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Tribal Clash Cube

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This cube was built to take advantage of all 5 colors in Magic. Each color has 80 cards with 4-5 tribes, including 50+ gold cards in all 10 of the two color Guild pairs. The color pairing of tribes allows for more interaction among tribes. This helps with not having to stick with just one tribe in a draft, but instead using other tribes that share a single color or a one of the two colors of a Guild pair.

Cube Stats

  1. Cards per Color: 80
  2. Gold Cards: 55-60
  3. Lands: 45-50
  4. Artifacts: 20

  • Primary Tribes: 30-45 creatures
  • Secondary Tribes: 20-30 creatures
  • Tertiary Tribes: 10-20 creatures
  • Support Spells per Color: 20-25

Tribes in this Cube

  1. Elves
  2. Soldiers
  3. Zombies
  4. Wizards
  5. Goblins
  6. Warriors
  7. Knights
  8. Shamans
  9. Merfolk
  10. Faeries
  11. Kithkin
  12. Elementals
  13. Treefolk
  14. Snakes

Primary Tribes

  1. Elves
  2. Soldiers
  3. Zombies
  4. Wizards
  5. Goblins

Secondary Tribes

  1. Warriors
  2. Knights
  3. Shamans
  4. Merfolk
  5. Faeries

Tertiary Tribes

  1. Kithkin
  2. Elementals
  3. Treefolk
  4. Snakes

Tribe Colors

  1. Green: Elves, Warriors, Shamans, Knights, Merfolk
  2. White: Soldiers, Knights, Wizards, Warriors
  3. Black: Zombies, Knights, Goblins, Elves, Faeries
  4. Blue: Wizards, Merfolk, Faeries, Soldiers
  5. Red: Goblins, Warriors, Shamans, Soldiers, Wizards

Tribe Guilds

  1. Golgari: Elves, Zombies
  2. Boros: Soldiers, Warriors
  3. Dimir: Zombies, Faeries
  4. Azorius: Wizards, Soldiers
  5. Rakdos: Goblins, Shamans
  6. Gruul: Warriors, Shamans
  7. Selesnya: Knights, Warriors
  8. Orzhov: Knights
  9. Simic: Merfolk, Elves
  10. Izzet: Wizards

Tribe Creature Types

The majority of tribes in every color in this cube share creature types. This sharing allows much better interaction among different sets of tribes.

  1. Elves: Warrior, Shaman, Zombie, Wizard
  2. Soldiers: Human, Merfolk, Faerie, Goblin, Kithkin
  3. Zombies: Knight, Warrior, Wizard, Elf
  4. Wizards: Human, Merfolk, Faerie, Kithkin, Elf, Zombie, Goblin
  5. Goblins: Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Wizard, Soldier
  6. Warriors: Human, Elf, Goblin, Elemental, Zombie, Treefolk
  7. Shamans: Human, Elf, Elemental, Goblin, Treefolk
  8. Knights: Human, Zombie, Elf, Kithkin
  9. Merfolk: Wizard, Rogue, Soldier
  10. Faerie: Wizard, Rogue, Soldier
  11. Treefolk: Warrior, Shaman
  12. Kithkin: Soldier, Knight, Wizard
  13. Elementals: Warrior, Shaman
  14. Snakes: Warrior, Shaman

Elves with Warriors, Shamans, Knights and Merfolk

Elves are the primary tribe in Green and the secondary tribes are Warriors, Shamans, Knights and Merfolk. Treefolk, Snakes and Humans combine to make both Warrior and Shaman tribes. Elves share with the other tribes in Green creature types Warrior, Shaman and Knight. Green is the big mana producing color in this cube. Elves can also be paired with colors Black or Blue. Warriors with Red or White. Shamans with Red. Knights with White and Merfolk with Blue.

Soldiers with Knights, Wizards and Warriors

Soldiers are the primary tribe in White and the secondary tribes are Knights, Wizards and Warriors. Both Humans and Kithkin are combined to make both Soldiers and Knight tribes. The majority of Soldiers that aren't Kithkin share Human as a creature type with Knights. Warriors share a creature type of Human with both Soldiers and Knights. White is the most defensive color with the most protections, creature Anthem effects as well as token production in this cube. Soldiers can also be paired with Red or Blue. Knights with Green or Black. Warriors with Red or Green.

Zombies with Knights, Goblins, Elves and Faeries

Zombies are the primary tribe in Black and the secondary tribes are Knights, Goblins, Elves and Faeries. Many Knights in this cube are also Zombies which allows Zombies to pair with Knights. Faeries share Wizard as a creature type with Zombies. There are also Blue Zombies which makes Dimir a great Guild for both Zombies and Faeries. Zombies strongest Guild is Golgari which it shares creature type Elf with Elves. Black is about sacrificing your creatures for value, using the graveyard as card advantage in this cube. Zombies can also be paired with Green, Blue or Red. Knights with White. Goblins with Red. Elves with Green and Faeries with Blue.

Wizards with Zombies and Soldiers

Wizards are the most interesting tribe in this cube. They can be broken up into many different tribes, but they all still share the creature type Wizard. Merfolk, Faeries and Humans combine to make the Wizard tribe. They all share Wizard as a creature type making Wizard the primary tribe in Blue. Some Zombies are also Wizards. Merfolk and Faeries share creature types Rogue and Soldier. Blue is the most controlling color in this cube. Blue also has the most Changelings, the only Mistforms and the majority of Clones. Wizards can also be paired with White or Red. Merfolk with Green or White. Faeries and Zombies with Black and Soldiers with White.

Goblins with Warriors, Shamans and Wizards

Goblins are the primary tribe in Red and the secondary tribes are Warriors, Shamans and Wizards. Goblins, Elementals and Humans combine to make Shamans. Goblins, Elementals and Humans also share Warrior as a creature type.The game plan for Goblins and Shamans is basically the same; do as much damage to your opponent as fast as you can. Many aggressive Human Warriors also support this plan. Goblins can also be paired with Black. Warriors with Green or White. Shamans with Green or Black and Wizards with Blue.

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White (80)

Creature (63)

Enchantment (8)

Instant (5)

Sorcery (4)

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