Undead Alchemist

Undead Alchemist

Creature — Zombie

If a Zombie you control would deal combat damage to a player, instead that player mills that many cards. (They put that many cards from the top of their library into their graveyard.)

Whenever an opponent's creature card is milled, exile that card and create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Undead Alchemist Discussion

Althuran on Gisa and Geralf WIP

2 weeks ago

I'll consider it Dangerwillrobinson79. Also another card I considered for this deck was Cellar Door since it paired with Undead Alchemist and Consuming Aberration if I put it in but I don't know how good of a card it is. I also considered putting Erdwal Illuminator to help with getting more clue tokens out for Tamiyo's Journal since I was going to put it in as a possible help for tutoring for certain cards but then again Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth might have it covered

Althuran on Gisa and Geralf WIP

3 weeks ago

Thanks for a bit of feedback Dangerwillrobinson79! When I started out this deck I considered putting in Waste Not and Urza's Incubator but decided not to. Also I noticed Consuming Aberration in your deck which was another card I was considering putting in because of how big I might make it and it combos with Undead Alchemist. Another thing I considered as an alternate win condition was Liliana's Contract since there were some other demons I was considering putting in to generate even more value like Indulgent Tormentor, Reaper from the Abyss, or Kothophed, Soul Hoarder to name a few that I think might work well in this deck. Also Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath is more of a maybe card since I don't know if I want to keep it in or not.

gameflips on ZOMBIES!!!!

3 weeks ago

Great deck! Cheap for kitchen table magic and a perfect template for a blue/black budget zombie deck. I really like Undead Alchemist but it's weird to switch to a milling strategy if you pull him late game. I'll probably still run him for the fun of it, but do you have any other suggestions to replace him?

Also, I have a few copies of Screeching Skaab that I might replace Returned Phalanx with to make the most out of Ghoulraiser and Ghoulcaller's Chant's graveyard flexibility and to beef up Unbreathing Horde.

ClockworkSwordfish on The Undead

2 months ago

I always enjoyed the synergy between Lich Lord of Unx and Undead Alchemist ! Some other cards you may find really play into the entwining of mill and life-loss include Mindcrank , Duskmantle Guildmage and Bloodchief Ascension .

Snap157 on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson …

2 months ago

I'd love to see some more mono red vampires like Stromkirk Noble or Falkenrath Exterminator . I'm still waiting on the Runo Stromkirk legendary. I'm a huge fan of grimgrin, gisa and geralf so I'd loooove to see more zombies in blue. Undead Alchemist is likely my favorite creature of all time so a legendary like that would be sooooo dope.

twechsler on Nose to the Grindstone, Boi! Budget Mill EDH

5 months ago

This is great! I didn't even see the combo between Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank but I love it! Definitely agree with the tutors for that. Im a little unsure about Soaring Thought-Thief because I don't really have many rogues but I could be wrong. I was originally thinking the same thing about Undead Alchemist but it would combo so well with the mill. Very cool adding in a few cards with intimidate to make the deck more aggressive. I also already have Jace's Mindseeker and a Increasing Confusion so I could swap those two in for something. This is great though I really like the build. The only one I'm confused about why it was cut is Nemesis of Reason because its only 5 mana and every time it attacks its 10 cards. I think of the maybeboard cards I would shell out for, Traumatize and Sphinx's Tutelage would probably be at the top of my list. But if I was gonna get 4-5 of the maybe board cards, what would you say is the best? I love this deck already and can't wait to put it together!

Massacar on The Walking-Talking Dead

7 months ago

Altar of the Brood is a super fun pet synergy/combo with Undead Alchemist . Assuming a 4 player pod, and that at least one of your opponents is running some form of creature deck, it will regularly mill out several cards as well as generate tokens every turn.

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