Woodfall Primus

Woodfall Primus

Creature — Treefolk Shaman


When Woodfall Primus enters the battlefield, destroy target noncreature permanent.

Persist (When this creature is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, if it had no -1/-1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a -1/-1 counter on it.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Woodfall Primus Discussion

DreadKhan on Run Hans! Run!

2 weeks ago

I feel like Acidic Slime having Deathtouch is pretty annoying for this deck. Qasali Slingers does a similar job and won't kill Hans if they fight. There isn't much else that jumps out at me that solves problems and won't kill Hans. Woodfall Primus is certainly big enough that losing Hans might be acceptable, and even if it dies, you get it back to block with.

klaudiohmm on Renata, Ungrateful

1 month ago


Thanks for your suggestions! Primal Surge is an interesting card, but I don't think that it fits this deck that well. I'm running 17 non-permanent cards, so the chances of missing a permanent with it is constantly considerable. It also costs ten mana and this deck does not generate that mana easily or early in the game.

Magus of the Order can be interesting way of tutor certain creatures in specific moments or Woodfall Primus to combo. On the other side, I think that it's very slow and vulnerable, because we will use this ability on the next turn. I guess that Natural Order , the Magus of the Order's sorcery version, should work better. I'm including this spell in the maybeboard.

Thanks again!

Kwhill on Mazirek, Kraul Death METAL Priest

1 month ago

Have you considered swapping Aerie Ouphes for something like Woodfall Primus (blow up everyone's lands) or Putrid Goblin (cheapest persist creature in your colors)?

MLS91 on Vorinclex, Counters & Superfriends

3 months ago

Woodfall Primus to combo with Renata, Called to the Hunt

Undergrowth Champion because he is also very VERY resilient in this deck

Dense Foliage is great protection for your creatures, but you'd have to see if this card has will interfere with any creatures that "move" or have "graft" like abilities, be aware that this card is symmetrical with the whole board however and not just your side, in that case i'd recommend Asceticism

cards like Phyrexian Swarmlord , Spinebiter , and Putrefax sound right up your alley.

to help your creatures get through as well, consider Bellowing Tanglewurm

Balaam__ on {BUG} Praetor Reanimator

5 months ago

Just clarifying something. As I understand it (and I could be incorrect), if you use Dimir Doppelganger’s ability to turn it into one of the creatures you plan on exiling from your graveyard, I do not think any of the etb effects of those exiled cards will trigger. Since Dimir Doppelganger is already in play when it changes into a copy of the exiled creature, it’s not entering the battlefield. For this reason (if it’s correct), I’d recommend just going with the biggest brutes green has to offer instead of stuff like Sundering Titan or Woodfall Primus. Just go with Blightsteel Colossus or Titanoth Rex or the like. You could use Sundering Titan for its “when this creature...leaves the battlefield” part, at least I think so. Again, get confirmation on all this before readjusting anything. I’d hate to lead you astray simply because I don’t have as good a grasp on the rules as I should. Otherwise, this deck is clever and well built. +1

Vertical on Golgari Deathpriest Aristocrats

6 months ago

This looks like a pretty solid deck, I built a Mazirek deck and so far I think it's my strongest. There are a few things Your deck didn't have that mine does, but your deck seems to be built for the long game, while mine is built to have one explosive turn and pretty much win then and there.

This commander loves to sacrifice things, but he shouldn't be the only one in this deck. Effects like Zulaport Cutthroat are very powerful in aristocrat style decks, and Moldervine Reclamation can be good for drawing.

One of my favorite sacrifice outlets that I didn't see on your board was Altar of Dementia which lets you mill your opponents potentially out of the game, and provides you with a free place to sacrifice your vast army! And if any of your opponents like to use a lot of graveyard recursion, throw in a Tormod's Crypt for a free sacrifice trigger and some graveyard hate. There's also Priest of Forgotten Gods which forces opponents to sacrifice, lets you draw and gives you mana!

If you want to go down the path of forcing opponents to sacrifice their creatures, effects like Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos are fantastic. If you want something that can attack, Butcher of Malakir will be your new best friend. another card that can easily shrink an opponent's army is Archfiend of Depravity. If you do go down this path, throwing in things like Kothophed, Soul Hoarder will let you draw tons of cards off of opponents sacrifices.

If you're consistently having trouble finding creatures that generate tokens, I'd suggest throwing in a Fiend Artisan who has a sacrifice and tutor effect in one. If you're running some recursion, Jarad's Orders is a fantastic way to grab the creatures you need.

Well now you've sacrificed a bunch of things and your creatures are huge but you have nothing to do with them, so what now? One of the simplest ways to win is by using Rogue's Passage or something similar to make your commander unblockable and swing for lethal damage. If you want to stay on theme, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord lets you drain your opponents fo ra ton of health with your creatures for a fairly small amount of mana as well.

If you want any infinite combos, throw in any creature with persist along with a free sac outlet. Probably the one that would be the most devastating to your opponents would be Woodfall Primus, as it can even destroy lands. When you sacrifice a creature with persist, two abilities go onto the stack, Mazirek's counter ability and the Persist ability. Since they are both your effects, you can choose what order they happen in, and you can choose to have the creature reenter the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter, and then remove that counter, and then you can sacrifice it again to repeat the loop. Check with your playgroup before you use this, as some people don't like having infinite combos in their games.

I know that was a lot and I'm sorry, but this deck was super fun and I love talking about it!

COOZCOOZCOOZ on Mayael, the Master of Monsters

7 months ago


Thank you so much for your Comment, and welcome fellow Nayan!

I have found that Bonders' Enclave really shines in the late game: When your hand is light and you have more then enough lands to Use Mayael's ability, Having just "safe" card draw on a utility land is great. That being said, I have also never run into an issue where I can't activate it, and it comes in untapped(most importantly) so Its just been a more solid late game card. Thanks to the fetches and the 3 CMC ramp, like Kodama's Reach, have helped a lot with color fixing, so as long as I have green its usually not an issue.

LOL I have never heard of Ishi-Ishi, Akki Crackshot but thats hilarious. That being said, I have used Migration Path mainly due to its flexible nature: If I have a lot of lands and dont need to ramp, I can pitch it for card draw. Also, the Deck has a LOT of high cost greatures, and accelerating on turn 4 especially (going from 4 to 6 lands) is so ideal, so often. That being said, I am getting some Commander Legends boxes and I could def swap it out for Three Visits / Nature's Lore when I test things out.

I have been testing Soul of the Harvest again. I took it out a long time ago cause I found it too slow, and there were a lot of high cost cards in the deck as it was. Now though, It is nice to possibly grab it with Mayael, but ultimately I think the slot either needs a tutor or a Sylvan Library as I have found that top-deck manipulation can work almost as well as card draw and the Library provides both. We shall see though, cause when I get my hands on Commander legends a lot of my decks are gonna get upgraded.

I had initially disliked Zacama, Primal Calamity due to the fact his ETB is on cast, and the deck primarily wants to cheat things out. However, the removal is VERY appealing, as I think the deck just needs ONE more removal card to deal with non-creature stuff and it could be epic to use. I will have to playtest it, as I was originally thinking of putting in Woodfall Primus.

You're so right about Akroma, Angel of Wrath though. There are so many times where I see her and its just a dead card cause all she does is provide solid beatdowns. Pro Black and Red is not enough value anymore, and she is gonna honestly be first on the cutting board. That being said though, Commander Legends is when I am really gonna be making modifications to my decks, so We shall see what I do.

Until then, I am so glad to hear that you love the deck! Mayael is my first and arguably one of my best decks I have, I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love being a big ol Timmy and cheating out massive Creatures into play. Please lemme know if you have other suggestions, or want me to look at something.

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