Bloodshot Cyclops

Bloodshot Cyclops

Creature — Cyclops Giant

Tap, Sacrifice a creature: Bloodshot Cyclops deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Bloodshot Cyclops Discussion

Savage1988 on Perv”R”Us, the Fat Sling (EDH)

1 month ago

Haha that’s definitely a flavor win! And thanks for the vote! Bloodshot Cyclops really should be in here, but unfortunately i think he’s a bit too meme-y for my meta ‘:)

You run anything similar?

PUNCHINGTON on Perv”R”Us, the Fat Sling (EDH)

1 month ago

What about Bloodshot Cyclops? He is literally a fatty slinger.

Spell_Slam on Rienne's Crusade

4 months ago

Earnest Fellowship is great in a multicolour-centric deck like yours. It's definitely worth including, but it will be somewhat of a nonbo with some of your targetting spells.

Supply / Demand is either a tutor or an army in a can.

Dragon Arch not only tutors, but will put the creature directly into play for you.

Archon of Valor's Reach can save you from boardwipes or spells you know your opponent might cast. Very useful to have in your deck.

Guildmages' Forum can distribute some free counters occasionally. It's not the most powerful card, but it's free value and filtering on a land.

Pillar of the Paruns is also pretty great in your manabase.

Vivid Revival seems like a great choice for card advantage in your deck, though doesn't necessarily do much when your Commander is out.

You're missing out on some multicoloured ramp creatures: Zhur-Taa Druid is such a good ramp card in multiplayer. It ends up dealing so much damage if played early. Knotvine Mystic seems to fit perfectly. You should definitely pick up a copy of Mirari's Wake.

There are a few boardwipe creatures that could interest you: Novablast Wurm and, if you want to be that guy, Realm Razer.

In terms of cuts, Asmira, Holy Avenger, Bloodshot Cyclops, Gruul Spellbreaker and Conclave Cavalier seem like a good place to start. I would start by adding more ramp since this is what you're missing most.

harbingerofduh on Bronzed Beef Cakes ~ Purphoros EDH

8 months ago

Urabrask the Hidden would be good in this deck to help ensure that your opponents can't just keep generating chump blockers for your monsters turn after turn. His built-in haste effect could also come in handy if you can't get Purphoros himself onto the battlefield for some reason.

Bosh, Iron Golem should be replaced with Bloodshot Cyclops , which is both cheaper and capable of flinging your non-artifact fatties.

Octrate on It's Tough to be Xenagod

1 year ago

TheRedGoat - I've been considering some effects like that, namely Bloodshot Cyclops and Chandra's Ignition , due to their proclivity at dealing a lot of damage. As for Wayward Swordtooth and other incidentally fat creatures, I'm always open to ideas that fit. The current decklist as it is still relatively new, so I've got to get some gameplay experience down before I can say what sort of cards will stay or go. Thanks for your comment, my friend!

TheRedGoat on It's Tough to be Xenagod

1 year ago

So what is your experience with Bloodshot Cyclops , or Soul's Fire , or Thud and effects like that?

Additionally, have you considered utility creatures that are incidentally larger than their cost? Wayward Swordtooth is the only example that comes to mind, but you get the idea.

bushido_man96 on Super Budget Landfall

1 year ago

If you like Fling or Thud , consider Bloodshot Cyclops for a more repeatable version of the effect. Cards like Gaea's Touch , Ghirapur Orrery and Rites of Flourishing are budget cards that let you play additional lands, and the Rites lets you draw an extra card, too. Sakura-Tribe Scout , Skyshroud Ranger , and Walking Atlas offer you more Llanowar Scout effects, and you might find Budoka Gardener to be on theme for you deck, too. I'd recommend Goblin Bombardment as a good free sac outlet for Omnath's death trigger, and Warstorm Surge to bring some more pain when your big creatures come into play - straight upgrade over Where Ancients Tread .

Looks good so far! Hope this helps.

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