Distant Melody

Distant Melody


Choose a creature type. Draw a card for each permanent you control of that type.

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Distant Melody Discussion

legendofa on Slivers Deck Help (Modern)

1 week ago

I'm not a Sliver expert, so get your grain of salt ready, but here are my thoughts.

First thing is mana fixing. I see three Manaweft Sliver. If you want to go five colors, I would add at least 2-3 mana slivers, either Manaweft or Gemhide Sliver. Depending on your land base, a playset of each might work. They're still very helpful at 2-4 colors.

Galerider Sliver and Diffusion Sliver are both very good effects, and you almost have a full playset of both, so those can make a good core. You don't need to have more than one Galerider in play, but you definitely want that one available with others on standby in your hand, and Diffusion stacks with itself to make spot removal near useless.

The and options seem underwhelming, although Cloudshredder Sliver is a decent backup to Galerider. Most of the red ones being singletons also makes them easier to set aside.

I don't see any special combos outside of the usual Sliver synergy, so a straightforward approach of "lay down Slivers and attack" is probably the way to go.

Looking at this collection (and again, not being a Sliver expert), I would suggest making a core and stocking up on mana Slivers to get access to the Cloudshredders and Striking Slivers, keeping the mana costs low for a fast, aggressive deck.

Possible template:

4 Manaweft Sliver

2 Gemhide Sliver

4 Galerider Sliver

4 Diffusion Sliver

3 Cloudshredder Sliver

4 Sentinel Sliver

2 Striking Sliver

3 Tempered Sliver

2 Bonescythe Sliver

4 Predatory Sliver

2 Distant Melody

2 Wrap in Vigor

24 lands

ActionReplay on Zombies Wilhelt base

1 month ago

Also, I highly recommend you add Distant Melody. Best draw card in my deck. Sometimes I draw 7+ cards with 4 mana. If you have the money for it Necroduality Is similar to Reflections of Littjara and if you have them both out you'll be cranking out zombies at an incredible rate. If one of those zombies happen to be Gray Merchant of Asphodel You will heal a lot and might just outright win on the spot. (copies of gray will also give 2 devotion I believe) If you need more flying Eternal Skylord has pulled me out of some binds. If you don't mind humans in your deck Archetype of Imagination will also fix any flying needs. At that point it just comes down to preference and what is in your playgroup. Most of the players I go up against have lots of fliers so it is always an issue. Sometimes I want more uses for those decayed zombies and Gravespawn Sovereign gives it to me. With him and four decayed zombies you can pull a creature from any graveyard onto your battlefield once every turn. If you just got board wiped and all you have left are decayed zombies from either Wilhelt or Crowded Crypt Gravespawn can help you bounce back. Just pointing out that these cards exist and what I use them for, but I would highly recommend Distant Melody and Necroduality for your deck. Hope you have fun playing and comment how you do with the deck as you gain experience with it. I play the same commander and would like to know if you find some cards work really well with your deck and if others don't. Good Luck!!

itsdip30 on Mono-Yellow Puppet Tribal

2 months ago

With all of those birds, have you considered Distant Melody ?

tweet tweet

Optimator on Alela

3 months ago

I love that you have Distant Melody in. Another card to consider is Painful Truths. It's outstanding in three-color decks.

I would cut Faerie Tauntings. You don't have enough instants and Flash cards to make it worth it. I also think that you have too many anthems to make Intangible Virtue worth a slot. You will have lots of non-token faeries.

Mace of the Valiant is decent but it could e an early cut for an upgrade. If you could replace it with Coat of Arms you'd be golden. Expensive card though. Speaking of which, can't wait for the Smothering Tithe reprint. Needs to happen!

m0x on Bird Supremecy

4 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Some of those are great fits, especially Reflections of Littjara and Distant Melody.

I think the main thing to think about with them is how many higher cmc spells we can fit as the heavy card draw favors a lower mana curve.

king-saproling on

5 months ago

Poppet Stitcher  Flip would be insane here due to the ability on the flip side: "Creature tokens you control lose all abilities.." This means that Poppet Factory + Wilhelt + a sac outlet + any zombie is infinite sacks. You could also include cards to fetch Poppet Stitcher like Drift of Phantasms, Dimir Machinations, Vedalken AEthermage, and Step Through.

You might like these too: Pitiless Plunderer, Distant Melody, Carrion Feeder

Gattison on Representation: List of Tribal Support in Pauper

6 months ago

I randomly decided to scroll through the comments to see if I missed anything... and I did!

I forgot all about generic tribal support cards, like Distant Melody and Raise the Draugr, so I added them to the "Generic Tribal Support" section in the description.


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