Spellstutter Sprite

Spellstutter Sprite

Creature — Faerie Wizard



When Spellstutter Sprite enters the battlefield, counter target spell with converted mana cost X or less, where X is the number of Faeries you control.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Spellstutter Sprite Discussion

kharsonist on Orvar CEDH

2 months ago

tsewall I like some of your additions. Ive been on the fence on Spellstutter Sprite but I like it.

Tolaria and swarmyard I like, but being non-islands makes a High Tide win harder.

Also I plan on putting blue sun back in, I was testing staff as an easier drawing outlet but blue sun is an easier tutor.

Memory Crystal is worth keeping because it allows for earlier wins. Getting whim to be 1 mama is much easier than playing then copying Sapphire Medallion most turn 4 wins involve this card early for me.

Drift is good because it basically doubles the chance of Spellseeker Spellseeker is the best card in the deck honestly, its the only thing that the card is intended for.

The issue with a lot of cards you don't like is me struggling to always win with infinite mama. It's getting better but I've had some games that I can infinite mama turn 2 or 3 and have no card draw outlet due to resources getting other turn 1 or 2.

I might get rid of Inga Rune-Eyes because it's too conditional and I could get something better.

Extraplanar Lens I'm conflicted on because it enables a lot of good stuff. It's bacially a worse high tide in most cases. It synergizes really well with the untaps cards like Hidden Strings . Combining off feels mostly based on the mama produced > spell cost ratio and increasing mana production is important. I will consider more by playing though.

These fringe tutors in cedh are actually extremely important though to get cards to combo off of. I think blue black orvar is prob better than mono blue, mostly access to ad naus and good tutors but I like trying to make mono blue work.

tsewall on Orvar CEDH

2 months ago

Ok, so as a beforehand this may be a longer post because I'm debating turning my casual Orvar list into a cEDH list myself. So it'll be a bit of out loud brainstorming :P Hope it's helpful and not TLDR...

Lands: Tolaria West as an additional tutor for Mystic Sanctuary or Nykthos (or in a pinch a mana rock or pact of negation on a combo turn)

Swarmyard can provide some incidental protection for Orvar

Things I'm considering that aren't on your list Creatures:

Spellstutter Sprite With Orvar out it hits any two drop. being able to gradually increase it's effectiveness with one mana cantrips seems good, especially when you are also playing cloud of fairies... which leads me into

Glen Elendra Archmage is a little high on the CMC side, but we're already running lots of 4 drops and a six drop as a potential win con. So I think at first glance the downside is negligible. Plus it plays into the inadvertent fairy theme...

Artisan of Forms is literally the best creature on the field. Both hers and Orvar's ability trigger's on cast. So you just stack her trigger first then copy whatever she becomes and get that as the token. Instant speed Dockside Extortionist ?

Vedalken AEthermage Literally only running for wizard cycling. Most of our outlets are wizards. In your current list you have 8. all worth tutoring for IMO. I'm currently running like 9-10 so it's pretty impactful

Venser, Shaper Savant Acts like spellstutter sprite, but hit's anything. And you can just let the copy go away upon resolution of the legend rule.

Spells: For sake of brevity I'll just list the cards you don't have on your list that I'm considering and why I'm considering them...

Glamerdye can target lands (which is probably one of Orvar's strongest abilities) and it has retrace, so it's recurable, and instant speed. all plusses.

Dizzy Spell tutor or copy trigger. essentially a modal spell. very good.

Cerulean Wisps cantrips and untaps a creature, potentially very useful depending on cedh meta. I have Kraum and Pako in mine so having a blocker is often needed. Also can help slow annoying tymna.

Rescue is interesting, still not sold on it. But it does give you a copy of a creature, and allows you to save/replay an etb critter. Orvar is able to mitigate losing creatures by making copies of them usually, but he can't save himself and copying into a board wipe does nothing.

Blink of an Eye target's permanents, can draw you a card and there is another card with a different name that does the same thing

Flood of Recollection Pet card of mine, single use but I like it on turns I want to go off with High Tide and don't want to exile it with JVP or Snapcaster. works well with Narset's reversal too...which I'm not running lol.

Run Away Together considering this as a way to deal with a threat and copy one of my creatures.

Cards I love:

Energy Tap this is great. didn't even consider it. solid inclusion.

Time Spiral and transmute artifact... mentioning these just because I'm jealous...

Treachery Ditto ^

Sakashima of a Thousand Faces love the silly synergy with Nykthos. Ridiculous.

Pyre of Heroes This is silly, didn't even see this spoiled. Birthing pod in colorless? are they crazy!

Cards I'm "meh" on:

Memory Crystal You're only running (I think) two buyback spells. So most of the time it's a dead card. I see Drift of Phantasms, but id rather be tutoring for the buyback card or something more impactful. Also copying sapphire medallion helps buyback and other non buyback spells.

Drift of Phantasms very linear tutor in cedh imo. I get that it hits hullbreacher, spellseeker, etc. I think I would personally rather slot additional control. But if you love the card run the card.

Inga Rune-Eyes Not impactful enough for me in a 4 drop slot. scrying one statistically is akin to drawing half a card, so three is one and a half?. You could run the 3 drop fairy that draws you a card for more fairy synergy lol... sorry, maybe I have a fairy problem. Also, I'm not sure how often you'll get her second line to happen. I don't see how you trigger that without investing multiple cards to copy her? unless I'm missing something? does it happen often for you?

Grim Monolith without an infinite mana outlet I don't think it does enough. Also I didn't Sol Ring in your list easy swap?

Extraplanar Lens In general I think this is a bad card. ramp it out early and someone smashes it, your down a land and probably a turn. Plus you have to imprint a land every time you make a copy of it. so the downside for their removal becomes even greater in my estimation. Orvar already ramps well enough to not need this card. but high risk high reward I guess.

I'm also soft on the tribute/trinket mage. They're good for the thing they grab but they're not ultimately what I want to be copying. you could run Shipwreck Dowser and Salvager of Secrets instead and lean into the Archaeomancer synergies, but then our cost is getting higher, and obviously you could copy what they tutor for... back to the balance of creature targets vs permanent targeting spells...

I think that's it... If I missed why you are running something let me know, like I said I'm brainstorming myself so the discourse will be super helpful for me, hope this was helpful for you! Also I should go back and read comments... yeah I'm that guy...

Thanks for posting the list!

sergiodelrio on Das Ding

4 months ago

I really like the idea! +1

What I think could be improved here is that Shark Typhoon kinda nombos with TiTi and Vial only has 8 targets. Therefore I suggest cutting the Sharks and replacing them with Spellstutter Sprite. That would adress both issues.

hungry000 on Faerie Rogue Tribal

5 months ago

That's awesome! I'm glad you like it. I can't think of any planeswalker that would really be a good fit for this deck's theme and colors. A Jace or Liliana planeswalker would work, but there aren't any versions of them that work with the deck's aggressive game plan. Tezzeret is great for the colors, but artifacts don't jive well with either Faeries or Rogues. I think the closest you could come to a matching planeswalker is Oona, Queen of the Fae since the deck has a few cards that are supposed to be her soldiers (Oona's Blackguard, Scion of Oona) and her ability has some synergies. She would be somewhat difficult to cast without a couple more lands (and is generally not that good in aggro decks) but she'd add a lot of flavor.

I would first upgrade the deck's mana base. Secluded Glen, Darkslick Shores, Watery Grave, and Polluted Delta are the ideal set of lands for this deck, but once you have a couple sets of dual colored lands you can get away with all basics for the rest of it. I recommend getting 4 Secluded Glen and some mix of Darkslick Shores/Watery Grave to replace Choked Estuary and River of Tears. You don't really need any more fixing beyond that to have a consistent mana base unless you were to buy a set of Mutavault.

Once your lands are good, fill out the playset (all four copies) of Brazen Borrower and get a set of Fatal Push for the main deck. Recently I've been liking the fourth Spellstutter Sprite as well, but that's up to you.

I believe 4 Secluded Glen, 2 Darkslick Shores, 4 Fatal Push, and 2 Brazen Borrower comes out at around $50, so that's what I recommend you start with.

Balaam__ on Ferngully

6 months ago

zAzen7977, hey thanks for the input! I’d really like to make this deck as competitive as possible (without changing too much), so I appreciate the suggestions. I had a brain lapse and completely forgot Aether Vial existed; I plan on adding that after I decide what to remove.

I also think you’re right about Mutavault being too plentiful. It was mainly there to support Spellstutter Sprite, but with Bitterblossom churning out tokens I think I can drop the muta count. I may sub in Cavern of Souls in replacement. I had considered that card, but was on the fence. Maybe it’s a good pick afterall.

Darkslick Shores...yes, lol we have talked about that in the past. I admit to a lack of experience and therefore you’re probably right, but I just really don’t like it for some reason. I’ll leave it in the Maybeboard so I don’t forget about it, but for now it’s out. Once I assemble this in paper and playtest it, I’ll try a fair amount of games with the Shores just to see how it goes.

GollumWasFramed on UW vial

6 months ago

Nice list. I love UW Vial. I’ve been playing Mutavault and Spellstutter Sprite for more counter. Plus 1 for sure.

Wirex on Pauper Ninjas

9 months ago

JibberJabah Thanks for giving the deck a look! Let me go over your suggestions:

  • I think you're 100% correct with lands. 21 seems much more reasonable.

  • Cutting black is definitely a good idea. I'll lose the spot removal, but hopefully bouncing creatures will be enough to keep the board clear. It seems like it will be.

  • I might keep artful dodge in the sideboard for those matches where flying is easier for the opponent to deal with, just to have some options. But Yeah taking out the black will free up more spots for 4x Smoke Shroud.

  • The Faeries are interesting. I worry that miscreant might not always trigger which isn't the worst thing, but I think I would rather use something like Faerie Seer because you always get the ETB and it relates back to your next point about the cantrips. Faerie Duelist might also be good in that slot, but I'd rather have the 1 drop for now I think. Spellstutter Sprite is always going to be a strong inclusion for sure.

  • Yes! I might look around for some other cantrips, since it looks like i'll be adding the seer, but draw will be a welcome addition.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think its definitely going to make the deck better.

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