Nameless Inversion

Nameless Inversion

Tribal Instant — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type at all times.)

Target creature gets +3/-3 and loses all creature types until end of turn.

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Nameless Inversion Discussion

fellipemachado on Kauan Khights

3 weeks ago

thank you for the feedback ClockworkSwordfish I agree that Knight of Malice and Knight of Grace are far better options.

Do you have an opinion on what should I exchange for Mercenary Knight?

Do you use Nameless Inversion just to kill creatures?

thanks for all the suggestions

ClockworkSwordfish on Kauan Khights

3 weeks ago

It might be wise to include a couple ways to discard cards if you're piloting Haakon. Call the Bloodline is a solid option, since it can score you a little extra life to undo your big guy's drawback and lets you pitch all of your creatures for another body once Haakon himself is online. Another classic tribal option is Mercenary Knight, who is big for his cost and sets Haakon up perfectly.

I'm not sure how hard you're focusing on running with Haakon, by the way, but if you're making some effort to get him going every game, I strongly recommend Nameless Inversion and Crib Swap as removal pieces. Haakon lets you play any knight from your graveyard, not just creatures, and since these two spells are both knights, he allows you to replay them from your graveyard again and again, wiping out opposing forces with ease.

Otherwise, I would recommend trying out Knight of Grace and Knight of Malice over the classic Black and White Knights. Those less colour-heavy mana costs are a godsend in a deck with mostly basic lands, and a 3/2 with First Strike for two mana can do a lot of good work against creature-based decks.

griffstick on Sliver Overlord and Sliver Hive

3 months ago

I wanted to say no real quick I was just about to write alot saying it can grab a card that has changeling. For instance it can grab Ego Erasure, Blades of Velis Vel, Nameless Inversion, Shields of Velis Vel, Crib Swap, and Wings of Velis Vel.

GrimlockVIII on Haakon + Changeling Tribal Instant …

3 months ago

Ah, oh shoot, forgot to explain the specifics.

Basically with Haakon out, you can repeatedly spam any of the Changeling instants from your graveyard over and over again provided they don't get exiled or anything. While Nameless Inversion and Crib Swap both provide tangible utility in the form of removal, you also have stuff like Shields of Velis Vel and Blades of Velis Vel at your disposal.

While you're spamming these tribal instants from the grave, you end up triggering Edgar Markov's trigger effect from the Command Zone, creating a 1/1 vampire token every time you do it. Find a way to give yourself infinite mana and a win condition like Goblin Bombardment or Impact Tremors, and now you can use that combo as a viable means to take out your opponents.

GrimlockVIII on Haakon + Changeling Tribal Instant …

3 months ago

I'll never use this combo myself because Ill probably never use Edgar Markov, but I realized you could make a shitload of 1/1 vampires in an Edgar Markov deck with Haakon, Stromgald Scourge in play and any of the on-color changeling tribal instants like Nameless Inversion.

I know similar combos with Haakon have been used in Zombie and Knight commander decks, but Ive never seen this in Edgar decks considering you don't actually need Edgar in play for it to go off.

Just thought Id throw this out there in case anyone was curious.

Beware on Commander - Rule 0: Looking …

3 months ago

Nameless Inversion technically does it... >.>

poulak on Altar of Despair

4 months ago

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge andNameless Inversion is one of my favorite synergies so props to Saccox. Didn't know about Frogtosser Banneret either, pretty fun stuff.

poulak on CAN I RUN THE BIRD? [Rule Zero] ♡

4 months ago

Really nice, Orzhov Knight is lowkey one of my top favorite tribals. Good to see my boy Haakon, Stromgald Scourge getting some work. By the way, his ability allows you to play things like Crib Swap and Nameless Inversion from the graveyard.

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