Elvish Harbinger

Elvish Harbinger

Creature — Elf Druid

When Elvish Harbinger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Elf card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.

: Gain one mana of any colour.

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Elvish Harbinger Discussion

Niko9 on Dark Elves

2 months ago

I really like this take on elfball. It looks like it has a lot of avenues of play, which I have a mono-green elfball deck, and a lot of the time that's the downside. Like, sometimes it feels like I'm just waiting on the right card rather than being proactive with what's on the board, and that seems like a way that this deck really shines. Here are a couple things I can think of from my green deck and from a little bit of experience I have in modern golgari.

Vivien, Champion of the Wilds Emergence Zone and/or Yeva, Nature's Herald can give your creatures flash, which is always nice, but I'd expect it to play very well with deathtouch. Just the threat of flashing things in when you are a creature deck can keep your opponents from attacking.

Crashing Drawbridge will net a ton of mana if you get it down early. It's slower than Thousand-Year Elixir but it can also give you some surprise attacks that elixir can't.

Vivien, Monsters' Advocate is a really nice planeswalker. The tutor ability can be invaluable. It's similar to Pyre of Heroes which is also an awesome card for creature decks.

Eternal Witness and Den Protector are great for recurring things that got removed. Survivors' Bond is great with them too. It can get back and elf plus witness who can then get something else back or wait in hand.

Pattern of Rebirth is a viscous card if they don't have enchantment removal. A lot of the time it basically makes a creature unblockable or makes everyone at the table stop attacking into you.

Kenrith's Transformation kinda just does it all. It's removal, it draws a card, you can buff a dork if you really need to. All in all, it's a very versatile card and always preforms something great.

Wren's Run Packmaster can just be a nice beater that takes the place of a dork, it can be a mana dump, it can create amazing blockers, and can even be tutored by Elvish Harbinger as well as any other creature tutor. It's a good creature by itself and if you do ever go infinite mana, it's a wincon with drawbridge or another haste enabler.

Lolth, Spider Queen is a great planeswalker for a deck with a lot of dies triggers. Getting the ultimate is not that hard and it can turn all of your small creatures into huge threats. Might be a little pricey though, and planeswalkers are never the best in edh, but it's a very potent one.

Slippery Bogbonder gives you a flash in blocker and also protection for any of your creatures. Best part is that the hexproof sticks around and you can even send counters to that creature. It's nice when your counterspell adds another creature to your board.

That's all I can think of :) This deck looks pretty awesome, and is giving me ideas on how to spice up my own one. There are plenty of infinite mana combos in elfball too, but it seemed like you were going for more of an attacking strategy.

Thanks for posting this one!

StoryArcher on Damned Elves!

2 months ago


Thank you for taking the time to come over and check out the deck - I really do appreciate your comments. Board-wipes are a pretty common threat for Elves - this one is just the rare version that is actually capable of doing it back. If I wanted a way to defend against that, wouldn't Heroic Intervention serve better than trying to mix in a whole new color?

I never really post serious sideboards on this site, the meta varies too wildly from one place to another, BUT having said that, apart from the ever brutal Blood Moon, I specifically selected elf options as a toolbox. Sure, they might technically be inferior to many of the sideboard options that you mentioned, but on the flip side, a sideboard card you never see is worthless. By selecting elves that I can hit with off of Collected Company, Realmwalker AND tutor up with Elvish Harbinger, I'm a lot more likely to actually get the inferior option on the board than any of your more popular suggestions. Some others that I've kicked around are Essence Warden, Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Lys Alana Scarblade, Imperious Perfect and Fauna Shaman.

I know that Nettle Sentinel is a popular choice for elf decks and can be very effective, but it just doesn't work for me. If I were to work something in, it would more likely be Quirion Ranger.

Again, thanks for your comments.

JabberJ3T on Not Ur Average Elf Deck! ):<

2 months ago

OK Thanks so much for the suggestions! Shaman of the Pack seems really good and I will definitely get some of those in the deck. Elvish Archdruid also looks great as a pseudo Gaea's Cradle, not to interested in the buff for alll elves because this deck doesn't really want to win on the combat step. Elvish Harbinger is definitely taking over Chord of Calling. Harmonize is a staple for green but I don't quite know if this deck wants it because drawing cards happens a lot already but I will definitely try it out.

garruk3 on Not Ur Average Elf Deck! ):<

2 months ago

I'm assuming you are making this deck around drawing so I would recommend Harmonize for you. I would also highly recommend Shaman of the Pack, which is the center of any Green and Black elf deck. Elvish Archdruid is another favorite of mine, just for the mana ramp. Elvish Harbinger also allows you to search your deck for Lahtril. I might comment suggestions later on, but for now those are the three big ones I can think of.

RyuSama420 on Modern Elves and Bonfire of …

3 months ago

Elvish Harbinger isnt really superior to chord. Chord gets the card to the field which is way better than the top of the deck, especially when searching up Shaman of the Pack.

StoryArcher on Modern Elves and Bonfire of …

3 months ago

I've always been a big Elves fan, and while there are any number of generally accepted iterations there really is nothing new under the sun. As such, I try to experiment a bit and I've come up something a little different that has been working really, really well.

Damned Elves!

Modern StoryArcher


The first and most significant difference is the inclusion of Bonfire of the Damned. The arrival of Realmwalker makes it a little easier to manage while maintaining the surprise factor. With all the mana that Elf decks tend to generate there is little difficulty hard-casting it and swarming an empty board with weenies is every bit as effective as if they were pumped up by Ezuri, Renegade Leader. Moreover, it's nice to actually have some interaction options with an elf deck for a change. If you manage to draw it and pay its miracle cost, it's basically a finisher but that's just lagniappe.

The next significant change is the addition of Elvish Harbinger, which deserves serious reconsideration gievn the advent of Realmwalker. Seriously, this card let's you set up draws (or actual plays with the 'walker or CoCo), it gives you an additional source of any colored mana for those shamans and bonfires and will let you tutor up a toolbox of sideboard cards when needed, all while giving you another elf body you can hit with CoCo. I've found it to be superior to Chord of Calling despite not (usually) functioning at instant speed.

Between 3x Elvish Harbinger, 3x Realmwalker and 4x Collected Company, I've found that this deck stalls less than other Elf decks I've played in the past. I also run six fetch lands, not just to help thin the deck but also to give you some extra shuffles when you've got the Realmwalker out.

There are a few other little tricks in the deck, and I'm considering a couple of other elves but at the moment this is what I'm running with an I'm having a lot of fun. I wanted to post it here for those who might be curious and offer it up for critique by more experienced players.

legendofa on Eilistraee

3 months ago

Yisan I think think a variation of the "more followers = more power" was kind of represented by devotion in Theros, by the "can't attack or block unless" in Amonkhet, and by... not much of anything in Kaldheim. Devotion is "How deep is your faith?" The Amonkhet thing is "Are you willing to work for their favor?" So the flavor isn't quite number of followers but how faithful you were to them.

I have to admit, I don't really know the lore of Eilistraee, but a few seconds of looking comes up with some traits. She is benevolent, she wants to lead the drow out of the Underdark, and she's a protector, warrior, hunter, and musician. She doesn't want to personally intervene in the lives of her followers, but will give them hints and nudges that will let them find solutions for themselves.

The "cast from exile or graveyard" ability can be flavored as returning from banishment, but it's usually more about bringing back the dead (graveyard) or an unnatural mysticism (exile).

At this point, I'm going into my own thoughts and opinions. I think a repeatable ability similar to Elvish Harbinger or Wirewood Herald would be appropriate, instead of the cast from graveyard or exile. Or "Whenever you cast an Elf creature spell, you may draw a card." similar to Primordial Sage. Change the Ward to a stat buff, maybe +1/+2 or something.

Scytec on Lathril

4 months ago

Some extra cards to consider include Triumph of the Hordes, Elves of Deep Shadow, Copperhorn Scout, Seedborn Muse, Elvish Harbinger, End-Raze Forerunners would be a super budget Craterhoof though no where near as good either...does give your creatures trample though, Allosaurus Shepherd is stupid expensive, but insanely good because it makes your green elves uncounterable and can give you a huge bump in power as well, Fauna Shaman, Chord of Calling, Harvest Season, Overwhelming Stampede, Beastmaster Ascension, Doubling Season and Parallel Lives are both very expensive as well, but double the number of tokens you produce, and Tyvar Kell. Feel free to ask my why to any of these, they just seem solid for the combat elves strategy, not all of them necessarily belong in your list, just some options to consider. some of them are very expensive, i think i mentioned that with each though...

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