Serum Visions


Draw a card. Scry 2. (To scry 2, look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Serum Visions Discussion

GabeCubed on Control this! (Super Budget)

1 minute ago

Just so you know, Counterspell is not legal in Modern.

As for the deck, I suggest adding more efficient spells. Mana Leak is one of the better counters in Modern, and could be better than more conditional ones. Rune Snag is also decent, if you want it. Dissolve is an upgrade from Cancel.

I think both Guile and AEtherling are good fits for finishers.

Vapor Snag and Fog Bank can provide good protection from things that get through.

Cantrips are very useful, and something you'll need. Serum Visions, Anticipate and Divination can all do work.

Hope that helps!

Edit: Augur of Bolas is pretty good replacement for Sea Gate Oracle.

GabeCubed on Power Trip

12 minutes ago

I get where you are coming from, but I also don't think this is equipped for a later game either. It looks like a aggro deck, but with slower cards, which isn't a good spot to be. You end up as the control deck in a lot of matchups, but will just get run over. Lifegain is typical a non-factor, but that is something the sideboard can shore up. Zada, Hedron Grinder is also super vulnerable to removal, while doing nothing when it enters the battlefield.

If you want to have a better late game, I suggest adding some disruption. Lightning Bolt is king, so add it. Counter spells are especially helpful, but a smaller amount (4-6). Having Thing in the Ice  Flip would help too.

Cantrips are essential to any blue strategy. Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand fit the bill here.

That help, at least I hope.

Tiadon777 on Power Trip

31 minutes ago

GabeCubed i appreciate the advice, and i defiantly would consider using Serum Visions over something like Vapor Snag, but the way the Kiln Fiend Aggro deck is set up is completely different. It's most likely more efficient, but it would lose if it came across a deck with life gain, or if any of the stuff got countered, where as with Zada, Hedron Grinder you're almost assured the win if you can get anyone one of the other instants or sorcery spells (unless he himself gets countered). Early game Kiln Fiend Aggro has it, but mid to late game id say this one has it.

GabeCubed on Power Trip

58 minutes ago

I think this is what you might want.

As the deck is, there are too inefficient of creatures (Wee Dragonauts, for example), and not enough consistency (Serum Visions and such). In addition, Zada, Hedron Grinder is just a win more card, and a bit too expensive at 4 mana.

I suggest adding several of the cards from the deck list above.

If you have questions, let me know.

kortioznikas on Izzet aggro

9 hours ago

Wellcome to pauper, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, so I'll just add some staples for this deck as it is called UR Blitz, which is super fast, sweet and fun to play.

And this deck does not actually has to play 20 lands as your mana curve should be quite low

you don't actually need so many spells to give your ceratures unblockable so 6-8 would be enough, my choice would be to stick to Distortion Strike and Slip Through Space

lithium142 on Tutor your opponent on playing without a deck

18 hours ago

oh, i forgot about him. I ran 2 copies in my competitive build on mtgo. I'll test him in place of Serum Visions, see how it fares. Thanks for that =)

lithium142 on Control/Mill

19 hours ago

awesome dude! this deck looks seriously solid now! Jace is slow, but he seems decent. if Jace, the Mind Sculptor was legal, that'd be the way to go, lol. anyway, i'd keep it at one. try and gauge for yourself how your games go with him. if you find that when you get him in hand, you're playing him and winning games off the back of doing so, then put in a second one.

The risk is that you may find you get him in hand and either cant cast him, or doing so doesnt help you much. if that's the case, swap him. but again, only you can reliably gauge that.

One thing I realized that i thought you might want to know. Anticipate is typically a solid replacement for Serum Visions. Unfortunately for you, we're also looking for ways of triggering Sphinx's Tutelage, and Anticipate doesn't actually draw you a card, and so will not trigger Sphinx's Tutelage. Telling Time is the same problem, and all the other cantrips that would work are too expensive in mana cost to be worth running. mm17 just hit, so Serum Visions is super cheap right now. if you can, I'd advise picking em up.

Overall though, this deck looks really fun to play right now =)

lemons452922 on Junding them in Sultai

1 day ago

Jhed1 - The concerns there are real... i don't know about how i feel about fully giving up the card draw though... maybe switch out for Ancestral Vision (very slow though, and I'd rather turn 1 hand disrupt instead of ancestral) or Serum Visions (not the worst idea)... Maybe I'm just greedy on the Card Draw though...

Another possibility is to take a lily and make it Liliana, the Last Hope

... Wow... I need to RTFC...

APPLE01DOJ - Although Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is one of the weakest cards in the deck, it still preforms the task of providing the threat of flipping. Yes, the abilities of the flipped version, aren't the best, but they defiantly can be relevant. And if it get's Fatal Pushed, great - one less Fatal Push for my Goyfs.

As far as Unbridled Growth goes, it is the ability to sac it that I value. Utopia Sprawl makes me have a fetch/shock, and is more for ramp than fixing. Yet another thing is that both Utopia, Abundant Growth, and Bitterblossom stays on the battle field, and doesn't help with the goyf once played.

When you say "without additional investment", should Death's Shadow not play Tarfire? Is Lightning Bolt better? Yes. Do they still give up the 1 point of damage for the additional card type? Yes. It does it's job, enters the graveyard, and grows your Goyf. Just like Goyf is synergistic with a few Artifacts/Enchantments that can be sacrificed when played, which are not very common, much less for a 1 mana, had a relevant "On the battle field" effect, and lets you draw a card.

I am always open to options though, so I will play-test with your ideas, and make changes needed. Thanks for the good conversation guys!

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