Crib Swap

Crib Swap

Tribal Instant — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type at all times.)

Exile target creature. Its controller creates a 1/1 colourless Shapeshifter creature token with changeling.

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Crib Swap Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Haakon + Changeling Tribal Instant …

2 days ago

Ah, oh shoot, forgot to explain the specifics.

Basically with Haakon out, you can repeatedly spam any of the Changeling instants from your graveyard over and over again provided they don't get exiled or anything. While Nameless Inversion and Crib Swap both provide tangible utility in the form of removal, you also have stuff like Shields of Velis Vel and Blades of Velis Vel at your disposal.

While you're spamming these tribal instants from the grave, you end up triggering Edgar Markov's trigger effect from the Command Zone, creating a 1/1 vampire token every time you do it. Find a way to give yourself infinite mana and a win condition like Goblin Bombardment or Impact Tremors, and now you can use that combo as a viable means to take out your opponents.

poulak on CAN I RUN THE BIRD? [Rule Zero] ♡

1 month ago

Really nice, Orzhov Knight is lowkey one of my top favorite tribals. Good to see my boy Haakon, Stromgald Scourge getting some work. By the way, his ability allows you to play things like Crib Swap and Nameless Inversion from the graveyard.

Stardragon on Help with Oko trickery

1 month ago

Looking for more cards like Kenrith's Transformation for my wonky transmog deck

so far I have Beast Within, Dance of the Skywise,Gift of Tusks,Mordenkainen's Polymorph,Ovinize,Polymorphist's Jest,Pongify,Rampage of the Clans,Rapid Hybridization,Snakeform,Startling Development,Turn to Frog,Frogify,Ichthyomorphosis,Lignify,Curse of the Swine,Transmogrifying Wand,Oko, Thief of Crowns and Terastodon in my main deck and

Here's a Link to my deck in case you need it Transforming Oneself . PS. if you think of clever or funny name for this let know as well

Gattison on Cleric Roberts (12-Priest)

2 months ago

KodenejmBerni: Graceful Reprieve is here because it can target my creatures AND my opponent's creatures, for instance if I have no Turn to Mists or Crib Swaps in hand, I still have the opportunity to leverage some life swings. Most of the time it will save my own creatures though, when I chump with them.

You do raise a good point about the 4 mana required to pull it off though. Perhaps I should take out a couple and add some actual removal. Thanks for the help!

passimo: Yes, Spell_Slam mentioned it above a while back. I'm just now getting around to scrounging some up copies and updating the deck. (I have, and continue to make, a lot of decks so I don't get around to updating as often as I'd like.) I actually just discovered Afterlife, which is pauper legal thanks to MTGO, and it actually destroys, rather than exiles, meaning better synergy with Graceful Reprieve, so I'm also considering that now, too. So thanks, lol, I already pre-approved your suggestion! And glad to hear you like the deck!

smack80 on Syr Haakon's Big Sister

2 months ago

Fighter Class is built for this deck. Actually there are tons of new Knights in Forgotten realms who will go awesome in this deck: Guardian of Faith , Forsworn Paladin , Triumphant Adventurer , Vorpal Sword etc.

Haakon is best used with the 2 tribal removal, as said above. Crib Swap and nameless inversion. Inversion can push through more damage or kill. In my knights deck, I found that Haakon required too much discard support that wasn't great without him to really justify his inclusion. Call the Bloodline may help.

You may find that Circle of Loyalty doesn't do very much. The issue with knights is that they have two sub-themes; equipment, and go wide with tokens. But there aren't enough cards that are good enough in commander to support the go-wide theme and it is pretty weak. That's why I don't like anthems that aren't also creatures in Knights. The problem with the equipment theme is all the good equipment costs like $50 apiece.

Mirror Entity is one of the best knights around. You don't need that many dudes to crush a player.

passimo on Cleric Roberts (12-Priest)

3 months ago

Always like sadistic decks. Have you thought of Crib Swap as a removal? I'd see it well in place of Humble. It's not as thematic, unless this Is a cult of priests who steal babies for some reason, but letting the opponent play a token synergies well with the deck imo.

BrassLord on Celestial Kirin, the Salty Spirit

6 months ago

@ king-saproling, Hmm... Maskwood Nexus was on my radar. In my current build I tried to include as many spirit creatures that were playable as I could, though there could be an argument to run it if I ever cut more of the spirits for more efficient creatures.

Thank you for the other suggestions! Crib Swap was one that I just forgot to add! I like the ability to destroy permeants at instant speed once the commander is online. I keep seeing Inventors' Fair suggested on decks, I may have to break down and at least try it out hahaha. The Banner and Teferi's Protection I have set aside, as I think they'd both be really good in the deck, but I'm struggling to make cuts lol. In theory the goal was to curve into the commander and consistently blow up the lands turn 4-5, so I didn't include a whole lot of interaction, but as I playtest I am considering adding more interaction or card draw to consistently get armageddon effects

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