Dark Confidant

Creature — Human Wizard

At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost.

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Dark Confidant Discussion

illumfolly on Oh you're so Nathty

7 hours ago

I think you mean, "Oh, that's nathy" (le cleveland faec)

May want to get a totally affordable Dark Confidant in here as well.

Would recommend adding Crop Rotation

mr_foster on Yidris, God of Storms

1 day ago

Currently, my meta has no stax players. When there is I add cards like Abrupt Decay and Nature's Claim. I usually add a basic Island and Swamp as well.

For a time, the largest portion of players were playing counter-control decks. In that community, Yidris as a card is usually not worth casting. That's when I add Telepathy, Dark Confidant and Sylvan Library grouped with a lower curve of control spells and Ad Nauseam for a longer but more traditional storm game.

This version of the deck is more of a blend. The current meta are made of creature-centric decks with a little control.

Bottom line is that this deck metamorphs weekly. I'm not sure there is a best 99 for this commander; more like best 80 with the rest being tailored to your group's questions.

thegigibeast on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

3 days ago

Woops, forget what I said about Dark Confidantit was already in here. In replacement for the suggestion I did I would slot in Soldevi Adnate, since it can sacrifice creatures you already have in play or useless mana rocks like Grim Monolith orBasalt Monolithto ramp for your combo turn, and it is a creature to sacrifice.

thegigibeast on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

3 days ago

As strange as it may seem, I would also cut Mishra's Workshop, because the opener would require a lot of artifacts to make it work, it doesnt help you to cast your commander faster. Once I was stuck with this in hand and was missing a single mana to cast the commander, and I was hoping it would be another land... I would also replace a basic land by Peat Bogfor further acceleration, since it can help you cast your commander faster and it can tap twice, which should not be a problem since after two turns tapping it you should be in your winning turn already.

I would also cut both Contaminationand Infernal Darkness, as they play against your gameplan. Yes they slow opponents down, but the idea here is to play your commander as fast as possible to combo earlier. It would make lands such as Ancient Tomb tap for less, which is bad, you would need to invest mana to keep it alive (which is bad) or you would need to sacrifice creatures to keep it alive, which also is bad since you want to have those creatures available to sacrifice for your commander's ability. I would go for more speed, so Grim Monolithand Dark Confidant, a mana positive rock and a small creatures that could come down early, help you draw faster into ramp pieces, and could be sacrificed during your combo turn. This would also lower your average CMC in case or Ad Nauseamplay, which is not bad also.

To prevent your life total, I would think about cutting fetches. They are not of that much use, since deck thinning is so small in a 99 cards deck, and you would only get basics. I would replace them with basic lands, it would preserve you some life (they are not played in storm decks such as ANT Sidisi because you want to keep as most life as possible for AdNaus, it also is the case here).

+Ebon Stronghold

+Grim Monolith

+Dark Confidant

+Peat Bog


-Mishra's Workshop


-Infernal Darkness

-Marsh Flats

-Polluted Delta

-Bloodstained Mire

-Verdant Catacombs

thegigibeast on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

3 days ago

Ok, so I goldfished a bit with your list, and we are winning on average turn 4/5. I think you could add Ebon Stronghold over a Swamp for the possible mana acceleration. I would also go with Grim Monolith, as it is another mana positive rock, and sometimes 1 mana is the only thing you need to win a turn earlier. Dark Confidant would be another good creature to continue drawing early to draw into something like ramp, and it could be sacrificed later on. I would like it over Reassembling Skeleton, since I am not really using the ability to reanimate for further sacrifice because I need to keep every mana I need, mana is so thight on turn 3/4/5...

Bolsheviktory on Zur Ad Nauseam Storm

5 days ago

Thanks man! Yep, I wasn't happy with Grim tutor either.

His list is now pretty close to mine, he cut Time Spiral, Merchant Scroll, Notion Thief, a land, Counterspell, City of Brass, Mana Confluence to put in Paradoxical Outcome, Night's Whisper, Dark Confidant, Isochron Scepter, Dispel, tango lands.

I wouldn't say there's a noticeable power difference between our lists now that Lab Man/DD are back in his.

I'm not a fan of the tango lands since they can only be turned on by 2 islands. Playing 2 islands rather than fetches or duals (if you have access to both) in a wheel happy meta seems bad. I think having lands enter untapped T3 in a best case scenario in a fast combo deck is pretty bad too. The tango lands are only useful when you can fetch tapped at EOT and severely hinder development if they are the only on color lands in your hand T1. There shouldn't be that many turns where you take damage off the pain lands, but fixing color issues and entering untapped is huge IMO.

PeeBee on Mono Black Aggro

5 days ago

Super deck, I love mono black and its a nice unique idea. Also +1 for the budget Dark Confidant, never knew that was a thing.

You may want to consider Dash Hopes in the main or sideboard, being an aggro deck you should be able to get in enough damage that a actually taking 5 damage from burn is a problem, and this also gives you a way to combat lifegain spells as cards like Blessed Alliance will try and gain 4 life, but your opponent will then have to lose 1 life to counter it, or gain no life and let it resolve.

Puggtastic on R/b land killer

6 days ago

Rzepkanut if i add Dark Confidant or Dark Tutelage then theres a chance i could flip overBoom/Bust and lose 8 life

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