Silver Knight

Silver Knight

Creature — Human Knight

First strike, protection from red

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Silver Knight Discussion

sergiodelrio on Neyith and Commander Color Rules

1 month ago

Nope. A card's color, as referenced in-game by cards is determined by its casting cost, color indicator or a color defing ability.

For Commander deckbuilding, there is a slightly different concept of Color Identity.

Direct quote from the link:

"For example, while Fires of Undeath is a card, and Silver Knight has protection from it and White Knight does not. It can't be used by a player who uses Kumano, Master Yamabushi as their General in a game of Commander. This is because the color identity of Fires of Undeath is and is not a subset of the color-identity of Kumano ()"

In your example, Neyith cannot go inside the Tatyove deck because of the portion of the hybrid symbol in Neyth's text box, which adds that color to its color identity (but not to its color)

Harbinger69 on Avacyn: Hope Eternal

1 year ago

so, after rigorous playtesting, I have come up with some cards to cut and add that will hopefully msk the deck better:


  • Alabaster Kirin This does absolutely nothing, has no prison effects, and is kinda useless here

  • Baird, Steward of Argive His prison effect is okay, but you can definitely slot in better options for not too much more money

  • Knight of Sursi Once again, just a vanilla card that doesn't do anything except get a small body on the battlefield, which isnt very good in commander, even if it is indestructible

  • Misthoof Kirin Only really okay in a morph deck, this is kinda useless here

  • Oreskos Explorer just a worse Land Tax

  • Segovian Angel a 1/1 with vigilance has to swing 120 times to win. just a terrible card all around.

  • Silver Knight Kinda bad, doesn't really do much .

  • Shepherd of the Lost this would be good if it have every other creature it's abilities, but alas, it's kinda terrible, especially because I'm smelling a voltron sub-theme around Avacyn

  • White Knight Unless your in a very black heavy meta, this is just bad, and is barley passable even if you have said meta

  • Journey to Nowhere a worse Pacifism

  • All your lands except basic plains. You need more utility lands, not just non-basics that do nothing

  • Wing Shards This one is debatable, although I don't see you casting a bunch of spells and having the mana to cast this, due to the lack of ramp you have.

  • Armillary Sphere bad ramp

  • Traveler's Amulet bad ramp

  • Orazca Relic have fun waiting 5 turns to get blessing and then only drawing one card

  • Take Vengeance crappy removal

  • Bishop of Wings I don't see this deck supporting an angel tribal

Potential Add-Ins

Thanks so much for reading my list, and I hope this has been some help to you. My main problem with this deck was it ran too much inefficient removal and bad creatures, but once these are added in, I think the deck should be a lot for mean. Have a great day! =)

YuiHirasawa on

1 year ago

I don't think Syr Gwyn is quite the pure "aggro" deck. Considering the relatively high cost of the commander and the fact that you need to cast equipments to make use of her, I think this deck should lean more towards a "Midrange Aggro" deck.

With that in mind, I don't think

Walking Atlas , Weaselback Redcap , Venerable Knight , Smitten Swordmaster , Foulmire Knight Quite make the cut. They are low cost, but also very low in value.

I think a cool idea would be to include some Knights that have protection against colors, so that your opponents cannot block. White Knight , Black Knight , Silver Knight , Knight of Malice , Knight of Grace , Mirran Crusader , Phyrexian Crusader are good examples.

There are also a lot of knights that provide a lot of value Puresteel Paladin or card draw, Hero of Bladehold for more aggro power.

I also think you should pick and choose your equipments. There are a lot of good equipments, but running all of them might prevent you from getting to your knights or even be clunky.

Just my 2 cents

TheMadRocketeer on 3rd edition white deck?

2 years ago

How strict are you being on including only 3rd (Revised) edition cards? The other White Knight-like cards, Order of the White Shield, Order of Leitbur, and Silver Knight, came later than the third (Revised) edition. All are great, though.

Some more good ones:
Eye for an Eye to turn a loss into a tie or otherwise prevent a crushing blow from being one-sided
Righteousness for a fantastic combat trick - "Look. My Mesa Pegasus just ate a dragon!"
Lance as a great ability for cheap
Wrath of God to reset the battlefield
Resurrection as a perfect card to follow a board sweep
Death Ward as another - Doesn't help against Wrath, though.

Revised also has some great color-response cards, including the B, U, G, R, & W Circles of Protection and Wards, Conversion, and Karma.

ElPared on Molten Gas Gas Gas

3 years ago

I think a maindecked Skullcrack could replace Shard Volley even if it costs 1 more. Though I can tell you want your burn to hit creatures as well, I think Skullcrack is really valuable to decks like this as it can even the odds against surprise lifegain or annoying lifelink effects.

It's also useful to remember that Protection prevents damage and Skullcrack prevents damage from being prevented. This means you could still wipe creatures like Silver Knight (or any pro-red creature) with something like Flamebreak (which is another great card for decks like this)

SoundTramp on Knights are Tools

3 years ago

I'm a fan of tribal decks, and I think that with some playtesting/adgusting you could eventually make something out of this. That said, I'd like to address two format issues with your deck:1. It's not standard legal. It's not even modern legal; cards like Silver Knight make it so that this deck would be usable almost exclusively in Legacy or Casual matches. You can check the format legality of your cards by clicking on them to see tappedout's detailed rundown of the card (or look them up elsewhere).

  1. This one is simpler, but also is more important; you have 5 Knight of the Holy Nimbus in your deck. You are permitted a max of 4 copies of a card, so that's an issue.

Sorry if it seems like I'm just ragging on the deck. If you want some advice, I would recommend doing a search for all b/w 'knight' creatures that magic has ever printed, and picking out the ones you like, with your mana curve in mind. And get rid of Dispeller's Capsule. At the very least there are much better options that do the same thing for less mana. Or murder spells like Doom Blade. Or even Path to Exile.

Good luck!

Epochalyptik on Say GoodKnight

3 years ago

Brave the Elements is superior to both.

Drop White Knight and Silver Knight for 4 Knight of Meadowgrain.

Drop the Caravan Escorts; they're inefficient and underpowered.

Emeria, The Sky Ruin will probably slow you down too much. Aggressive decks want the game to be over long before hitting eight lands.

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