Goblin Guide

Goblin Guide

Creature — Goblin Scout


Whenever Goblin Guide attacks, defending player reveals the top card of their library. If it's a land card, that player puts it into their hand.

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Set Rarity
Double Masters (2XM) Rare
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Noble Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal

Goblin Guide occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.26%

Red: 4.29%

Goblin Guide Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

1 week ago

Mana Reflection is being reprinted, which now means that three out of the five cards in the reflection cycle shall be in this set; I am maintaining hope for the final two.

Reprints of both Sen Triplets and Archangel of Thune are very welcome, as those cards currently are both close to $30 in price, and I also will be glad to have a copy of the triplets with the new wording and frame.

I am not at all pleased that Blood Moon is being reprinted, again, because of how horribly oppressive that card is; non-basic lands are a staple in many decks, so a card that renders them useless is certain to draw great amounts of hatred from all other players in the game. At least the alternate art for that card looks very impressive.

Basalt Monolith being reprinted is very nice, and I am glad that it was kept as an uncommon, rather than wasting a rare spot on it. On that subject, Goblin Guide really should have been downgraded to an uncommon and Avenger of Zendikar should have been downgraded to a rare, since both of those cards are occupying spaces that could be better used for other cards.

LeaPlath on All Agro Boros

2 weeks ago

So basically you want to get good bodies down as quick as possible.

If you go pure aggro you want the very aggressive powerful 1-2 drops. If you go more midrangey you want more value 1-2 drops.

So for aggro I would look at cards like Goblin Guide, Legion Loyalist and Goblin Bushwhacker. Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip is a legendary but he is also a 2/1 who can easily flip into a 4/4. And because he is a 1 drop you want to see every game and who can flip into a useful walker play him at 4.

For 2 drops Burning-Tree Emissary is a free creature and you can chain a bunch of them togther then use spare mana for Goblin Bushwhacker for a huge quick hit. Other 2 drops you might want are Thalia, Guardian of Thraben who slows down removal and board wipes.

You sort of want to cap out at 3. If you go in on the 1 drop goblins Goblin Rabblemaster can be useful as it goes wide and can get big itself which will be reelvant when I get to non creature spells. Seasoned Pyromancer can loot cards you dont need like excess lands or creatures that are out classed and gives you a mini army and some draw. If you are hellbent he is a draw 2.

You dont really want to go higher as you are aiming to end the game as quickly as possible.

For non-creature spells Lightning Bolt is a must. Its removal. Its burn. Its amazing. If you need more burn add Lightning Helix. If you want more burn some protection and some reach Boros Charm as a 2 off.

Finally Embercleave. It can easily be a 3 cost and the fact you can flash it post blockers means you can ensure you win combats or force in max damage. Helps get them dead. Play 2 or so copies.

You could also play cards like Path to Exile but it sort of negates any value you might get from Thalia and while clearing the way does leave you a little more open to a boardwipe off the top. But there is also an arguement that if you are getting them dead fast enough removing a body will be worth it. But that is also why I prefer Bolt as generally it does the same job while also blastint someones face

AT23 on goblins galore

1 month ago

No Goblin Guide?

PitaGryphon on Is Lurrus going to be ...

3 months ago

i especially don't think lurrus will get banned because of burn or bogles decks. spending turn 3 to cast a lurrus just to spend turn 4 reanimating a Goblin Guide or Silhana Ledgewalker really doesn't seem like what those decks want to be doing. i'd have thought lurrus would end up in esper control decks that want to re-use Snapcaster Mage.

Gidgetimer on How Many Lands Do I ...

4 months ago

I realize that it is extreme for your liking. I was one of the people telling you to drop your 60 card decks to a maximum of 24 lands a few weeks ago when you were asking for help cutting cards. This particular deck I would start testing with 22 lands.

Your mana curve peaks at 3, so you ideally are going to be focussed on 3 lands by turn 3. I found a CFB article about land drop consistency. 22 lands gives you a 90.5% chance to have 3-by-3 on the draw or 84.7% on the play. Compared to 97.1/94.2 with 28 lands. If we look at how the article describes flooding (seeing 8 lands by turn 7 on the draw) 22 lands floods 7.3% of the time and 28 floods 26.8% of the time. Adding the average of the two screw scenarios with the flood number gives us a bad mana percentage of 19.7% for 22 lands and 31.1% for 28 lands.

The decks I am talking about that can run 18 lands because their curve is so low are the ones running play sets each of Monastery Swiftspear, Eidolon of the Great Revel, Goblin Guide and then 30 functional reprints of Lightning Bolt. Decks with average CMCs under 1.5.

antacidbrn on Mono Green Removal options in ...

5 months ago

So far, Savage Swipe seems like the best of the bunch in a creature based deck. But, being Sorcery speed limits choices a bit.

Hornet Sting and Gut Shot seem underwhelming. Not sure there is a place for them in the deck when they cannot even kill Goblin Guide.

I think Dismember is rising in my notes because of the lifegain spells I am adding, but still feeling sad that I need to pay 4 life for it. It does hit Eldrazi though.

antacidbrn on I am tired of losing ...

5 months ago

Tiny Zoo is a deck filled with more Weenie creatures. Goblin Guide, Vexing Devil, Burning-Tree Emissary, Wild Nacatl.

I don't want to join the legion of Burn lol. Thanks for the suggestion of Feed the Clan.

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