High Tide


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Common
Masters Edition (MED) Common
Fallen Empires (FEM) Common
Promo Set (000) Rare

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High Tide


Until end of turn, whenever a player taps an Island for mana, that player adds to his or her mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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High Tide Discussion

Boza on Paper Pauper vs Pauper Online

2 days ago

There isnt one, and you are free to make up anything. There are over 300 cards that are commons offline that aren't online. Few of them actually matter though - Goblin Grenade, High Tide, Hymn to Tourach are the worst of those 300.

Additionally, Pauper's banlist is issued officially by wizards and is for MTGO use only. It does not consider paper, since it makes no sense to issue a banlist for a non-sanctioned format.

EDH Committee still has their website and are actually the ones that manage the banlist. They very recently allowed to play every single silver-bordered card in EDH for a month.

pacolemere830530 on Red Blue I said NO

3 days ago


Things to drop

Remove soul

Mystic confluence

Logic knot


Combustible gearhulk

Mystifying maze

Things to add

Swan Song

Cryptic Command

Mana Drain

Force of Will

Summary Dismissal

High Tide


Paradox Engine

Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Weltbild on Obligatory Mono-Blue Degeneracy

4 days ago

May I suggest Palinchron for further degeneracy? In contrast to Peregrine Drake, it can also go infinite with High Tide and 6 Islands.

miracleHat on What's the best cEDH mono ...

2 weeks ago

Teferi, Temporal Archmage stax/combo is the most competitive mono blue general/deck right now. Tangle Wire, Stasis, and The Chain Veil should explain it all.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip high tide is the second best, using High Tide and Candelabra of Tawnos to ridiculous effect.

Arcum Dagsson combo is third best, the mulligan rule severely crippled the deck however, and it can run into consistency issues.

I'm sure that there is a case to be made for baral and other decks, the three mentioned are the best and most-competitive decks that you can play.

Kaleo42 on What's the best cEDH mono ...

2 weeks ago

Hyperalgialysis I would play Jace but someone in our group just finished High Tide Jace so it would be redundant. Kami I can't afford to play at a table full of autowin combos, but he is super fun at casual tables.

OpenFire_V2 you're right that Arcum Dagsson isn't where I want to go with this mostly because my table is too volatile to get that rolling.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage is looking pretty good so far because it lets me play at sorcery and instant speed on limited mana.

Archwizard on Prepare Your Salami for the Azami

3 weeks ago


I will preface this by saying the description I have here right now for the deck is very outdated and many of the questions you have asked will be answered in the primer I am currently working on for this deck.

0) Brewing without Twister and Candelabra:

Timetwister is one of those cards that is very difficult to replace for this deck. There are truly no replacements for it that will come close to its power level. You mentioned both Scroll Rack and Day's Undoing in part 5 as replacements. I really do not recommend playing scroll rack as it is very easy to get rack locked. The entire point of having Twister in the deck is to refill your hand and recur your yard while acting as disruption for other players. Day's Undoing is the closest you will get to this effect without buying Twister (while stilling including Time Spiral). Day's Undoing of course has the obvious downside you mentioned, but Time Twister tends to be most effective in this deck when you can blow your hand turn 1 or 2 and then refill it. In that regard Day's Undoing does almost the same job. You can also try other draw spells in place of Twister, however I still doubt they'll be as effective as running Day's Undoing. Candelabra on the other hand is a different story. It is a very powerful and useful card especially when it comes to the High Tide package of this deck, but it is not a necessary piece. I will go into more depth about it in my primer, but just know that it is replaceable.

1) Mind Over Matter:

I've been getting this question a lot and I will definitely answer it more in my primer. In short, I don't believe it's a terrible card and it would win me a decent amount of games when I could slam it on turn 4. I say turn 4 because this is the point where we'd have Azami and enough mana to cast MoM possibly even with a backup counterspell. It would certainly feel clunky in my hand at times and it is certainly viable if Candelabra isn't an option. Note that my list also opts out of playing Long-Term Plans because MoM is not in the deck. You may consider playing Long Term Plans if you go with Mind Over Matter although it's not necessary.

2) Treasure Cruise:

Treasure Cruise is a strong card, but most of the time running Dig is enough in terms of delve cards. I say this because the deck runs both Twister and Time Spiral. Hitting a delve card off either of them is bad news, but not the end of the world. However, since this is a Paradox Engine / Isochron deck I think Fabricate is generally a better choice than Cruise. I don't think Cruise is a bad card for this deck, but it implies that you are going to have to police the game for longer rather than getting a combo piece and winning. It really depends on how you're looking to play the deck. I'd test it out and see how you like it. I have tested it in the past and it proved to be mediocre, but there may come a time when I do play it in this deck.

3) Back to Basics:

Quite simply, it's amazing at dealing with the current fast combo meta. It tends to be a huge pain for various Hermit Druid combo decks and it's just good against 3+ color decks in cEDH by denying them resources.

4) Remand:

It's still in the description because as I stated it's outdated. It's not that good, I wouldn't play it.

5) I answered this question in part 0

Against fast combo I recommend looking for a hand with early counterspells and a Mystic Remora or Rhystic Study. It will generally be unsafe to cast Azami so you're gonna need a card engine you can get down quickly to deal with them and grind them out. You almost never need to keep an opening hand because it has wizards in it. The reason this deck only plays 10 wizards is because of the fact that many wizards are useless without Azami, however I still want to keep enough wizards in the deck so that Azami's ability isn't a 5 mana draw 1 each turn. Thanks for the comment, I will be releasing my primer hopefully soon after the new year.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Nivvy Boy

3 weeks ago

By Force instead of Shattering Spree? maybe Vandalblast but Force is more manipulatable. Also where's High Tide with all this blue? Maybe Enigma Drake, Runechanter's Pike, Surrakar Spellblade, Ideas Unbound, Open Into Wonder, Pull from Tomorrow. hope this helps

MOKAONE on The Prints & The Paper: Pauper-Legal "Non-Commons"

3 weeks ago

A lot of those cards ARE NOT PAUPER LEGAL.. for example:

False Demise Eternal Warrior Sisters of the Flame

And many many more. Been printed as common once dont always made a card legal on pauper, it has to been printed as common on mtgo.

A lot of good common paper card are not pauper legal ( most important are sinkhole - Hymn to Tourach - High Tide - Mystic Remora - Goblin Grenade - Forked Bolt - Darkness - Ashnod's Altar )

And otherwise a lot of good pauper card are not legal on paper but just on mtgo. ;)

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