Roast deals 5 damage to target creature without flying.

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Roast Discussion

CoSM0 on TRON Lightning Rod

3 weeks ago

Harvest Pyre might be worth a slot in this deck. It can either just be a Roast with downside when you don't have a route to win or it can be a win-con if your nahiri's wrath didn't do it.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

1 month ago

I'll try it out when I get the snow land, though I'm not sure how good it is. I was tried out cheap burn like Roast and Lightning Axe from an earlier suggestion, but found that it made Nahiri's Wrath much weaker and therefore harder to one-shot an opponent. I think Skred might end up the same way, but there's enough damage potential here for me to give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion Icbrgr =).

TheVectornaut on jeskai

5 months ago

My main suggestion would just be to look for versions of your cards that do similar things for less mana. For instance, Soul Sear could probably be Lightning Bolt , Blazing Salvo , Mizzium Mortars , Thundering Rebuke , Roast , or Tears of Valakut if you're expecting flyers. Similarly, Dissolve and Ionize might be better as Spell Pierce , Counterspell , Hindering Light , Izzet Charm , Mana Leak , etc. depending on what you need to counter when.

The only other card I'll suggest (and I admit that it's a pet card of mine so I might be biased) is Myth Realized . It triggers prowess itself, grows from the same triggers as prowess, provides a mana sink in the late game, and is a creature that can conveniently dodge your own boardwipes whether they be Pyroclasm , Evacuation , or Wrath of God .

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

If I have Lightning Helix with Soulfire Grand Master in play, I'll gain 6 health from a single Lightning Helix as well as deal 3 damage. If I use it with Firesong and Sunspeaker I'll gain 6 health, and do 9 damage. I like the lifegain aspect of it, as 6 is a ton of life, and will basically buy me time to get to what cards I need. Rollick of Abandon is not only useful with Blazing Volley but also The Akroan War . Do you know of any Jeskai cards that deal +P/-T to all creatures or just the opponent's creatures? Because I've looked through the cards and the only one that does this is Rollick of Abandon . I'll cut the sword and jeskai charm, as you have made good points about those. Roast seems good, although it only targets creatures. I'm not afraid of any creatures fighting me, as I have plenty of ways to get rid of them. The reason I chose Lightning Helix is not only because it is somewhat good on damage, but also has lifegain, and on top of that can target whatever. But Shock to me seems utterly pointless. I think I'll get rid of Blazing Volley because my intention was to use it aagainst a large amount of 1/1's but I realized that my opponent will probably buff them immediately so that Blazing Volley will be useless unless I cast Rollick of Abandon . And it's kinda funny because the meter says it's 78% competitive. Is this meter a good indicator of such?

TriusMalarky on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

Lightning Helix is not actually Modern legal. That is a site database error.

Jeskai Charm is best when you want the +1/+1 mode, and you don't. It's not good here.

Izzet Charm is a card that reads "always does something, but that something is almost always outclassed by other cards". You only ever want it when you know you want to kill x/2s, counter noncreature spells, AND dig through your deck. And honestly, it's what you want here.

Sword of the Animist is just not good in this deck. It's great in commander, but not here.

Rollick and Blazing Volley are not good in Pioneer. There are far better cards.

My recommendations right now are cut Sword, Jeskai Charm, Helix, Rollick and Volley for Shock and Roast . This deck rely lends itself to having a lot of damage based removal.

Also, you need to have a couple specific, compact combos.

Honestly, I can't think of a way to make the combos good. Like, everything is going to be a four card combo that's easily disrupted and takes tons of time and mana to get to.

So I think beyond those changes and maybe some sideboard work, the deck is pretty much done, and by that I mean you can have fun with it, but remember that 'competitive' isn't even on the table for it. It just won't win much outside of jamming with friends.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

1 year ago

I agree, Spitemare is a lot of fun and was actually in the initial decklist, but I switched it out for Spiteful Sliver because it was more cost efficient while serving the same purpose. I like Roast/Lightning Axe, but I'm not sure what I would take out to try it. As for Dictate of the Twin Gods, I'm going to try it with the sideboard Shivan Meteor/Purphoros's Intervention. Thanks for the suggestions.

lagotripha on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

1 year ago

I've had some success abusing Dictate of the Twin Gods and Roast/Lightning Axe in similar lists. Spitemare is fun. Boros Charm making creatures indestructible for act, or just hitting face works well.

lagotripha on Jeskai monks

1 year ago

Budget lists have a tool more optimised lists do not- your opponent will not know your decklist. Lean into this by starting with a sideboard planned, or multiple sideboards planned for different metas.

So lets start with what 'monks' does great at- seeker and SGM give lifelink, Swiftspear is the premier aggro card, and yun shu gives one-shot potential with a big prowessy-double striker when you have the mana. Burn spells and mantis rider are there to help finish the game.

There are a few ways to twist this to surprise your opponents- the 'go off all in one turn' by banking mana with things like Pentad Prism while setting up with cards like opt, before playing like a Kiln Fiend combo deck with a 10/10 double striker (or just a 6/6 with 8 points of burn). In this build protective spells will be essential, while minimising Yun Shu forecast (or playing it as a deadly threat one week, while using him as a removal magnet for a different combo the next)

There is the 'surprise, I'm now value/grind' Soulfire Grand Master / Lightning Helix control list, where you sit with a Negate until the end of their turn then bolt them, while in most configurations you are just trying to hit them with prowess and negate their spells.

There is the 'classic burn' run the damage numbers and just trade your attackers with their blockers before hitting face with bolts.

There is the U/R tempo Remand archetype, where you try to delay your opponent while efficient creatures eat their face. Mission Briefing isn't Snapcaster Mage for this style, but can still work.

There is the 'true' midrange tax list where you play narset & tferi in place of some of the remand elements in the above list. Narset makes a good source of card advantage without breaking the bank.

Finally there is the 'unfair combo' that does things like like cast Reforge the Soul or Knowledge Pool to lock your opponent out of the game in concert with a plainswalker, or jank out a win with Mystic Sanctuary / Time Warp / soulfire grandmaster.

You probably have space in your seventy-five for three of these, but the less focussed any 60 cards is on one plan, the worse it will perform. Fortunately there is a lot of overlap between lists- any aggressive list will like bolt and swiftspear, any more interactive list opt, etc.

By carefully picking your cards your opponent will have no idea which plan you are on maindeck, and no idea if the sideboard will transform you into another archetype. With a few swapped cards, the next FNM is completely different. This is the advantage of rogue decks- your opponent should not know the correct line of play.

In specifics; Deflecting palm is fantastic, but most of the time I want it in the sideboard to fight other aggressive decks. Pariah while cool rarely performs well outside combo lists, and even there is competing with more powerful options. Pacifism is usually outperformed by true removal- a few of the variants have deck-specific purposes, but unless you desperately want creatures on the field for Stuffy Doll / Blasphemous Act , its worth cutting for Roast / Negate / Mana Leak / Remand / Path to Exile / Condemn etc. Play to your gameplan.

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