Ashling the Pilgrim

Ashling the Pilgrim

Legendary Creature — Elemental Shaman

(1)(Red): Put a +1/+1 counter on Ashling the Pilgrim. If this is the third time this ability has resolved this turn, remove all +1/+1 counters from Ashling the Pilgrim, and it deals that much damage to each creature and each player.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Ashling the Pilgrim Discussion

MaltOMeal on Osgir: Its Reconstruction, not Recursion

2 months ago

Hey jakeyuki12! I do use the standard London mulligan for my commander games. While I would normally agree with you in the fact the land count is rather low, with this particular deck being so low to the ground we can consistently hit our curve. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can run out of things to do if you've got too many lands.

With my mana base, I've got a lot of 0 drop and 1 drop artifacts, and cards like Thrill of Possibility to pitch to the grave to fuel my 3D printer, so it's normal to open with a hand of 1 or 2 lands and have 3 artifacts we can cast on turn 1. Additionally in playtesting I didn't really like using Faithless Looting , simply because I didn't want to run many sorceries in the deck, we've got a handful of targets for Isochron Scepter and with the way I'd play this deck I'd much rather be casting instants over sorceries.

Osgir has a unique ability to crack open an artifact and turn it into 2, in the Mana Weaving section of my deck description we cover all the ways we can do this. We end up with a lot of mana, and most of the time it's not even from the land base. With this being a high-power deck as well, we look for a turn 5-7 win, not technically cEDH, but we don't want to drag it out too long.

I have a scenario actually from a night of commander games. Taught me to really take in everything going on at the table. The board just got wiped by an Ashling the Pilgrim boosted by a Dictate of the Twin Gods and the active player healed a ton through Basilisk Collar , my board had a bunch of artifacts that stuck around. Notably 2 Thousand-Year Elixir s, 4 Sol Ring s, 8 Wurm tokens from 4 copies of Wurmcoil Engine , 2 Coveted Jewel s, Boros Signet and I believe Rings of Brighthearth , nothing of value in hand, also only on 4 lands at like turn 6 or 7, not an uncommon occurrence. In my grave I had a ton of artifacts, one of them being Mirage Mirror . Life Totals for the 3 players remaining were 158 for the Ashling player, 28 for the player across from me, and I was at 14. So doing the math my turn, I had to kill everyone somehow, I drew and it wasn't Basalt Monolith , which would give me infinite mana for my Walking Ballista in the grave I could get out with Myr Retriever ... so first thing was first, I recast Osgir for 6 mana tapping those Coveted Jewels. Then I used my lands and my signet to reconstruct Mirage Mirror 4 times thanks to Rings, paid 8 mana into 4 different Mirage Mirrors to make copies of a thing. We chose to make 4 Dictate of the Twin Gods and swung 3/3 Wurms for the win. Doing the math, one 3/3 dealt 96 damage with 5 Dictates in play. With all of this situational stuff it doesn't explain much, but it shows that the land base doesn't matter all the time, 1 land and 2 land opening hands in paper magic are a common thing for this deck, and that's fine, we make more mana along the way. Not everything has to be statistically accurate when it comes to making your own mana.

Gidgetimer on Transforming Chandra Torch of Defiance

3 months ago

Assuming that you meant Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh  Flip since that is the one that makes sense in the context of the question, yes. Her transform ability does not specify any specific type of damage so there is no requirement. If it had to be from the ability it would be formatted similarly to Ashling the Pilgrim .

beets on Horde of Notions - Elemental Tribal

5 months ago

sorry for the double post but.... i just realized some more cards that you really don't want to be running currently. Prismatic Geoscope is extremely expensive for a ramp spell. i would try replace this with a cheaper ramp spell. a simple Rampant Growth or Farseek would do well here.

i don't know why you are running Murderer's Axe... is it because you want to discard cards? if so i would instead replace it with either Chainer, Nightmare Adept if you wanna stay budget, or Fauna Shaman if you're willing to spend more on this thing. both give great value, and synergize with your deck better than this equipment does. which would you prefer: discarding a card to give +2/+2? or discarding a card to cast any creature from your graveyard and give it haste? notice you could recast Shriekmaw for it's evoke cost of every turn. that's value!

or Wolf of Devil's Breach. this card could also be a wincon for your deck and am surprised not to see it among your list already.

Realm-Cloaked Giant doesn't fit in your theme at all unless you are running Maskwood Nexus. so unless you're going to put that in there, i'd replace it with another board-clear spell.

and finally, i forgot some really important elementals that you will WANT to run in this deck!

you really need some cheaper spells to cast on early turns... Ashling the Pilgrim and Brighthearth Banneret are both amazing. Ad Brighthearth is ramp, which every deck needs.

Slithermuse is another evoke elemental, and this one cast refill your hand! again, every deck needs to draw cards.

Animar, Soul of Elements is also HUGE ramp. worth the price.

Muldrotha, the Gravetide let's you cast so many more spells each turn! definitely going to be happy whenever you draw her.

Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar is just a huge monster..... paying for a creature with potentially 20 power is too cool to pass up.

alright i've chewed your ear off enough...... good luck and have fun deckbuilding!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Can I just bring everyone's …

1 year ago

Yup, I run similar combinations in my Ashling the Pilgrim deck. It's pretty awesome when she goes off dealing 10+ damage and my life total doesn't take a hit.

I'd say go for it if you want to run that combination. Both cards are solid in Alesha on their own, and together they are very potent!

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Yeah, I wanted it to be a black ability in dimir, so like an allied splash cycle, was my idea, but I like what you did, so... look, R&D is cooperative for this very reason. I had one idea and you made an adjacent but very compelling idea. Playtesting needs to stop by and tell us to add Delve, bc idk what else they're doing rn...

I think a wording like "Choose an instant or sorcery you cast this game Copy that spell it if it resolved. You lose life equal to that spell's mana cost." would be more correct, based on Ashling the Pilgrim / Inner-Flame Igniter / Soulbright Flamekin; Bonus Round, Mirari; Fury Storm / Echo Storm / Empyrial Storm / Genesis Storm / Skull Storm. To be clear, I'mo not a rules judge, but just looking at the syntax of existing cards with relatively adjacent abilities.

Yennett, Annalist Regnant

Legendary Creature - Sphinx

If a spell has been countered this game, this spell can't be countered.

Flying, Hexproof, Lifelink

Whenever a player casts a spell, if they have cast an odd number of spells which share a type with it, they draw a card. Otherwise, they discard a card.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have more life than you did at the beginning of your last upkeep, you gain life equal to the difference.


I'd like to see a common sorcery speed removal spell, but not a sorcery.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 year ago

Comment incoming shortly Deadpoo111.

Here is my spellslinger Ashling the Pilgrim deck. The description is just a skeleton right now, but the goal of the deck is to either win through blowing up Ashling, or through copying a bunch of rituals and dumping it all into some big mana spells. Suggestions are welcome. Note, Deflecting Swat will someday be included when it isn't $20.

The Nuclear Option

Commander / EDH Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor


Yesterday on If somebody steals my creature, …

1 year ago

Heh, cheers.

At first I was confused about whether player C would steal my friend or not, but it began to make more sense to me as I typed it out.

I guess I'm just mostly curious about the 'when' part of the text. I initially thought that each batch of wish cards would only be castable by your friends that helped pay for that respective batch. But actually another player becoming your friend seems like a more general thing that lasts the whole game and doesn't specifically suggest that restriction. So in the original example, if I were to activate the ability of another Nightmare Moon  Flip at a later point in the game (by paying in full, myself), player B would still potentially be able to cast the cards I find.

Are there any black-bordered examples of "Whenever a player activates this ability"? The closest things I'm coming up with are Ashling the Pilgrim or Burning-Tree Shaman.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Ikoria Teaser

1 year ago

Gleeock: Seeing as after tomorrow, all of the Commander cards will have been spoiled, we probably don't need a separate thread at this point.

dbpunk: Be careful not to fall into the "partner's are underwhelming" trap. A lot of folks said that about the first partners and three of them are common cEDH commanders, while others are still pretty strong. From my initial evaluation, Cazur and Ukkima are possible high powered, maybe even cEDH candidates. Brallin and Shabraz are pretty strong together as well (Brallin can slide into a lot of decks). Not sure what you mean about the Temur partners, they work perfectly fine together.

Coward_Token: Dismantling Wave does cantrip when you cycle it. It's a pretty solid card.

Anyways, I am pretty happy with C20 so far:

I am loving all of the goad and political cards.

3 of the 5 partner pairs are pretty interesting to me, as well as some of the shenanigans that Kelsien and Xyris can pull off. The only issue is which one will I chose to buy/build as I only have space for 1 new deck at this point.

Twinning Staff is going right into my Ashling the Pilgrim deck.

White got some much needed help with card advantage and ramp.

While I'd like to see a few more reprints, we still got some high value reprints (DemonDragonJ, until Sol Ring stops perpetually costing $3-$5, I hope they keep reprinting it). Hopefully the final cards tomorrow bring us a couple more decent reprints.

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