Honor of the Pure

Honor of the Pure


White creatures you control get +1/+1.

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Honor of the Pure Discussion

abby315 on Clerics WIP

1 month ago

Ophilias I suppose it depends on what kinds of decks you're facing. In an unknown meta, I wouldn't be concerned about it. If you're facing lots of Anger of the Gods, you can consider it. In general I prefer spells that are more widely applicable. So, if you're worried about boardwipes like Anger of the Gods or Wrath of God, consider something like Unbreakable Formation, which can help against all sweepers and most removal spells (anything that says "destroy"). Or if you think you'll need bigger creatures to contend with your opponent's creatures, boosting effects like Honor of the Pure and Glorious Anthem are more widely useful because they make your dudes more defensive AND powerful.

Holograph273 on Budget Karlov Duel Commander

2 months ago

Hey there, I just updated my deck to the list I ended up running in the tournament (it was reported to a month later in favor of multiplayer commander as many of us had unfinished decks)

I had the opportunity to trade for some cards and made a lot of changes to the deck, adding more hand attack and removal to better fit the meta, and removing all accelerants. Sorry I didn't see your comment, but from my experience at the tournament I don't think a banner effect would've helped me much.

So about the tournament (more like an FNM to be honest) : there were only 4 of us so we played against every one of us and I faced :

  • A Feather, the Redeemed deck which had a lot of cards that targeted its commander for value, and this was the matchup I was quite scared of as it would surely pack quite a few 'protection from color' cards that would blank all of my removal, and my lifegain isn't quite as useful as the deck intends to win on commander damage. I still managed to win 2-1, thanks mostly to Kambal, Consul of Allocation as my opponent played a lot of spells every turn and Priest of Forgotten Gods which helped me kill Feather through all the protection and damage prevention spells.

  • A Grenzo, Havoc Raiser deck full of goblins that I thought I had a good matchup against but it was still scary as it was very well optimized. I lost 1-2, losing every game in which I was on the draw as the goblin horde was just too hard to deal with (especially Goblin Recruiter which absolutely destroyed me one game). Sram's Expertise and Cruel Celebrant proved to be very strong in this matchup.

  • A Heliod, Sun-Crowned deck with lots of enchant-based removal, cheap creatures and the infamous Walking Ballista combo. I think this was my best matchup as most of my removal would easily stop the balista combo and I was right. I won 2-1, thanks to my greater card advantage with Skullclamp and Hymn to Tourach, and the one game i lost was besause I had only black creatures and my opponent gave protection from black to his commander out of nowhere, so if I do get a banner effect it probably won't be Honor of the Pure x).

Thus I came in second place in the tournament, not too bad for a first :) (though I did play 5-10 games with the deck before the tournament to test it and make changes)

Overall I felt like Lingering Souls was the strongest card in my deck as it provided sacrifice fodder, an evasive threat, and creatures entering the battlefield for the soul sisters. Effects like Unearth, Vesperlark and Revival / Revenge gave me a lot of value throughout the games and were key to my success.

It was very fun playing this Karlov deck that I intended as an aggro deck with a good amount of card draw as I'm generally not a fan of aggro but I really didn't have the cards to make a proper control or combo deck. I'll be playing it again and hopefully updating it from time to time.

Scallywallwest on Ultimate Basri Theme Deck

2 months ago

Wow, I just want to say, the curve on this deck looks absolutely lovely. Maybe consider a Glorious Anthem? I see you already have Honor of the Pure, but maybe you want another one? Idk. Also, a really great planeswalker for mono-white aggro strategies using small creatures and beefing them (also known as "Weenies") is Gideon Blackblade. He's a really strong play on curve, a great beater, and a good ability booster for your creatures.

A major suggestion is this: Assuming all decks in this collection are singleton (only one copy of a card, excluding basic lands), you may want to consider changing your deck format to Oathbreaker. Oathbreaker is a really fun format where you build a deck around any planeswalker. 59 cards + the 'walker, only one copy of a card, and 20 life. It's really fun, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, nice deck, and I wish you the best of luck with it!

Mgalangzingme on BW Tokens

2 months ago

Glorious Anthem is not worth it- since almost all of your creatures are white you should run Honor of the Pure. You should add more lifelink if you want Blood Baron of Vizkopa to do anything. Relaying only on two copies of Teysa Karlov won't give you the consistency you need.

Captain_gore on Modern Soul Heliod

3 months ago

Thanks DeinoStinkus I removed Speaker of the Heavens, decreased Honor of the Pure, increased Path to Exile and added Conclave Tribunal. What do you think? Is it better now? I was thinking also about adding Banishing Light, Cast Out or Generous Gift instead of Conclave Tribunal.

HelixSnapHelix on Budget Karlov Duel Commander

3 months ago

The deck looks awesome and fun. Have you tested it out against decks with a lot of 2/2 or smaller creatures though? I feel like there are a ton of 30-40 2/2 or less creature decks that could create issues for this. Maybe Honor of the Pure or some kind of banner to help make attack phases more in your favor?

RobBot on martyr proc 7/12

3 months ago

nice list man, I would recommend Invoke the Divine rather than Solemn Offering only because divine is an instant. if you dont care about the life gain, you could go the classic Disenchant since its a mana less but without the life gain. I would also recommend Flagstones of Trokair and Field of Ruin for some of the lands because some of our worst matchups (like tron) use lands to their advantage so some land destruction would work, they also give you deck thinning and lets you fetch the mistveil plain, and with the amount of 1 mana creatures, I would run a full set of Ranger-Captain of Eos and cut 2 Kami of False Hope. The Squadron Hawk is really good, if you have stuff to buff them up, you could cut a board wipe or two for something liek Honor of the Pure, so that the hawks start smacking harder

Other than that its a really nice deck. If you dont mind, could you check out my deck please? let me know what you think! Martyr of the StoneBlade

dichia on

3 months ago

hungry000,I understand that Long-Forgotten Gohei might not be the best card choice here. Probably Honor of the Pure is better even if I'm running spirits and Devouring Greed. I'm not opposed to change it. The reason why I'm not including Sorin, Solemn Visitor, Bitterblossom, etc... is that my purpose is not to make a really competitive deck. Let's say that my aim is to build a deck around a concept in the best way possible and in this case the concept was to make a different version of the competitive BW Tokens decks that only runs spirit tokens to take advantage of Devouring Greed.

I don't know if I explained myself well or if it even make sense, but that's the reason I'm not putting Sorin in the list.

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