Tidehollow Sculler

Tidehollow Sculler

Artifact Creature — Zombie

When this enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card.

When this leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to its owner's hand.

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Tidehollow Sculler Discussion

jacobpmesser on Grixis Zirda Bolas Control

5 days ago

I did something like that with Training Grounds. You're missing so many good cards... like Training Grounds. I don't see a date but Valki, God of Lies  Flip is better than Tidehollow Sculler. Then, there's alsways Pack Rat. Draw 2 from Nicol Bolas, BB to make rats.

And with Zirda and/or Training Ground... Lavaclaw Reaches is one of those sneaky manlands that can get huge.

Boogsbay on Orzhov Gravecrawler/ Zombie Sacrifice

3 weeks ago

The deck looks good but seems somewhat slow. Some suggestions IMO would be:

Some considerations:

  • Corpse Knight over Wayward Servant to include Zulaport Cutthroat for ETB triggers.

  • Unearth over Blasting Station if you already swapped out some land for Geralf's Messenger. These two, at the very least, makes the opponent lose 8 life; more with Cutthroat and Knight on the field. Reanimating other creatures is also another viable strategy to get out of a tight situation.

  • Ghoulish Procession over Jadar since it's a nonlegendary permanent that can potentially make more zombies to fuel an aristocrats strategy and trigger ETB and death triggers.

For sideboard:

austinbromine97 on Kaya's Exile Ale

1 month ago

Definitely a good suggestion! I've not seen that card before, it might work out better than Tidehollow Sculler.

Ammonzy on General Ferrous Midrange [Modern 5c GoodStuff]

2 months ago


Awesome idea, Glittering Wish may be better than the Tidehollow Sculler so definitely worth experimenting. Thank you

zapyourtumor on BW Blink Rack

3 months ago

lagotripha Thank you for commenting. Tidehollow Sculler is one of my favorite cards but I did not run it here for a number of reasons. I don't want to run more than 8 flickerable creatures, so basically I'll be comparing it against Burglar Rat .

  1. The rebound from Ephemerate is usually wasted with Sculler, which means it only exiles 1 card permanently and 1 card until it dies, compared with rats discarding 3. Also, if we have a sculler on the field and topdeck ephemerate, we can't really do anything either.

  2. Usually the sculler will end up dying, making the combo only a 2 for 1 (instead of a 2 for 3), either because the opponent has nothing else to spend their removal on or because it was sacrificed to our own Smallpox (having rats/grief with a smallpox is much less awkward since we don't care as much if they die).

  3. There are only 8 pieces of targeted hand disruption (inquisition + grief) here for a reason because drawing into that kind of spell late game is much worse than a normal discard effect since opponents will frequently hold lands. By turn 3, which is when you can cast sculler+ephemerate, you usually want to be just powering out as much discard as possible instead of targeted discard.

  4. Rats gets around leyline

  5. Regarding the sideboard slots, I would rather run more hate cards.

I hope this answered your question.

lagotripha on BW Blink Rack

3 months ago

If you are running ephemirate in B/W discard without Tidehollow Sculler , why? It is at least competing for sideboard slots.

Lowenstein on H: Modern Horizons 2 value

4 months ago

You can check out my binder, but it has a few good things, inlcuding a foil Grief , Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer , and foil Esper Sentinel .

Two other random things are a foil TSR Tidehollow Sculler and a foil Wheel and Deal .

I'm looking to sell the cards, but if anyone has any good modern trades I'm down to check them out.

lagotripha on Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

4 months ago

I feel like leaning far harder into 1 and 2 drops would make the pyre/Vial/Crawler setup a lot stronger. Just 'fetch a zombie from your deck each turn' is pretty strong.

Undead Augur Draws cards, likes sacrifice, on type&theme, cmc right for gravecrawler.

Cryptbreaker ditto, but also a 1 drop.

Worth considering;

Black Cat / Miasmic Mummy / Rotting Rats Forces a discard and sets up for a 'go to 3 mana' turn. Amazing for getting grindy.

Dreadhorde Arcanist strongest zombie and recurring thoughtsieze is good- plays into a spells matter theme with Unearth

Corpse Knight / Wayward Servant for gravecrawler drain if the deck shifts towards W/B, with vial/pyre easing the splash.

Tidehollow Sculler Hand disruption is goood

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