Flamekin Harbinger

Flamekin Harbinger

Creature — Elemental Shaman

When Flamekin Harbinger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Elemental card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.

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Flamekin Harbinger Discussion

mlequesne on Lightning Cajones

4 weeks ago

Hello friend :) I love your deck, almost as much as I love Ball Lightning!! I have 3 thoughts on your deck:

1) I love it!

2) It seems like a elemental deck so, maybe you can ponder to add Flamekin Harbinger, Hellspark Elemental and Spark Elemental

3) lagotripha has a good point with Lightning Skelemental, if you manage to get the grixis mana base the reward can be awesome, Unearth is great to reanimate balls

VolrathsPurse on Shamans

3 months ago

You could also do 4 Flamekin Harbinger to find your Rage Forgers

Brickhouse on Balls Lightning

5 months ago

I really like the Bone Shards idea! I think it may be better than the Tragic Slip. I will move the Tragic Slip to the side board and main board Bone Shards to see how it goes.

I was running Assault Strobe for my initial draft of this deck. The problem is that it needs double strike at instant speed for Thunderkin Awakener. The way it plays I either draw or Flamekin Harbinger for Thunderkin Awakener nearly every game. Maybe a mix of Temur Battle Rage and Assault Strobe would be effective because there are situations where both are good.

Call of the Death-Dweller has won me a lot of games. It is expensive at 3 mana but by the time turn 3 or 4 comes I do have good use of it. It can get a Flamekin Harbinger and a Thunderkin Awakener at the same time. That doesn't happen very often but sometimes it does. If I find something better I'll try it out.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Saccox on Elemental Storm Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

8 months ago

Hi lagotripha,thanks for your comment! Is basically a tribal deck with a "plan b combo",need a different budget for transforme it in competitive or in pure combo( Flamekin Harbinger would be very helpfull). Your analysis are always very welcome ^^

lagotripha on Elemental Storm Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

8 months ago

If you are playing a budget storm list, Lava Dart & Conflagrate will add reach and multiple spell casts. Escape Velocity or Underworld Rage-Hound type escape cards makes fossil find a lot better. Just jamming stuff that reads 'when spell' and 'draw a card' will work ok - though meta consideration, luminmancer is making people pack removal for that plan.

If you can find space in the budget by using the cheapest cards like Crash Through , Young Pyromancer is probably the best way to push this list to competitive.

Force of Rage is fairly cheap and a pair of ambush vipers can be useful.

There are some cool sideboard options - Tunnel Ignus , Sulfur Elemental , Ingot Chewer and so forth, but they have mostly been balanced around Flamekin Harbinger which is out of budget, so slots will dissapear quick - I'd look at hiding some mainboard.

plakjekaas on How do you Guys Feel …

1 year ago

It's a cool idea, but bustedly abusable if you'd try. Making everything a sliver for example is problematic. Vanquisher's Banner is insane with this. Turntimber Ranger goes infinite with itself. Crux of Fate will be silly. Flamekin Harbinger becomes Worldly Tutor. Gilt-Leaf Archdruid... Those cards are powerful because you need to impose restrictions on your deck to make them effective, but this commander removes all those restrictions entirely. It honestly breaks the game. However, depending how you would build the deck, everything could fall apart if your opponents can keep your commander off the table. You'd be stuck with a bunch of tribal lords without other members of the effected tribes. Very all or nothing.

For a less busted but more balanced and still powerful, similar idea without the need for a custom commander, you could check out this episode of MtGGoldfish' commander clash where the Ur-Dragon deck is a deck that plays a lot of changelings and a lot of seemingly random tribal synergies. The deck is build so, that your creatures mostly already have all creature types, so that you wouldn't need this effect from your commander.

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