Undead Alchemist

Undead Alchemist

Creature — Zombie

If a Zombie you control would deal combat damage to a player, instead that player puts that many cards from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Whenever a creature card is put into an opponent's graveyard from his or her library, exile that card and put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Undead Alchemist Discussion

twechsler on Nose to the Grindstone, Boi! Budget Mill EDH

2 months ago

This is great! I didn't even see the combo between Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank but I love it! Definitely agree with the tutors for that. Im a little unsure about Soaring Thought-Thief because I don't really have many rogues but I could be wrong. I was originally thinking the same thing about Undead Alchemist but it would combo so well with the mill. Very cool adding in a few cards with intimidate to make the deck more aggressive. I also already have Jace's Mindseeker and a Increasing Confusion so I could swap those two in for something. This is great though I really like the build. The only one I'm confused about why it was cut is Nemesis of Reason because its only 5 mana and every time it attacks its 10 cards. I think of the maybeboard cards I would shell out for, Traumatize and Sphinx's Tutelage would probably be at the top of my list. But if I was gonna get 4-5 of the maybe board cards, what would you say is the best? I love this deck already and can't wait to put it together!

Massacar on The Walking-Talking Dead

4 months ago

Altar of the Brood is a super fun pet synergy/combo with Undead Alchemist . Assuming a 4 player pod, and that at least one of your opponents is running some form of creature deck, it will regularly mill out several cards as well as generate tokens every turn.

Massacar on ZOMBIELAND

4 months ago

A fun, but randomized, synergy/combo you could try to include would be Undead Alchemist + Altar of the Brood if you're interested. Assuming you're in a multiplayer game it makes it devastating for your opponents every time you play a permanent (especially if any of your opponents are running creature tribals).

Afflicti on Bruvac the Grandiloquent Millage Pillage

4 months ago

Making some cuts for your deck is kinda hard for me, because I do not know meta in your playgroup. What other decks are in your playgroup, your banlist, are you playing 4player EDH or 1v1s... This means some of my advices might be totally off, so keep that in mind.

OUT: Drowned Secrets and Fraying Sanity - they mill just 1 player.
Altar of Dementia - without Undead Alchemist useless, there is nothing good to sacrifice
Altar of the Brood - mills just 1 card and only when you got permaments to play
Increasing Confusion - too slow and expensive
Archive Trap - Looks fun, but when no one is searching their library, it's just dead card on your hand

IN? : Search for Azcanta  Flip - powerfull filter, and also ramps you
Ponder , Preordain , Brainstorm - just some cantrips
Windfall - I just like wheels + insane with Sphinx's Tutelage or Psychic Corrosion
Into the Story - 4 cards for 4 mana almost all the time, that is just good
Frantic Search - Loot 3 cards for free
All these card draws are also insanely good with Sphinx's Tutelage or Psychic Corrosion

In case you are interested in some of my personal insights and experiences from my personal Bruvac deck, hit me up on discord: Afflicti#1111

WhrThRdFrnGr0w5 on BRUVAC Mill in Commander!

8 months ago

Hey love the deck + video. Just curious about a few cards and your thoughts on if they make the deck: Vantress Gargoyle Riddlekeeper Undead Alchemist Jace's Archivist Manic Scribe

Also you will probably likes these :) Court of Cunning Maddening Cacophony

tef3ri on Undead Alchemist effect timing

9 months ago

What would happen when a creature gets milled if I had an Undead Alchemist in play and a Syr Konrad, the Grim also in play? On a related note, how would The Haunt of Hightower in place of Syr Konrad? I was playing a mill deck and these questions came up.

CannedCanOpener on Anowon's Ruin Raiders

9 months ago

Massacar I thought about Traumatize, but I tried my best to avoid targeted effects like that since the deck definitely struggles to get off the ground if it's targeted heavily - that targeted hate in my playgroup basically makes me archenemy unless somebody else already is. Mind Grind is a great consideration though, and I totally forgot Undead Alchemist was a thing so I'll see about finding a spot for him too. Jace's Archivist is a very powerful card, but I don't have a ton of ways to synergize with it beyond Notion Thief (which came in the precon) and Psychic Corrosion, so he might not fit so well. Typically I try to put stuff into the deck that synergizes with the deck as a whole or has powerful synergy with the commander, specific combo pieces that only work with one or two of the 98 other cards aren't highly prioritized.

Massacar on Anowon's Ruin Raiders

9 months ago

Traumatize, Mind Grind, Undead Alchemist (the alchemist synergizes really well with your mill strategy, especially Altar of the Brood), Jace's Archivist (pairs really well with your Notion Thief.

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