Goblin Electromancer

Goblin Electromancer

Creature — Goblin Wizard

Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

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Goblin Electromancer Discussion

legendofa on How does "costs less" interact …

3 months ago

Let's say I have Nightscape Familiar and Goblin Electromancer out. What's the minimum I need to pay for X to get all effects of Multiple Choice ?

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Modern Horizons 2 Spoilers

3 months ago

So I have been so focused on what Tireless Provisioner can do for my Omnath deck, I completely overlooked the power of Goblin Anarchomancer , good lord that card is strong for an uncommon. At least Goblin Electromancer only discounts instants and sorceriers, but every red or green spell? Hot damn!

wallisface on Swiftspear Insanity

3 months ago

Interesting build. Though it feels kindof like you’ve mashed three decks together - prowess, storm, and Runaway Steam-Kin. I think you should try and focus more on what you want from this deck and build it more tunnel-visioned down that design

  • Prowess decks want lots of small spells to get large prowess numbers, but they don’t really want ramp outside of Manamorphose , and they certainly don’t want non-prowess creatures (they also want a creature-count around 16ish).

  • Storm wants lots of ramp and card draw into a finishing storm spell, but the only creatures they’d ever want are Baral, Chief of Compliance and Goblin Electromancer - and they’re generally just looking to combo off.

  • Steam-Kin decks (at least the one’s i’ve seen), are looking to flood the board with creatures (think Burning-Tree Emissary ) and then win through a go-wide beat down. I believe there’s a variation of Steam-Kin deck that just plays that creature and combos off, but i’m not personally familiar with that.

I guess what i’m saying, is currently it looks like your deck can do a lot of things decently-averagely, but nothing massively well. I’d suggest focusing on what you want this deck to do, and cut away whatever chaff that entails.

RicketyEng on Can Jadzi trigger herself?

4 months ago

Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios  Flip has a Magecraft ability which can allow you to cast another instant or sorcery from the top of your library. That would then trigger Jadzi again, correct?

I've been doing some playtesting and when I have a high number of instants/sorceries in the deck and a cost reducer (such as Goblin Electromancer ) it feels like it is way too busted to be true. So I thought I had better double check that I hadn't misread something.

VinDiesel9999 on Thought Flare and Niv Mizzet …

4 months ago

I have never really used Thoughtflare in my deck, but now that I have been playing Niv-Mizzet, Parun , I've noticed a synergy with it. Especially since I have some Goblin Electromancer s to reduce the cost to UR. What do think about that as little combo in an Izzet deck.

As always leave your suggestions for better cards than Thoughtflare , since I'm not particularly fond of it and wouldn't mind replacing it.

Hardhitta7 on

4 months ago

I can’t add too much to what nathanielhebert suggested, they got to pretty much everything.

The rituals will really help with the storm count as well as some cantrips. Manamorphose is a must have in storm, free storm count and replaces itself.

I would replace the frogs with more Moment's Peace or Commencement of Festivities .

I would cut the Nature's Spiral completely. And Past in Flames would be better than Call to Mind .

Things that cheapen your instants/sorceries would help a lot too like Goblin Electromancer or Baral, Chief of Compliance . If you don’t want creatures you can run Primal Amulet  Flip or Jace's Sanctum .

Aria of Flame is probably better than Red Sun's Zenith . Maybe better than Ignite Memories depending on what kinda decks your facing.

Saccox on Flying Wizards Pezzent

4 months ago

Hey nathanielhebert! This deck it's building in paper and maybe is the harder strong for my decks "Pezzent". Goblin Electromancer it's alredy present in 4X and Kaza, Roil Chaser put it in the pioneer version. Now i would like to increase Adeliz, the Cinder Wind or Umara Mystic ,they are two very strong cards! I should do it soon a mono u mage deck based on Naban, Dean of Iteration ,if you want to stay updated add me for friend ^^. I have lots of other ultra-budget decks if you want to have a look

nathanielhebert on Flying Wizards Pezzent

4 months ago

Just piping in to say this is a cool concept — similar in spirit to your Unblockable Pezzent! deck, but with flying, hasted wizards to sneak the damage through! Loving the mana-ramp with Goblin Electromancer , and the various wizard synergies to keep spell costs down and to get those damage counters in place. (the +1/+1's sometimes compound quickly in a turn!)

I have a speedy, Warrior-tribal deck, and now I'm curious to pit them against each other in the ultimate showdown of Wizards vs. Warriors. In practise, I've been "mana-screwed" a few games with bad shuffles, so when I'm building this in paper, will likely add some dual-lands like Shivan Reef that I've got on hand. While I'm at it, I also threw a Kaza, Roil Chaser into the cart — I'll let you know how it goes, but happy to be soon flying to victory. Kudos!

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