Bad Moon

Bad Moon


Black creatures get +1/+1.

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Bad Moon Discussion

Arthurshepard80 on The shadow of Rath

1 week ago

Saccoxnathanielhebert Così dovrebbe andare meglio.Spinal Graft non può essere usato con Bad Moon

Saccox on The shadow of Rath

1 week ago

Arthurshepard80 Penso che nathanielhebert abbia ragione,avendo degli imbloccabili avere dei pomper come Bad Moon rende il mazzo molto piu efficace. Sai che la prima volta che l avevo visto non mi ero accorto che è molto economico rispetto ai tuoi altri mazzi? è da un po che cercavo un idea per fare un mazzo "pezzent" nel legacy,posso crearne una versione economica ispirata a questo? Cosi se qualche nuovo giocatore volesse iniziare a giocare legacy avrei un mazzo anche per quel formato!

Arthurshepard80 on The shadow of Rath

1 week ago

nathanielhebertBad Moonit seems excellent to meHeraldic BannerIt seems to me more, among other things it is not of tempest

nathanielhebert on The shadow of Rath

1 week ago

I'm getting the pieces to build this Dauthi-themed deck in paper. In practise, I wasn't getting enough sacrifice outlets to make Disturbed Burial and Living Death work properly, so they mostly sat in my hand. I got better win rates "going for the jugular" and piling on anthems, with 4 x Spinal Graft, 4 x Bad Moon, and 2 x Reckless Spite which was often worth the 5 life to put the enemy behind while the shadow beasts killed unabated. Looking forward to conjuring the old-school Tempest swamps and logs to finish off the set!

amicdeep on Naughty Rogue Party

2 months ago

I think rogues have had alot of support lately and it's a shame to not include them

Dauthi Voidwalker is pricy but also now a big big auto include

Drown in the Loch is another very solid option in modern as your 2 CMC interaction

Rankle, Master of Pranks is another pricyer inclusion but again a very very good addion (solid 2 of curve toper)

Soaring Thought-Thief is a solid lord and nice evasive body. it, Thieves' Guild Enforcer and down in the loch make a solid sub theme. Which also works well with void walker. Merfolk Windrobber also exists in this vain and again is a solid card (probably one of the Better one drop options)

Another option if you switch slither blade for changing outcast and invisible stalker to pretty much any other option. Bad Moon become viable. And its a very solid lord effect.

GrimlockVIII on Bubonic Mischief

3 months ago

Tbf you can easily circumvent that with anthems like Bad Moon and Paragon of Open Graves , but I also understand that you might wanna avoid relying on single cards to give your rat colonies a flimsy crutch like that.

FormOverFunction on What's Your Shadowborn to Demon …

7 months ago

How fun would it be to just have an all-apostle deck, maybe with a few Bad Moon effects, and just aggro your opponent to death while they worry about demons?

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