Elvish Champion

Elvish Champion

Creature — Elf

Other Elf creatures get +1/+1 and have forestwalk. (They're unblockable as long as defending player controls a Forest.)

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Set Rarity
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Rare
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal

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Elvish Champion Discussion

DragonSliver9001 on Collected Aggro Elves

1 week ago

trocroi i think Elvish Champion is better than Dwynen's Elite if you're not running Shaman of the Pack. plus over half of the top decks right now run green. i remember a game against tron where i was staring down 3 Wurmcoil Engine, and drew Elvish Champion for the win.

DragonSliver9001 on Collected Aggro Elves

2 weeks ago

Elvish Clancaller would be a strict upgrade over Bramblewood Paragon. Wren's Run Vanquisher should be replaced with Elvish Champion.

abby315 on Elves without shelves

3 weeks ago

I always make a similar recommendation to decks like this: You shouldn't have this many 1 and 2-ofs. It's fine for a starting point, but the goal should be to have a core of 3 and 4-ofs that you always want to draw. That's your game plan.

The elf lords that DeinoStinkus mentioned would be good 3 or 4-ofs, especially 3-mana ones. Elvish Champion and Elvish Archdruid are easy 4-ofs that buff your team and provide mana.

However, there are some other core elf pieces that should be 4-ofs:
Priest of Titania
Elvish Clancaller
Dwynen's Elite (because it's a 2-for-1 elf maker)

And, if your friend wants to make this deck faster, he should consider the one-drop elves. The key to an elf deck is to have as many elves as possible as quickly as possible. The one-mana mana-dork elves are perfect because they come down early, and replace themselves in mana:
Fyndhorn Elves
Elvish Mystic
Llanowar Elves

Lastly, instead of pump effect spells, you should let the lords (Champion, Archdruid, and Clancaller) do the buffing. The bane of green is always boardwipes and falling behind on spells, so consider something like Beast Whisperer for card draw and Heroic Intervention (which is probably the most expensive card I've recommended so far) for protection.

I hope that helps! My last piece of advise is to check out other mono-G elf decks on the site to get a good sense of what the deck should be doing.

DeinoStinkus on Elves without shelves

3 weeks ago

Don't use Seal of Strength. Use more Might of the Masses or Wirewood Pride.

Immaculate Magistrate is amazing. So is Elvish Archdruid and especially Gilt-Leaf Archdruid if you want to go for more druids. Ezuri, Renegade Leader and Elvish Champion make it harder to block Elves.

Ammonzy on Jund Elves

1 month ago


The only elf decks that run Elvish Clancaller are those who also run a package of Heritage Druid and/or Nettle Sentinel in order to compensate for EC's mana efficiency issue which would require me to change the style of the deck. Spending 6 mana for 1 elf lord just doesnt seem that impactful when you have to wait an entire turn to get it's full benefit where as Elvish Champion encourages you to be on the offensive immediately. Elvish Clancaller not only requires 6 mana to get a lord that will have summoning sickness, itself is now tapped & stalling your momentum for another turn. You should be aiming to be on the offensive by T4 and win by T5, with better hands winning by T4. Card advantage should not be required every game but more so to compensate for subpar hands/mulligans. Any game beyond T5 I would consider that a poor start, so Beast Whisperer and The Great Henge serve to get you out of those holes & you win games that dont go your way.

Elf decks both Golgari & monogreen are running The Great Henge for the reasons I stated. Beast Whisperer is the card that's an a rare pick-up, since elf decks easily cover the power requirement to make it cheap, with it being a manarock paying for 2G. Beast Whisperer is nothing more than a basic 4drop that requires casts afterwards to start receiving it's benefit.

I may experiment with Heritage Druid over Llanowar Tribe however that will result in weaker Collected Company pulls. Hoping Heritage Druid can serve the same purpose but at a cheaper CMC.

Mgalangzingme on Jund Elves

1 month ago

After some playtesting I unfortunately can't agree with your statements. 2 Rhythm of the Wilds is too few to have a real impact on the game, and as a result Llanowar Tribe is imo not viable at all.

As far as lords are concerned you always pick cheaper ones as a basis. Elvish Clancaller is a tremendous card, cause it lets you add more elves to the board and more +1/+1 for all of your elves. You have 7 cards that can give you card advantage, that's not a lot, and there will be games when beatdown plan is more viable than comboing off, and Clancaller is very good at it. Without any way to make one of your oponents land a forest (there is a reason merfolk play Spreading Seas, Elvish Champion is just a huge gamble for not very efficient lord. There is a reson it is not played in any of the offcial modern tournaments.

If you want to make an elfball strategy more viable you have to go up to 4 Beast Whisperers. In this deck it is better than The Great Henge because it is an elf, which synergizes with everything in your deck.

Ammonzy on Jund Elves

1 month ago


Arbor Elf is a superior mana dork to Elves of Deep Shadow as EotDS can only produce a black, which does not help us elf-ball. It's only purpose really is for mana fixing, so we can avoid Blood Moon & more reliably cast Shaman of the Pack. At the end of the day, Arbor Elf is just as effective as any other 1drop mana dork in a deck that's heavily forest based. You could make an argument for more Elvish Mystic but Arbor Elf has the luxury of untapping Overgrown Tomb or Stomping Ground if required - usually the scenario being when we elf-ball & are drawing cards at creature cast so we dont know when we may pull a Shaman of the Pack or Rhythm of the Wild.

Elvish Clancaller sounds nice but requires more mana-investment to be better than Elvish Champion which gives us evasion versus decks such as URBG, Gruul Midrange, Jund, Scapeshift, Ammy Titan, Dredge, and others. I believe the ability for us to ignore blockers vs some of the meta's best decks is better than having to pay 6 mana for 1 lord. That mana can be spent on more important things such as Beast Whisperer or Rhys the Redeemed who's 1 mana cheaper, has a cheaper ability to invest into, & an activation ability that costs the same but more impactful as going wide not only helps with more damage but synergizes with Elvish Archdruid who can produce net-positive mana after all that.

Llanowar Tribe while it has haste or coming off a Collected Company is extremely efficient. It has stats that meet the baseline for modern of being a 3/3/ for 3, with it producing mana equal to it's CMC. Meaning that with it having haste, it's basically a Burning-Tree Emissary. This mana production synergize with Ezuri, Renegade Leader, having the mana to pay for Craterhoof Behemoth without having to tap too many dorks to swing with, or pushing an elf-ball.

The Great Henge is literally a better version of Beast Whisperer as we should have 5+ power easily by the end of t3 & most definitely should on t4, making it cheaper than Beast Whisperer. With it tapping for 2G, it then pays for itself while giving us card draw on creature ETB + giving them a +1 counter. This is essential for us to elf-ball & to completely overwhelm opponents. The card draw on ETB compliments Collected Company as well where as Beast Whisperer is only on creature cast.

Mgalangzingme on Jund Elves

1 month ago

Love the idea, but I have some issues. Llanowar Tribe is just a bad card and shouldn't be used in typical elves tribal builds, it's rather a mono green ramp style card. Elvish Champion is much worse than Elvish Clancaller. Arbor Elf is a good card when you play Utopia Sprawl, but in a deck without it any dork can take it's place, and probably it would be better to have 4 Elves of Deep Shadow. Additionally, I don't see what The Great Henge is doing here, since it doesn't synergize well with low power creatures.

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