Honor of the Pure


White creatures you control get +1/+1.

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Honor of the Pure Discussion

Xyckno on Quest for Oketra's Monument

4 days ago

Nice, I like The deck a lot, I tested it a bit and would make a few suggestions: First cut out the Westvale Abbey  Flip it only blocked me from playing my white Stuff, which most of the time only cost W.

Then: Have you thought of Honor of the Pure as a good two drop since you are not playing much on you second turn? I know it wont count for the artifacts tho.

And an alternative Equipments like Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip or either one of these swords which give protection. (Sword of Fire and Ice or Sword of War and Peace)

Pheardemons on Legend of the knights: a history of benalia

1 week ago

Would Primevals' Glorious Rebirth be worthwhile since this is a casual deck? You could include some planeswalkers in here to make it a little more useful. Definitely helps if you decide to put in Haakon, Stromgald Scourge. My advice would be to switch out some of the Call the Cavalrys for History of Benalia. The Saga gives a stronger presence on the board for less mana.

For anthems I would suggest Honor of the Pure. While not a knight it's much less colored mana to cast, and it affects all but one creature. If you decide to go the Haakon route then maybe the creature knight would be better.

Nathanaiel on U/W Taxes

3 weeks ago

Is the 1-of Honor of the Pure really worth it? Seems like you'd draw it so rarely that it really doesn't consistently help any gameplan. I also personally rather dislike Surgical Extraction, what do you side it in against and what cards are you hoping to hit?

seiseises on Angels Delight

3 weeks ago

EspioNova I don't think Angelic Page is a good creature, and it doesn't really have any good synergy with angels. If it's 2 mana flyers what you want, you could use Leonin Skyhunter which is a knight, or Aven Squire which gives +1/+1 without tapping, or Angelic Wall which is on theme with angels and will block many things in early game. But really, it would be much better to use those 2 manas in more powerful cards like Wall of Omens, Knight of the White Orchid or Honor of the Pure, or at least in adding more knights like Knight of the Holy Nimbus, Knight of Meadowgrain or Accorder Paladin.

tripwyre89 on Norn of Your Business

4 weeks ago

Imo, you need some more focus in the deck, particularly when it comes to your wincon. Playing your commander, plus a ton of token generators, should be your wincon; in addition to other blanket buffers like Honor of the Pure

Taking a hard look at creatures, for maximum effect, it would work better if you had lots of low cmc creatures, with hampering effects for your opponents or beneficial effects for your board state. Your early game should look like youre setting up while keeping board state pressure to keep your opponent at bay. [card: Thalia, Heratic Cathar] is a great example of these kinds of cards.

Other examples include

  1. Grand Abolisher

  2. Angel of Jubilation

  3. Knight of the White Orchid

  4. Brimaz, King of Oreskos

Theres a bunch of other creatures that will help your midgame by getting you life when you dump out tokens in droves. Good ol' Soul Sisters Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant and Suture Priest are your friends as long as you keep your board state fun for token friends. Speaking of token friends, this is the time they should be showing up to the party in droves. Both the Theros God Heliod, God of the Sun and Amonket God Oketra the True are great bros for dropping token hoes. Captain of the Watch, Evangel of Heliod, Knight-Captain of Eos and Precinct Captain all specifically drop the uptight/upright Soldier tokens, usually ETB.

Its a good time to get your pokes in, but your late game boomers are your commander Elesh Norn, Brisela, Jazal Goldmane and possibly Angelic Field Marshal. You could always include Felidar Sovereign if you think you'll end up pillow forted in and unable to swing for lethal, but that kind of depends on your play group as well.

Support spells are generally looking like boardwipes built in your favor like Martial Coup or buffers with an extra kick, namely Spear of Heliod or Marshal's Anthem. That being said, there is always room for a nice Wrath of God to the face. You can also get recursion working in your favor with a Sun Titan or Emeria Shepherd.

Spot removal is also a thing with white. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Entrapment Maneuver just to name a few with creatures. Other land, enchantment or artifact removal is a bit dependant on your play group as well, but one or two of those is usually a smart move in the deck.

Mana rocks are a HUUUUUUGE piece to your deck if you want to get consistent earlier drops for Norn. Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power and Gilded Lotus are some of the more obvious choices if youve got some cash to burn. Otherwise theres always Worn Powerstone or Marble Diamond among some cheaper manrock pick-ups.

Passive buffs are your butter to your token bread. Akroma's Memorial is a spectacular example, just like Eldrazi Monument, Intangible Virtue, Crusade and the like. Any blanket effect like that turns your weenies into winners. Try not to pile on with these guys too much or you could end up with a bunch of enchantments and few lands for a battlefield.

Last, but certainly not least, packing in some planeswalkers that support your token buddies help fill some gap where spells fall short. Elspeth, Knight-Errant brings more party animals, threats and a darksteel bomb for your field. Her Mirrodin version Elspeth Tirel keeps you stayin' alive, dropping bros and a wrath on a stick. [card: Ajani Goldmane] isnt quite as strong of an inclusive planeswalker, BUT if you have built up a semi decent state, dropping him can turn the tide in your favor from a cruddy turn 4 to a swing for some good damage turn 4.

Decks like this are kind of similar to fencing or boxing. Poke when you can, keep up a strong front, and even when they got you on the ropes, a haymaker can be a game changer.

Good referance material can be found here on EDHREC.com: https://edhrec.com/commanders/elesh-norn-grand-cenobite

Just like wikipedia, it might not always be the best source material, but it points you in a good direction.

davcot on Order of Dominaria

1 month ago

Brave the Elements is a cheap way to deal a big amount of damage unblocked ! I'll consider buying some ! Light from Within is good too but I have quite a few cards that boost my knights ! Maybe it's worth replacing some Honor of the Pure ... I'll check this out, thank you !

DanTheBear on Foxy Boxing

1 month ago

I'm loving this deck and i wish there were more foxes in magic

Filigree Familiar and Always Watching I would put in 2 of each in place of Honor of the Pure.

mindfulvet on MDN - The Peaceful Warrior

1 month ago

Fablab Sounds like a great idea! I have Honor of the Pure anyways, so it would be an easy add, however I like the Vigilance addition on Intangible Virtue, might drop the Shared Discovery.

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