Tidehollow Sculler

Tidehollow Sculler

Artifact Creature — Zombie

When Tidehollow Sculler enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card.

When Tidehollow Sculler leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to its owner's hand.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Tidehollow Sculler Discussion

Lowenstein on A few TSR foils and …

4 days ago

I've got foil Dreadhorde Arcanist , Tidehollow Sculler , and Treasure Cruise .

I also have 4 Japanese Serra Ascendant from Iconic Masters.

Looking to sell or trade. I sell a ton on ebay, but I thought I would put it up here too. Lmk if you're interested,

Lowenstein on Sell or hold TSR singles??

4 weeks ago

Just opened two boxes of time spiral remastered. Normally I know to sell my singles asap, but this time I’m not as sure. Let’s say I have foil time shifted Treasure Cruise and Tidehollow Sculler , and 90 and 80 respectively. Should I try to sell them now? They might go down as supply increases, but maybe holding them would be good.

Also then there are the sets normal cards, like Sliver Legion or Damnation . Would those be good to just sell asap?

Thanks all

Drcfan on Devotion to White Angels

1 month ago


Yes this is an absolute legit strategy but hard to pull off consistently. You have two sets of cards you need. "Permanents with ETB triggers" & "Flicker Spells" If you draw only one of those sets, you are basically screwed. If you still want to try, it will work best if you splash a bit black or blue. (I think it is not worth to play in mono white)

Permanents with ETB trigger abuse - Journey to Nowhere , Tidehollow Sculler , Fiend Hunter , Oblivion Ring , Angel of Serenity

Creature Flicker - Cloudshift , Essence Flux , Ephemerate , Restoration Angel , Eldrazi Displacer , Justiciar's Portal , Momentary Blink

Permanent Flicker - Flicker of Fate , Blizzard Strix , Teferi's Time Twist

TriusMalarky on PSA: URO to be banned …

2 months ago

Me: * Plays in non-Standard formats where white black lifegain is bad *

White black as a color pair only really sees play in Standard. AFAIK, the only other competitive WB list is DnT variants with Tidehollow Sculler in Modern, and even then it's not a super common list.

Also, UG has been buffed, probably too far. It's both a fun color pair, and something that Wizards didn't playtest correctly. The main problem is that the cards they've released recently just end up being able to grind out anyone. Nobody can out grind a UG deck anymore.

Of course, it's been almost 2 years so we're starting to see the UG cards that happened after all the broken stuff.

While I agree Uro is a fun card to play, it's really not healthy for any format, just because it generates so much advantage that you really can't outpace someone with a Uro on the board. It's not game breaking, it's just so good that it's already not fun to see from across the table because you know that you need to pull in your paths or you'll probably lose.

wallisface on Theory Crafting a Turbo Tibalt …

3 months ago

The front half is defo not modern-competitive, it’s faar too weak compared to the modern meta. It’ll just be a weaker Tidehollow Sculler in 99% of games you play it, imo.

The Tibalt side is certainly strong, but if you’re wanting to guarantee the cascade hits it, then you’re making faar too many concessions for the deck as a whole to be viable (i maintain that the closest similarity is Living End, which while can be gravehated, would be able to win faster, be more consistent, and can actually do something in the first few turns of the game (cycling))

The card may see play in a deck like Jund, as you can still play your normal plan, and if you happen to get lucky with your cascade and get Tibalt out from it, all the better. However, even in this case, the deck doesn’t gave many cards it wants to ditch to make room for (at most) 2x Tibalt - and then the odds of it being useful are low (though the payoff would be huge).

So, tldr: i think its best bet of seeing play is as a 1-or-2-of in Jund, though i’m not convinced there’s room for him. He won’t be made into a deck all of his own, as the existing decks that cheat out cards (Living End, and also UR Rhino) just have much stronger payoffs and can enact their wins faster.

JW398 on The hatebear council of orzhova

5 months ago


Just saw the link to your deck so I figured I'd stop by.

I found this little tidbit on Tidehollow Sculler and blink effects. It should work with Skyclave Apparition too.

  • When the Sculler ETBs, its ETB trigger goes on the stack.

  • With the ETB trigger on the stack, if you flicker it (with Eldrazi Displacer, let's say) you'll get another ETB and an LTB trigger on the stack at the same time, because it leaves the battlefield and enters it again all at once. The LTB trigger that's now on the stack is linked to the first ETB trigger which is at the bottom of the stack, which hasn't resolved yet, and so when it resolves there is no card exiled to put back.

  • So you get one ETB trigger to take a card that will get put back when the Sculler leaves the battlefield, and one that will permanently exile a card.

  • Ultimately, since the first ETB trigger (the one that exiles permanently) is at the bottom of the stack and therefore resolves second, the first card you choose will come back when Sculler leaves, and the second won't.

Needless to say, after learning this, I think I need to rework my deck a little bit.



JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

5 months ago

Hey, Ursaromg! I can definitely do that :D. What I've begun to notice in the deck, is it can be helpful to have a baddie on the board every now and again, because sometimes the combo does end up getting broken up too much by control, especially in game 1. Steel Leaf Champion is super annoying to deal with, and is well worth it's mana cost for how much of a threat it is the moment it lands. Gives me enough of a reprieve to get to the combo, or can just win on it's own sometimes.

Same with Polukranos, Unchained. Sometimes, by the time I get a Glittering Wish, I have nothing going on the board. Being able to reach for a big bad with a Wish has become a move I realize I need, and Treasured Find wasn't really the power bomb that I thought it was. I changed that slot from passive to aggressive, and it has been awesome. Polukranos, Unchained can exist as a giant body on the board not once but twice. But also, if I've gotten behind in creature power, it can sweep the whole board, not one but twice.

Skyclave Apparition is the card I've always been looking for in this deck. I have tried so many less versions of what this can can do, with things like Leonin Relic-Warder, Kitesail Freebooter, Tidehollow Sculler, and Fairgrounds Warden. None of them end up being that particularly effective, because the opponent gets their card right back most of the time. Skyclave Apparition doesn't give them their stuff back ever, and is more like Spell Queller or Thought-Knot Seer, which are amazing. Skyclave is so good it is being used across all formats. It can get rid of any threat on the board, from creature, to artifact, to planeswalker, or enchantment. That token isn't much to worry about either with the amount of creatures I play throughout the game. Plus, it's only 4/4 at the most.

Fiend Artisan is an all-star. Just like Ggoyf, I wait until I have 3 creatures in the graveyard until I first play him, so he can survive the initial Bolt. Its ability reigns supreme as Birthing Pod on a stick, which is incredibly useful after it survives its summoning sickness. Plus, the passive ability triggers Rhonas the Indomitable, it can be tapped for Chord of Calling, it's never not useful.

I've always had an eye on Voice of Resurgence, since it was first printed. But it seems better as a set of 4, and I don't have room for that at this point. Plus, just a little bit underpowered compared to cards like Kambal, Consul of Allocation, Vexing Shusher, and Grand Abolisher, which tingle my giblets just a bit more.

Thanks for asking! I really appreciate you and others having kept up with and encouraged me over all this years, it's definitely what helps keep this deck firmly my favorite deck in all of Magic.

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