Caged Sun


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology Vol. II (CM2) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
New Phyrexia (NPH) Rare

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Caged Sun


As Caged Sun enters the battlefield, choose a colour.

Creatures you control of the chosen colour have +1/+1.

Whenever a land's ability gains you one or more mana of the chosen colour, gain one additional mana of that colour.

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Caged Sun Discussion

JoosetheMuice on Artifactually Magnificent

7 hours ago

I agree with Pat with all of these, the only maybe isGeode Golem, which I like in my Bosh deck, but with Saheeli being only 6 mana it might not be worth it.

I would sawp Gauntlet of Power for Caged Sun (would save you about $11) I have never been impressed with Blinkmoth Urn, even in artifact decks. You would be surprised how much it can help your opponents, especially if you need tap out to to play it.

I personally would cut: Damping Engine Mycosynth Lattice (ruinning that and vandalblast is pretty rough) Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, both of your Essence Scatter Memnarch Steel Hellkite Spell Shrivel Whir of Invention

I would try to make room for Pilgrim's Eye

Cloudius on Sram, the auramancer

2 days ago

I'd recommend focusing on Aura and adding a few key Equipment to support, or vice versa. Trying to run both may stretch the deck too thin and lack focus.

Card Draws and Tutors

Mesa Enchantress is a great card, as a redundancy for Sram, to help with card draw since card draw effects are rare for mono white decks.

Idyllic Tutor though restrictive, is the rare few enchantment tutors out there.

There are plenty of equipment tutors available should you chose to go that route though.

Alternate Wincon

Sigil of the Empty Throne is a useful alternate Wincon if you're able to keep spamming auras/enchantments and provide you with some blockers in the air.


Replenish is useful recursion for your enchantments but use with caution. If someone removes all your creatures while this is on the stack, you'd be left with no choice but to put even the "good" auras on your opponents' creature(s) instead.

Open the Vaults a symmetrical spell that benefits your opponents too and cost 2 CMC more than Replenish. Worth considering if you need more redundancy for Replenish or play in a mass destroy heavy meta.

Second Sunrise Imho, it's a "Winmore" and very situational. Just putting it here so you've more options.

Board Wipe

Magus of the Balance is an interesting card as it doesn't affect enchantments and artifacts. If you run a Voltron strategy, chances are, you're usually the player with the least creature on the battlefield.

Winds of Rath is a necessary board wipe that excludes your enchanted creature(s).


Being mono white, we've to rely entirely on artifacts to ramp us.

Mana Crypt casting cost that provides per turn, I'd gladly take the damages!

Pearl Medallion help makes your white spells cheaper.

Caged Sun Mirari's Wake without the need for Green.

Chrome Mox Good to have but not absolutely critical.

bryanedds on Godo, Dragon's Gopher

3 days ago

Ended up doing none of the above and just swapped Caged Sun with Gauntlet of Might and Flameblast Dragon with Seething Song.

bryanedds on Godo, Dragon's Gopher

3 days ago

TODO: Consider replacing Caged Sun with the faster Gauntlet of Power.

TODO: Also consider replacing the recently-added blue spell counters with Seething Song and Geosurge.

Skinken on Mono-Black Control Commander

1 week ago

First of: Welcome to EDH: the format where you can pretty much brew anything you like!

However, some cards are much stronger than others in this format, and theres a general rule to evaluate the cards in your deck. First you have to evaluate how you win the game. Then you have to look at the cards and say: "Does this card forward that goal". For instance a card like Stronghold Confessor is not very good generally. It is a creature that deals at most 3 damage. At this point you could also play a Diabolic Tutor, finding part of a two-card combo that will win you the game. Avoid any cards that dont forward your gameplan. The best example is Serra Ascendant. A lot of people wrongly include this in their decks. Yes, it is a 5/5 flying lifelinker for . But if you can't kill them with it, the 20+ damage it might deal is not relevant.

So what cards should you run? Usually the answer is combo of some sort. And then all the cards that get you there. In black you can add a reanimation package (Pathrazer of Ulamog or better It That Betrays does win you a game if played on t2), you can go for an infinite damage combo (see for inspiration), or you can get lots and lots of mana using Cabal Coffers and the like and play a very big Torment of Hailfire.

If you wanna play reanimator you wanna get all the good reanimation spells

Most of them arent that expensive. The expensive part about this strategy is buying the targets. But it should be ok, just find some you like.

If you wanna build combo just play all the tutors you can afford. Also the all-in ones like Demonic Consultation.

If you wanna build big-mana.deck consider the following

... and so on. A wierd tech you will not find anywhere else: Onyx Talisman ;)

Good luck brewing my guy!

PauperPower on Mono-Black Control Commander

1 week ago

Mutilate could be a great card for you. Maybe Sudden Spoiling, Go for the Throat, and Profane Command.

I would recommend some ramp like Caged Sun Sol Ring Gilded Lotus and Thran Dynamo.

I also like Beseech the Queen and Dark Petition in mono black.

I tried to keep my suggestions budget friendly. Welcome to EDH, its a ton of fun brewing and building in this format. Have fun with it!

K1ngMars on Rat Deck

2 weeks ago

Seguendo la linea di analisi che ti ho descritto nel vocale e partendo dal principio che piuttosto che una carta scarsa è meglio un Relentless Rats, ti dico:

  • Dirty Wererat è scarso, toglilo.
  • Mortal Combat è forte se giochi un mazzo che si automilla/scarta molto, altrimenti rischia di diventare inutile, io la toglierei.
  • Death Denied è situazionale, rischi di non usarla affatto, così come Gravepurge. Il tuo obbiettivo è avere tante creature in campo, non tante creature al cimitero per usare queste due carte. Togli entrambi e metti il Beacon of Unrest, che può anche riprendere il Thornbite Staff (anche quello di un avversario), che è una win condition.
  • Go for the Throat è forte, ma ti serve? Idem per Malicious Affliction. A te le creature non nere o non artefatto non interessano, perché tanto sono quelle che non possono bloccare i tuoi ratti con paura. Toglili entrambi e metti Archetype of Finality, così il giocatore in difesa ci pensa due volte prima di bloccare un topo 1/1, o ad attaccarti.
  • Thousand-Year Elixir ti fa stappare Marrow-Gnawer una volta sola, mentre Sword of the Paruns te lo fa fare quante volte vuoi, switchale.
  • Trova un posto per Illusionist's Bracers. Sacrifichi un solo topo, ma fai l'abilità due volte. Magari togli un Relentless Rats, o mettila al posto di una delle carte non terra che toglierei, come i due qua sotto.
  • Gnat Miser e Locust Miser mi fanno pensare, perché sono facilmente counterati da una Reliquary Tower, nel caso toglili. In effetti, il tuo non è un mazzo fatto per far scartare... non hai Nekusar, the Mindrazer in zona di comando, ecco. Io li toglierei.
  • Swarmyard è forte, ma vale 10 euro? Come rapporto prestazioni/prezzo, meglio una Swamp.
  • Terramorphic Expanse in un mazzo monocolore è utile come i cavoli a merenda, metti una Swamp.
  • Sign in Blood la usi una volta e basta, mentre Carnage Altar, Vampiric Rites e Phyrexian Vault le riusi. Io cercherei di metterle tutte e tre al posto di carte che sarebbe meglio togliere o di qualche Relentless Rats.
  • Whip of Erebos non mi sembra particolarmente adatta qui, toglila. Non hai bisogno né di lifelink, né di recursion che poi esilia. -Crypt Ghast e Caged Sun servono se hai cose grosse da lanciare, non per lanciare tante cose piccole (perché in quel caso finiresti solo per finire le carte in mano e basta), io le toglierei, tanto la tua curva è bassa.
  • Profane Command, Life's Finale ed Extinguish All Hope non ti servono molto, poiché ti riprendi in fretta dai boardwipe. Metti piuttosto qualcosa che fa resistere Marrow-Gnawer ai boardwipe, come ad esempio Unhallowed Pact, Undying Evil, Supernatural Stamina o Rescue from the Underworld (almeno i primi tre mettili). Se ci pensi, io, nel mazzo di Meren of Clan Nel Toth, non ho nessun boardwipe, però funziona lo stesso, perché ho modi diversi di interagire con la board. Il tuo mazzo, in modo diverso, fa la stessa cosa. Se stai attaccando con 10 ratti con paura e deathtouch dall'Archetype of Finality o semplicemente casti Sudden Spoiling (che puoi castare anche se non sei tu il giocatore attaccante) dopo che il giocatore in difesa dichiara i bloccanti, o dopo che tu hai dichiarato i bloccanti, non è quasi la stessa cosa?
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