Lead the Stampede

Lead the Stampede


Look at the top five cards of your library. You may reveal any number of creature cards from among them and put the revealed cards into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Lead the Stampede Discussion

RNR_Gaming on New player looking for advice …

3 months ago

Have you guys considered doing pauper instead? Modern has gotten a bit pricey. Pauper actually has decent representation of all strategies and the decks barring bannings are eternal. Also, a lot of the cards are good enough to over lap into other formats like commander and in some cases legacy. Mtg goldfish has metagame data but from what you described Green stompy might be up your ally. Elephant Guide isn't modern legal but you could swap in other good cards like Lead the Stampede.


wallisface on Budget sliver deck

4 months ago

With the amount of 3-drops, as well as some 4cmc cards, I think 20 lands is a little too low (even with Manaweft Sliver). Personally, I think you should go up to 22 lands, ditching 2 of the Lead the Stampede

osiczym on Selesnya Slivers

4 months ago

Since you have 23/30 creatures at cost = 2, Aether Vial will work very well. Plus I also use Lead the Stampede in my sliver deck for situations when I run out of creatures in my hand (which with vial may happen pretty fast sometimes).

Additionally I find Bonescythe Sliver as one of the best slivers ever.

I would also exchange Krosan Grip for Harmonic Sliver in sideboard. Always better to have sliver with the ability than a spell ;)

Valengeta on Xenomorphic Expanse

5 months ago

rb701 yes there are a lot of fun Slivers out there besides the ones on my list, however I'm trying to have the cheapest mana curve possible. Anything higher than 2-3 compromises Return to the Ranks, Collected Company and Aether Vial.

I like Door of Destinies but here I have cheat-into-play mechanics which hinder stacking counters on it. On some matches it might be good but on others Shared Animosity might fare better. Still I'm thinking of getting rid of it anyway to give room to Lead the Stampede for more Sliver spam

morbidmovies on GB Pack Elves

5 months ago

Katzmania I feel like Whisperer only fits Mono G. I've tried Elvish Visionary but find myself going back to Dwynen's Elite in that spot. I won't go back to Lead the Stampede main but I've considered adding Winding Way in the side to refill post-wipe. With the increased amount of 3CMC creatures, GB should be at 17 lands minimum but I totally agree it could use Nurturing Peatland. The lands are tuned for Quirion having 12 forests so I'd have to cut some Gilt-Leaf Palace. Thanks!

Blackxp on List of Bear Cards

6 months ago

Keeping up this time!

Added: Owlbear and Instrument of the Bards

I ended up picking up these for my collection: Menagerie Liberator and Lead the Stampede

I actually commend you on Lead the Stampede because I stared at it forever and couldnt find it until I went to the link you sent with the better image. Never thought that I would see a bear turtle but alas there it be. This being said we totally did just get an owl bear. I am actually not convinced with Menagerie Liberator though. I am feeling different vibes from it but totally see what you mean. Maybe I will message the artist or something. I did that for a few cards now to rule them in/out.

cheffireball on Balls to the Walls

7 months ago

Portcullis Vine is ok if your flooding, Saruli Caretaker and Tinder Wall can ramp, Tuktuk Rubblefort gives your walls haste to tap for mana faster, Winding Way and Lead the Stampede are great draw effects in green if your mostly creatures and last but not least Freed from the Real gives you infinite mana if you control a creature that taps for more than 1 blue (Axebane Guardian comes to mind).

I would cut Wall of Tanglecord and some of the burn spells. Walls that just block are really bad vs decks with board clears or non-combat wincons. And more than 1-2 burn spells are unnecessary for your deck to win. If you do add Winding Way or a similar card, consider Valakut Invoker or just big beaters like Boarding Party .

There is a popular pauper deck called "walls combo" that this deck is very similar to. Walls combo can go off turn 3-4 very consistently while also having a lot of defenders. Check it out: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-walls-combo#paper

Sephyrias on First Sliver

8 months ago

Slivers aren't something I'm familiar with building. The First Sliver alone is super expensive. I'll try helping where I can though.

First, I don't think you need Renegade Map, Traveler's Amulet, Wanderer's Twig, or Wayfarer's Bauble. The latter of which is needlessly expensive anyway. Rather just use Signets, especially the green ones. Commander's Sphere costs more mana, but is probably worth it here.

Path of Ancestry is a must have. I also recommend the "Thriving" lands, like Thriving Grove . They might even be better than the Vivid lands. Maybe also a few of the snow duals, like Snowfield Sinkhole , because Farseek can find them due to the land subtype.

Camaraderie and Collective Unconscious are a bit over the top. I'm also not a big fan of Shamanic Revelation, but that one costs less than 6 at least. Distant Melody is a good one, but sadly costs a little bit of money. You might even get something worth out of Lead the Stampede , since your deck has over 40 creatures in it. Regular blue cards like Impulse would also help you find what you need. You really don't want to get stuck with those 5+ mana draw spells in your hand, especially early on.

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