Time of Need

Time of Need


Search your library for a legendary creature card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Time of Need Discussion

Pezz22 on Nifty Thrifty Reanimation

1 month ago

This deck looks like fun too! If you are looking for a cheaper (CMC) version of your Spirit of the Hearth, Aegis of the Gods will do the trick. Aegis of the Gods will also be cheap enough to use your Unearth on. Only down side is he is a weakling lol. I'm assuming you are using Carrion Feeder for its sacrifice ability. Since you have Lotleth Troll who does something similar with +1/+1 counters, you can look at Viscera Seer. I have a loosely similar style of deck that utilizes Viscera Seer over Carrion Feeder. I found the Scry ability to more valuable than the added offensive firepower of the Feeder. If the Feeder could block that may be a tipping point back to it, but the Seer's ability to block and sacrifice whenever you need to far outweighs the Feeder's benefits IMO. I'm assuming you are using the Unearth's mainly for the Doomed Necromancer. Another potential suggestion might be to use Call of the Death-Dweller. Both are Sorcerys but Call will give you the potential option to bring back two creatures with the added bonus of either Menace or Deathtouch. Likewise, you can still choose one creature and slap Menace or Deathtouch on them as well. I like the deck! There are so many Legendary Spirits thanks to the Kamigawa block. I'm sure it's a headache trying to narrow those down to what is playable. Time of Need is a super clutch card too. In fact! (Inspiration just hit me lol) If you want a cheap block/sacker Sakura-Tribe Elder gives you a blocker, and the ability to get a basic land of the color you need. Sorry for the novel of a comment, good stuff though!

KongMing on Animar

2 months ago

You have definite legendary tribal in here, how about Time of Need ? Combos well with the overall reduction Animar offers.

Animar has pro black and white - you have blue... Why not splash in some color play? Blind Seer , for example. Sway of Illusion , Vodalian Mystic , and Tidal Visionary are a couple more good examples.

Also, you have 2 Cultivate in your mainboard.

GrimlockVIII on The Legendary Fisherman

2 months ago

Hm...maybe swap out Keep Safe for Time of Need ? You have a shiteload of counter spells as it is, and Keep Safe is the least flexible of the bunch.

As for Ashaya, maybe make her replace Kruphix, God of Horizons? The unspent mana part of his ability feels kinda redundant when your gameplan is to ramp out like crazy. Like, if you enough lands out, you shouldn't have to worry about running out of mana. Plus his no maximum hand size clause can be replaced with something as simple as Reliquary Tower .

GrimlockVIII on The Legendary Fisherman

2 months ago

Actually whoa wait, I might have an original suggestion depending on how many creature ETBs you have.

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling

This bad boy helps blink your creatures for repeated ETBs. Couple that with Ashaya, and BAM; you have a landfall trigger every end step.

Also Time of Need is a cheap tutor that can search for all your legendaries.

Spirits on OMG Kitties Tribal!

2 months ago

Hey hirurux,

Fellow Arahbo, Roar of the World since the pre-con Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats

I found having too many cats wasn't very useful, I went a bit extreme, down to 14 cats, but 28 is a lot. Arahbo, Roar of the World only Eminence triggers one cat, and unless you're in a state with a ton of mana to activate the ability for multiple cats, not really needed.

How I solved this problem, was more creature tutor cards (instead of more cats), so Sylvan Tutor , Time of Need , I got a Survival of the Fittest for xmas one year which was cool. Chord of Calling , Eldritch Evolution even Congregation at Dawn are all viable to. The right cat at the right time vs. drawing more cats. Initiate's Companion , Leonin Skyhunter , Steppe Lynx feel like some easy cuts.

Three Visits was reprinted in a current set, gives you another Nature's Lore .

Are you primarily trying to kill everyone with combat damage? Beastmaster Ascension maybe?

I would get some trample in there Shadowspear and Rancor perhaps, that way 1/1 tokens don't become a nuisance to you.

Fumigate seems wrong.

Might reduce in lands, do you find yourself flooded, eliminate anything that comes into play tapped with no strong ability. Your not running toward a Tooth and Nail or anything so likely can miss a T4-6 land drop and still be in good shape, can also Land Tax or Archaeomancer's Map or Kodama's Reach to get more lands in hand. Evolving Wilds , Krosan Verge , Path of Ancestry could be some easy. If you're worried about mana fixing, fetch lands are great Windswept Heath but also the off-color ones like Wooded Foothills , Flooded Strand , etc.

Teferi's Protection to dodge board wipes?

I might add an alt win-con, Triumph of the Hordes might be one, but having a backup plan, maybe Grafted Exoskeleton or perhaps Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants to bring back Lost Leonin . Bala Ged Recovery  Flip for Triumph of the Hordes , I dunno something?

The Great Henge !

Hope you find something useful here. +1

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Music of the Spheres | Jodah, Archmage Eternal

3 months ago

This looks very Timmy and very cool. I like how you just randomly jammed some majestic fatties a la Koma or Piru in here. A card you could consider is Maelstrom Archangel . It's another way to cast some big spells for free. Considering all these multicoloured monstrosities, Sisay, Weatherlight Captain could be useful. One final thought: Thalia's Lancers or Time of Need maybe?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Warweaver's Chant

3 months ago

Gleeock: That's a lot how it feels from goldfishing. It will hopefully Jund'em quite a lot ;)

The deck has me fascinated. It really is open-ended, and I can come up with possible changes all the time. I'll propably add Yurlok of Scorch Thrash , Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs and Kardur, Doomscourge soon, and considering the deck then will have 12 legendary creatures, I'm also considering a Time of Need . I especially like Yurlok. He simply does everything the deck wants, and from his backstory, it feels as if he would totally partner with Thantis.

kellpiece on Quick Emrakul

4 months ago

I had a friend who ran a similar deck and he was huge on Lightning Greaves as well as Elvish Piper as Balaam suggested above.

Graves are great for making sure emrakul gets haste to instant swing right after he lands, also if you go the piper route is good for protecting, also allows you to instantly drop the piper and tap it to drop emrakul, then shift the greaves over for zero mana and attack with it same turn. pretty spicy combo.

also Time of Need is pretty clutch and lets you make sure u can always have a big boi in your hand. If you're playing for the combo, Worldly Tutor also great for pulling a Birds of Paradise or any of the other creatures you have listed that you may need based on the hand you draw. I also agree with Balaam on ditching some of those random cards for mana dorks is a good call.

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