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I'm an avid combo and control player and I usually don't play creatures or green cards. I play in the Columbus, OH area or online.

My current main decks for Modern are

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Hey, I play Lantern a lot. List seems pretty solid, or at least as much as it can be without Glimmervoid, once you get the land, splashing the 3rd color is so much easier. As budget options I would get the other 2 Spire of Industry, the 4th Blooming Marsh and another basic.

Heres a primer on Lantern that I wrote up earlier this year to help: Lantern Control (Primer)

And here's my current list I'm playing with for ideas: Lantern Control (Whir Variant)

October 9, 2017 5:55 p.m.

Said on 5 Color Living ......


Wear / Tear and Violent Outburst means I have 8 instant speed answers to a Blood Moon. It's all about increasing your outs.

Storm is the only UR deck on Blood Moon, and the card is still played in numerous other places.

Extirpate would indeed be a lot worse. But it's easier to play around than Surgical Extraction and no competitive deck runs it.

October 8, 2017 4:49 a.m.

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Lol thanks Argy. Ive kinda stopped playing standard because of how fun moderns been. This one is just me trying to get some lists on the slightly fringe builds and seeing if its my playstyle

October 4, 2017 2:59 p.m.

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Ingot Chewer doesn't evoke at instant speed, and it doesn't hit Rest in Peace. The body is substandard and, as you guys mentioned... it's a definite nonbo with Architects of Will.

Blue offers me kill speed, with only Jund as an option I'm forced to use more creatures like Deadshot Minotaur which are just pathetic. Curator of Mysteries is highly evasive and the combo with Horror of the Broken Lands is unbelievably powerful. Striped Riverwinder is just a beast at 5/5 and having hexproof to boot is incredible.

Archfiend of Ifnir was originally in Monstrous Carabid's spot but got replaced due to speed. Cycle is hard on this deck because its goal is to go off faster with more power in the graveyard than Jund LE. I sacrificed resiliency for speed in Game 1 and in game 2 we have different options than most people expect so I can clear out their hate easier. Wear / Tear being able to hit Rest in Peace and Blood Moon is huge.

Architects of Will stays in instead of Monstrous Carabid 3-4 because of the effect. It's easy to cycle and burying a card they need to stop you is crucial.

Realistically, I can't afford another Fulminator Mage before the Open, but the Nimble Obstructionist is the most flex spot in the sideboard so I'm not opposed to having a 3rd Fulm

October 3, 2017 10:15 p.m.

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The answer to a Surgical Extraction on Living End is to discard Faerie Macabre or Violent Outburst in response. If it resolves then the game is indeed over.

October 2, 2017 10:30 p.m.

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But you limit your horizons so much. Black alone can control and outmatch your puny creatures. Death's Shadow for Tarmogoyf and Faceless Butcher for your Worldspine Wurm. And that's the result of stooping to your level. When we partner with other colors we can evict you from your Privileged Position. Or you can join The Eternal One and become enlightened into true oneness as you join all the other colors in the Garbage Fire

October 2, 2017 9:07 p.m.

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All of you guys are losing it, when you look without your eyes, you'll see that man is or whatever you want it to be. Color is unimportant, true power lies in the colorless. That's why we have 2 Circle against Colorless and only 1 for each color. But if we must speak of color, let's not bring up trash, instead, let us speak of Power and Knowledge. Let us show our enemies why they should tremble, let us show them why they should fear us. Bring your best fighter and watch it fall.

October 2, 2017 8:28 p.m.

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This will be my first non-fnm tournament, so any advice is helpful. Whether it's prep tips or deck suggestions. If you have a $20+ suggestion I won't be able to implement it in time but I will eventually adjust to it if its actually viable. Money is tight so I can't switch decks to try to spike the tourney either.

5 Color Living End

Modern Zaueski


October 2, 2017 5:56 p.m.

Mono Black deck with 4x Spoils of the Vault, 4x Serum Powders, 4x Hex Parasite, and 48x Swamp. Mull till you find a Spoils of the Vault and a swamp. Cast Spoils naming anything other that Spoils, Powder, or Swamp and your entire deck gets exiled dealing over 50 damage to yourself. Or cast the Parasite and activate the ability until you die.

September 29, 2017 7:54 p.m.


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