Goblin Guide


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Goblin Guide

Creature — Goblin Scout


Whenever Goblin Guide attacks, defending player reveals the top card of his or her library. If it's a land card, that player puts it into his or her hand.

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Goblin Guide Discussion

qwertyking on Burn but I am rusty

1 week ago

I would just cut Ugin's Nexus, as it really doesn't fit the deck. Cards like Vexing Devil and Goblin Guide are good, but they can be pretty pricy

ArchonBlue on Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

I agree with sylvannos that Goblin Guide is strictly better than Vexing Devil and I probably won't build the deck without GG despite the cost. I also agree that 4 copies of the The Flame of Keld may be overkill but I am not sure what to replace them with, Searing Blaze seems pretty unimpressive in a deck with 18 basics.

I think a 2-2 or 3-1 split between The Flame of Keld and something else would be good, but I'm not sure what to put in. Flames of the Blood Hand comes to mind, as does Burst Lightning, Rampaging Ferocidon, Incinerate, or Bomat Courier. I don't know, what do you guys think?

shadow63 on Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

I mean Goblin Guide gets em to their fatal push sooner

sylvannos on Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

Why would you spend $40 on 4x Vexing Devils if you could buy 2x Goblin Guides? Vexing Devil is awful. It gives your opponent something to use their Fatal Push on.

sylvannos on Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

If you don't have Goblin Guides, Foundry Street Denizen can get a lot of damage in, especially if you combine it with token generators.

Devastating Summons is also a good finisher. Sometimes you just get the nuts where you curve out, dump your entire hand into play, then make a couple of 4/4s or bigger.

Searing Blaze is another good option, but you may have problems without having fetchlands. However, the reward of it may outweigh the cons of sometimes only having it deal 1 damage. Cutting 2 copies of The Flame of Keld and adding 2 Searing Blaze may give you a good balance.

Since you are playing on a budget, there's a couple of other options to play Burn. You can go goblin-heavy, with more of an 8-Whack build (Reckless Bushwhacker, Goblin Bushwhacker) and also play Goblin Grenade.

One of my friends did a lot of grinding to earn packs/store credit to upgrade his Burn deck over time. I think he also was using Brute Force, Rubblebelt Maaka, Titan's Strength, and heroic cards for a while too.

Ramunap Ruins can provide your Grim Lavamancers with graveyard food.

cdkime on Why Do So Few Decks ...

2 weeks ago

It doesn't help that Behemoth's Herald is a pretty mediocre card. In theory, you can get it to work on turn 3 (Turn one Temple Garden + Behemoth's Herald; Turn 2 Mountain + Goblin Guide + Isamaru, Hound of Konda; Turn 3 activate ability and summon Godsire).

Fun if you pull it off, but let's look deeper at the deck. It would require you to play three colours and have a number of cheap creatures spread across those colours that you can pump out to sacrifice. This leads to a problematic curve as you try to ensure you have valid sacrifice fodder.

Even if you do pull it off, Godsire is nothing but a large body for the first turn it is in play, giving your opponents another turn to further their victory.

Compare to Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Griselbrand, which user xaerusblade mentioned. Emrakul gives you an extra turn, has built in evasion, is protected from most removal, and has Annihilator 6. Even if you cheat it in and do not get the extra turn, you can be relatively sure it will survive to the next turn to close out the game. Griselbrand gives you seven cards right away, and can regain that seven life by being used as a blocker.

RamenNoodles on Out of Control Krenko

2 weeks ago

If you're looking to spend a decent bit of money on the deck any amount of Goblin Guide will make you stronger, Goblin Piledriver will synergize with your large amount of tokens, and Frenzied Goblin would be a great sideboard card against decks that have tougher creatures early. I play a goblin burn deck: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ramens-goblin-horde/?cb=1532990646

It's definitely a different style of play than yours though.

Your deck looks like a lot of fun, good luck in your games!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on why is Chasm skulker not ...

2 weeks ago

It's not played because it's really slow and also removal spells. 3 mana to play a 1/1 isn't great. If you wait until you can play and hold instant-speed cantrips to grow it, then you need to be at turn 5 or 6, and at that point it's still maybe a 3/3 or 4/4. That costs 3 mana and additional investment.

Okay, maybe you play it turn 4 holding an Opt. Then you can have it trade with their Goblin Guide and I guess make a 1/1 to block their Monastery Swiftspear the next turn? Doesn't seem efficient when you could flash in a Snapcaster Mage and have it flashback a Vapor Snag or another cantrip and get basically the same result, but on a more flexible card and at instant speed.

When the 'slow' deck, Tron, is playing Wurmcoil Engine or Karn Liberated on turn 4, Chasm Skulker pales in comparison.

The games where it actually has enough time to grow bigger than a 5/5 are when your opponent has Path to Exile and Supreme Verdict to deal with it.

What 16 cantrips are you playing? Serum Visions, Opt, Sleight of Hand, Thought Scour? Maybe Peek? Or are you counting something like Cryptic Command as cantripping (which I think is a valid thing to do)? I find it hard to stomach running more than 10 in modern (not counting cryptic command). I've toyed with 12 before but found it durdled too much. I'm imagining a hand of cantrips vs burn and it's not a happy thought.

Also Chasm Skulker lines up very poorly against Reflector Mage from Humans.

Basically, modern is a fast, brutal, unhappy place right now. It needs something powerful like Stoneforge Mystic or Splinter Twin to slow decks down and force more disruption and interaction.

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