Sanguine Bond, and Elixir of Immortality. These cards are all too slow or too unreliable. There are decks that can make cards like these work but this deck is not one of them.

Rusty_Shackleford on My Mix Tape (Burn Deck)

3 days ago

Skullcrack, Shard Volley, the 4th Rift Bolt, and seriously--lose Fire Servant, Koth of the Hammer, Fireball, and Furnace Whelp entirely. If the game actually goes long enough where any of the above is relevant, you're doing it wrong.

ferel389 on An Enchanted Evening with Zur

1 week ago

I approve. +1 Upvote. Just add more protection from removal. Exile is a thing (for Zur) and your "Pillow Fort" does not protect you from Fireball and Lightning Bolt.

Deruvid on Balls to the Walls

1 week ago

I found splashing white was worth it for To Arms! to get double taps out of your mana producers. I was fortunate to get Wall of Omens before the price spike. Wall of Mulch also helps with card draw when you need to find a wincon.

Here's my version, though I admit the weak point is finding a Banefire. I need to find room for moar Fireball.

I also agree that this style deck generally performs better in multiplayer, since targeted spot removal on the mana producers really gimps the deck.

Raging_Squiggle on A few Spellskite examples..

2 weeks ago

The clause "target creature or player" doesn't imply any underlying restrictions or multiple targets being chosen. It very simply means: "this spell or ability is able to target a single creature, or a single player."

The reason you can redirect Goblin Grenade to Spellskite is because it has the capability to target a creature whereas Goblin War Strike can only target a player.

Also, for spells with multiple targets:

If the spell or ability has multiple instances of the word target, you choose which target youre changing to Spellskite when Spellskites ability resolves. (this includes cards like Fireball that lets you target any number of creatures and/or players.)

TheRedMage on A First Look: What is ...

2 weeks ago

I got an occasion to play what you refer to as a "beast cube" some time ago. The player called it a "Type 4 stack" and we played a 4 player multiplayer game with the following rules:

  • You have infinite mana of any color at any given time (obviously this means the stack can't have Fireballs an stuff like that)
  • Your initial hand size is 0
  • You have no maximum hand size
  • The graveyard is shared among all players
  • You can cast only one spell per turn (that means one in your turn and one in each other player's turn).
  • Your initial life total is 40

Because of the infinite mana, it was pretty crazy. We all durdled for a while, one of us slowly fell behind and died, then we durdled some more and finally one of us, who was drawing like 5 cards per turn at that point, went for the kill. He Storm Seekered the other player for exactsies (exactsies being like 34 damage) on their upkeep, and I was left with one turn to do something and not a lot going on.

That's when I topdecked Rite of Replication, copied my Pontiff of Blight five times and, on their upkeep, cast some random instant and extorted them 48 times for the win. Good times.

I am not sure why most people have this adamant rule that your cube should have a multiple of 45 cards in it. If you are going to have a buffer of cards left in the box so you have some variety, what does it matter if you leave 45 or 56 or 78.3?

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