Elvish Visionary

Elvish Visionary

Creature — Elf Shaman

When Elvish Visionary enters the battlefield, draw a card.

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Elvish Visionary Discussion

abby315 on Monomanamaniac's Infinite elves

2 weeks ago

To make cuts, you'll need to pick a lategame plan. In theory, the strength of Elves is that you can snowball a bunch of small creatures which works for an aggro plan without much assistance, and those small creatures also contribute to a combo turn.

Right now you have several lategame payoffs: Ezuri, Renegade Leader; Primal Surge; Elvish Promenade; and Joraga Warcaller. Though you're a combo deck, you also have a few random tribal beatdown cards in Steel Leaf Champion and Elvish Clancaller that don't really fit with your main plan.

You should pick one top-end thing that you want to do and cut the rest. In most modern elf decks that's Craterhoof Behemoth or Ezuri. My suggestion is to cut every lategame piece except for Ezuri and Joraga Warcaller, and maybe add a Craterhoof or keep one Primal Surge (but just one so you can ensure you hit the whole deck). I would also shave Beast Whisperer to 2x.

The following cards I think are too slow or non-impactful for Modern: Imperious Perfect, Steel Leaf Champion, Marwyn, the Nurturer, Elvish Visionary. I also think Fauna Shaman is much worse if you aren't running Craterhoof.

That'd be my starting point for cuts. You can always look at other modern Elf decks for inspiration. GLHF!

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

2 months ago

Bell Borca is a character whom I did not expect would receive his own card, but the card itself is an interesting new idea that has not been used, before, so I like it, although I am still said that there are still no cards for Ashnod and Gix.

I am very pleased to see that Swords to Plowshares is being reprinted, again, although I am less pleased that the judge promo artwork is being used, since that makes it less special.

Hellkite courser is very awesome, because its ability bypasses the commander tax, since the player is not actually casting their commander from the command zone.

Finally, the white mythic rare legendary creature has been revealed, and I am so glad to see that it is a new incarnation of Akroma, my favorite creature in the game! Even better, she has a lower mana cost than do her previous incarnations, so I am very pleased with her card, overall. Her will is also very awesome, and I wonder if I can make room for it in any of my existing decks.

It is so nice that there is now finally a card of Jared Carthalion, a character from a comic series back in the early days of this game.

The red court, court of ire, is very straightforward, but that is to be expected of red, the least subtle color in this game.

Dawnglade regent is very nice, but its high mana cost means that I am not certain if I can use it to replace Privileged Position in my decks.

Ingenuity engine is amazing; repeatable artifact recursion for a relatively low cost will definitely make many players happy.

I definitely like how elvish doomsayer is the exact opposite of Elvish Visionary; that was a great idea by WotC.

Feast of succession has great artwork by Seb McKinnon, so I would like to see him release an artbook, one day.

Soul of eternity is better than Serra Avatar, but I still wish that it had a keyword ability, such as flying, first strike, lifelink, or vigilance.

Kwain must be the counterpart to Archelos, so I find it to be very odd that he does not contain the color red.

I like body of knowledge very much, so I hope that I can find room for it in some of my decks.

Sol Ring really should have been upgraded to a rare, since this set is designed for drafting, and it being only an uncommon will make it far too abundant (let alone the fact that it is insanely powerful).

Guildless commons is a colorless counterparts to the Ravnica bouncelands, so I wonder why it took WotC so long to print such a card?

ZerglingRushWins on Xenagos, God of Revels and obscene power

3 months ago

Hi Profet93. Thanks for dropping by and for the great suggestions.

About Deflecting Swat, yes, I've been considering to remove Red Elemental Blast to try it out. However, almost all combo decks in my area use blue to finish off the table. It has been a tough choice but I will definitely find a spot for the Swat.

About card draw, yes, this is a tough spot. Life's Legacy but being sorcery speed while requiring sacrifice as a cost really hurts in my area, had too many 2 for 1s against counterspells and Notion Thief, also many of my beaters are often responded to during combat so I found myself with nothing to sac before I end my turn. Momentous Fall has allowed me to circumvent that a lot.

I am currently considering Reforge the Soul and Skullclamp (now that you suggested it). I think the later could be very useful, I could add Elvish Visionary and Sylvan Ranger to have mlre targets and help thin my deck further, those happen to be elves too so they would even help Titania.

A typical turn 1 to 4 secuence is T1 Dork T2 another dork /ramp / Tomb, T3 Xenagod, T4 Malignus / Phyrexian Hydra / Pathbreaker / Scourge of the Throne to try to kill someone and then move in to the next target. Combos start appearing on turn 5 but are not a main wincon here.

I used to run Yavimaya Hollow long ago, but for some reason it feels it worked better on decks such as Ruric Stax or Yisan for me. In addition to the Moon package factor, I rarely found myself with enough open mana to activate Hollow. Not that I ever felt like I truly needed it anyways.

I love Elder Gargaroth. However, the Hydra has been one of my best win conditions in spite of the hate it can pull. Being paired with Xenagod really helps. Also, I don't really have that many ways to kill multiple opponents at once. So I'd like to run both beaters first and see how well that goes.

Feel free to continue thr discussion, this has beem quite useful.

RNR_Gaming on

3 months ago

Lol what exactly is the budget? Or is this budget on mtgo? Anyways, Intruder Alarm, Cloudstone Curio, and Elvish Visionary could give you some redundancy and alternative lines if the primary ones don't work out. I know lab maniac Siggy has done a brew on this commander and it's pretty dope. Retraction Helix and Banishing Knack give it that extra spyce factor.

enpc on Fixing White in EDH

4 months ago

Omniscience_is_life: I listed like 4 repeatable card draw effects, not even counting all the repeatable equipment ones. And I don't see how a card that does something and draws you a single card is still bad? Elvish Visionary only draws one card, must be bad...

I'm not trying to advocate that white has an amazing draw package. But what I am say is that white has a capable draw package. And when you balance that against the rest of white's strengths (graveyard recursion, removal, stax, pillow fort, lifegain, equipment, tokens) then white's card draw is in a healthy place.

But if people want to ignore what white does well and only complain about the fact that their deck is underperforming becuase they didn't attempt to leverage any of the other things that white does, then I have little sympathy. Or that they were determined to play mono-white rahter than just splashing blue or green or black for more card advantage if there was a concern about underperforming.

brainface on Karador isn't going to take it anymore

4 months ago

Argothian Elder This feels too awkward for mana fixing and I can't remember why it's there.

Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen This is one of two sources of lifegain, a lord, and... maybe not good enough?

Elvish Harbinger I'm not sure I need this many tutors, and it works poorly with poacher. Oth, tutor all color manadork ain't bad.

Elvish Visionary I'm guessing there's better versions at higher cmc now, but I may still want this one.

Izoni, Thousand-Eyed I really just want to play her a time or three and see if she works. She's very mana hungry all around though.

Reveille Squad This may just be win-more, and has to be telegraphed before attackers are declared

Timberwatch Elf Imaculate magistrate is a better version of this card, but having both has made the difference before

Wirewood Channeler This is the worst version of this effect I have, but does tap for any color.

Aura Shards This card is gross bonkers... BUUUUTTTT i only have so many, and this may be the deck that needs it LEAST?

Selesnya Signet This and sol ring are my only mana rocks... if I'm running no others, I probably don't need this one.

Reito Lantern If it's unclear, this is graveyard hate and ETB self tuck. It's... it's cute. I don't know if it's good. But it may be cute enough to keep.

ghostmode on Historic Party Bus

4 months ago

I had a lot of fun with Bant Party Bus lol, but this brings up some cool ideas! Hostage Taker seems interesting if you could squeeze the use out of him, and Blood for Bones seems great. I wonder if there's a Scholar of the Ages brew with Blood for Bones.. that combo is awesome lol.

The Battlement is awesome. I was using lots of Elvish Visionarys and Llanowar Visionarys (ramps a bit too!) and the main idea of the deck was Leyline of Anticipation. It's hilarious flashing in Battlement to scoop up blockers and then instant-speed Shatter the Sky to draw a card, sweep the board, and get my entire board back drawing 5 more cards lol. Elite Guardmage seems pretty good here, maybe I'll have to try that!

Yorion, Sky Nomad and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling are really great inclusions that both fit into your Esper colors as well. And Cloudshift can do some stuff! I found less use in Long Road Home but it exists and can also target the opponents creatures last resort if you need to eliminate a certain effect temporarily.. I've had that happen.

Apollo_Paladin on ElfLand

4 months ago

Initial Thoughts:

  • 2 mana for 1 Card Draw is not bad at all for Green, but unless you've got a way to return and/or recur Elvish Visionary in some way, it's not a massive benefit. I'm much more a fan of things like Vanquisher's Banner, Sylvan Messenger, and/or Regal Force since in each case you're dealing with more than 1 single draw (which especially if you're having reliability issues already; is just a roll of the dice).

  • I would definitely recommend factoring in 4x Priest of Titania. They're a little pricier than I normally like to purchase singles at, but it's not like they're ridiculous either (common rarity helps). There is simply no better (or cheaper dollar-wise) way to generate mana early-on in Elf Decks unless you're prepared to drop 50-100 dollars per single on something(s) ridiculous.

  • It looks like Ambush Commander could find a nice home here since you appear to use actual Lands more than my Elf build does. He'd add some additional synergy to the Elvish Pioneer/Sylvan Advocate theme you've focused on.

  • I can't seem to find a single Elf Deck that wouldn't benefit from Vitalize. It's instant speed, cheap cost, and just combos beautifully with so many different Elf Abilities.

  • I definitely feel that all 4 of your Overrun can be replaced with something better. Between both the mana cost as well as an identical (repeatable) ability on Ezuri, Renegade Leader, there's far better options here. Even something like Wirewood Pride could be a decent replacement...not only is it instant-speed to be used on either offense or defense, but its low cost means you can land early attacks in faster (I prefer to play it after blockers have already been declared and they've let some seemingly worthless 1/1 through).

  • I don't see a reason to use Druid's Deliverance here at all...not ton of Token generation going on here except from the 4x Elvish Promenade...and even then you're only paying 1 mana to Populate a 1/1 token. If you had better Tokens you could use Populate on, that'd be one thing but since it doesn't work on Non-Token creatures I think you could just as easily use Fog or something similar to save yourself a mana to cast.

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